Internet Just Missed The Point On This Awesome Women’s Web Series

girls are assholes


If you haven’t seen the new YouTube series from NoKat Comedy then you’re seriously missing out. The premise is basically “bitches be crazy,” and they are written, directed and starring women. What’s not to love?

Of course, as with anything awesome, the series has its detractors. Sites like Jezebel and were NOT amused, Jez calling the series “unrelateable,” and Handbag said it was “plain not funny.” WUT? The videos are obviously meant to be a satirical statement on how people perceive women, how can people miss that?

The first video had two women eating lunch together, while having a passive aggressive battle on who can order the least. Because women are competitive assholes who love to eat, amirite? The second shows two women at a bar getting hit by two dudes. The first guy is played actor who seems to be doing his best Seth Rogan impression, the second is that same guy dressed up like Michael Douglas in Wall Street. The first dude is supposed to represent the typical “Nice Guy” that us d-bag ladies always reject. The second is the stereotypical “bad boy” that we ALL love. I think you know who she chooses. 

Honestly, maybe I’m reading these all wrong, but I think the point was to poke fun at how MRA type assholes see women, NOT to reinforce those ideas. In the second video, the douchebag guy is so obviously rapey and skeezy, there’s no way it’s not meant to be hyperbolic. And the “Nice Guy” gets maced. Who doesn’t want to see that? Check out the video below, and judge for yourself. I’m going to go buy a Costo-sized box of popcorn for when NoKat releases more of these babies.

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    • Julia Sonenshein

      You’re 100% spot on, Frances. When I saw this, I was thinking “eat your heart out, MRA.”

    • Nicole

      Saw the videos a few days ago and loved them! I’m pretty sure it isn’t the same actor playing the two guys though…

    • Erina

      “Honestly, maybe I’m reading these all wrong, but I think the point was to poke fun at how MRA type assholes see women”

      Hm, I think you’re reading it wrong :p You’re basically saying this is a video mocking MRAs…yeeeeeaaaaaahhh, that’s really a stretch. You might as well argue that racists when they make racists jokes are in fact mocking those who makes racists jokes…meta-racist jokes! Please…everyone saw this for what it was, be it the folks at Jezebel or the MRAs creeps. They like it because it feeds into their misogynistic fantasy that women are shallow or whatever rationalization that our first instinct is to get away from the thing approaching us a far as possible. It’s what dudes like that who resent women who exercise their choice by not going for them say all the time.

      The video is supposed to mock women supposedly superficial personalities. “Oh look, look! Women don’t go for neckbeard losers “nice guys” creeps! Oh no! Women are allowed to choose WHOMEVER THE FUCK they want! Oh no the humanity!!! Look! How awful! She’s going for the hot dude! She’s going for the GUY SHE’S ACTUALLY ATTRACTED TO!!! The NERVE on her!!! And if we want to fuck the hot gorgeous guy instead of the unattractive dude…then WE WILL FUCK THE HOT DUDE…OKAY!!?!?!?!? STOP TRYING TO SHAME WOMEN SEXUALITY YOU UGLY MAGGOT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH: YOU!!!!