Can We Talk About Ke$ha’s Janties?

Ke$ha TimberLast night Ke$ha performed her new song “Timber” at the American Music Awards with Pitbull. Her look was so all All-American that it was hard to recognize her, until you looked a little closely and realized her Daisy Dukes were cut so high that you could almost see her uterus.

On closer inspection, this wasn’t just a plaid shirt and cutoffs. Her jeans shorts couldn’t even be classified as Jorts. They were more like Janties.

What are Janties, you ask? Jeans+Panties. Duh. I guess Ke$ha just invented them. And if you’re wondering why this abomination took so long to be created, here’s your answer:

Ke$ha crotchThese shorts have been cut to resemble high-waisted mom panties. With braids.

Of course plenty of women have worn short shorts before. And jeans have been cut in all sorts of sexy/slutty permutations. But rather than go with the traditional roll down or unbuttoned look, Ke$ha is going for something different here. She is currently going through a nostalgia period for high-waisted early 90s panties. And that apparently extends to the cut of her jeans shorts.

Unfortunately, these janties are likely not a one-time occurrence. Ke$ha and Pitbull released the video for “Timber” today and it is rife with similar short shorts. Of course, in the video, Ke$ha’s shorts aren’t cut so high:Ke$ha JortsBut she decided those shorts were a little too flattering for a live performance and opted for the beaded number and went heavy on the crotch thrusting for the stage last night:


Likely, we’ll be seeing shorts like this throughout the promotion for “Timber.” And I’m guessing that the cut was made to show off Ke$ha’s admirably toned thighs. Check them out:

kesha-pitbullBut they’re really sacrificing the rest of her body to showcase her thigh muscle. Which is fine for Ke$ha purposes, but I’m just hoping that women with great leg muscles and stomach insecurities aren’t drawn to these things.

Because it almost seems like a great way to show off your legs without worrying about your pooch. Except they are terrible. And I’m pretty sure slightly more comfortable than the invistible panties that some murderer is trying to hawk on Kickstarter.

Check out all the jorts and janties you can stand in the videos below:

Photos: Getty/Tumblr




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    • Elizabeth

      Eh, I prefer Junderwear™. :)

    • Maria Guido

      Oh my god. Even worse than jeggings.

    • Eileen

      For Ke$ha, those are pretty demure and normal-looking.

    • Mandie

      Is she also channeling the 90s via Thigh Master? Because girl’s legs are looking FIERCE.

    • La

      I think they’re great compared to what most other female artists are wearing. They’re high-cut jean shorts, not plastic, bedazzled hot pants or another stupid “bedazzled in very strategic places” nude bodysuits.

      Not sure that Pitbull was a good choice though.

    • MammaSweetpea

      I just need to say something here. Maybe it’s been there all along, and I’m just now catching on….but I find it a bit disturbing that anytime there is a duet performance of a male/female, the female is scantily clad and the man is fully dressed. This is one reason I hate most music videos (mainly rap/hip hop). I like Blurred Lines the song, not sure why….but I don’t like the video. It makes me uncomfortable.
      Am I alone in this???

      • Mahdi Martin

        I don’t know, maybe it’s been beat into our brains to view scantily clad females as beautiful. I’m a straight woman and I’d much rather gawk at Kesha than Pitbull half nude. When I see a half naked man gyrating, it’s just cheesy to me. Women are more beautiful and to look at. I think it might be a natural thing. I’m not only okay with it, but I appreciate all the hard work that goes into looking like that…not to mention the talent that goes along with it!

      • MammaSweetpea

        I totally get that some women are better to look at than some men. I’m straight too, and married and I appreciate a beautiful woman too, regardless of size or shape. It just seems like the female is deliberately LESS dressed for no reason. Why not have her wear a bit more. Not necessarily covered from head to toe, but say, a mini dress rather than shorts cut up to wazoo. Like what I was saying about the Blurred Lines video. The women are in bikinis and the men are in suits. why??

      • MammaSweetpea

        And I know the answer that I most often hear is “most of these videos aren’t made with women in mind”. So I guess that sums it up,

      • Mahdi Martin

        Ha! You should see the unrated version of Blurred Lines-they’re topless. My answer to your question would be again, beautiful women’s bodies are aesthetically pleasing. Skin is provocative, and everybody knows it, including these artists who dare to bare, and the corporations that stand behind them. They’re merely giving people what they’re asking for. It may make you uncomfortable, but I’m afraid you’re in the minority. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong or right by any means. A lot of people, myself included, enjoy seeing someone do something they would never do themselves, or wear something they would never wear. That’s show business! It’s outrageous! Anything goes!