What Your Exercise Says About You

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Nobody wants to exercise, it’s just something we have to do because it is not actually healthful to do nothing but binge-watch Reign with couch beer and pizza. Whether for vanity, strength, or life span, we have to get up and do something every once in a while.

But while you are up in the gym working on your fitness, people are silently judging you by what you are doing. Are you a Lululemonite with perfect hair? A pole-dancer with a library science degree? Let’s take a look at what your favorite form of exercise says about you.

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    • anna

      Really? I run outside because I A. HATE exercising. I am a sloth. So I’m sure as hell not going to pay for a gym membership. Also, if I go running outside, I can’t just hop off the treadmill and go to the showers. I still have to go home, so I’ve forced myself to exercise without cheating!
      Or I run to the liquor store or to the pizza parlor! A nice reward for myself.


      What about ballet?

      • Ellen W.

        You’re mildly self-destructive and have figured out how to keep it under control? (I realize that sounds mean and I really mean that in a joking/impressed way. Because ballet is freaking hard.)