How To Finally Conquer The Elusive Sock Bun

I only have long hair for a couple more weeks before I get a pixie cut (!!!), and one thing that ranks highly on my “long hair bucket list” is to finally try a sock bun.

Seriously, whenever I would see those “hair donut” devices at the store, it puzzled me how exactly that thing + my hair = a perfect bun. In addition, it usually made me want to eat an actual donut, but that is neither here nor there.

Well, YouTuber Meghan Rosette is here to demonstrate how to do a sock bun by providing a step-by-step guide in this video hair tutorial from ClevverTV. Her easy-to-follow tutorial made me finally understand the behind-the-scenes magic to make this hairstyle come to life, so take a watch above to get started down the road toward sock bun mastery for yourself!

Check out more “Tutorial Tuesday” videos from ClevverTV here.

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    • elle

      This is the tutorial I needed in my life…

    • Amy Brown

      I thought those were for scrubbing dishes. No I get why they were in the checkout line at Forever21!

      • Frances Locke

        I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who thought this, at least for a moment.