8 Brilliant Etsy Underwear To Fall In Love With (NSFW)

Nice Panties lede

While looking through the depths of Etsy last night to find the weirdest and most WTF items available to us, we were pleasantly shocked to discover that a lot of the stuff in there is actually nice. Etsy is full of crazy (both the good and bad kind of crazy), but it’s also full of really talented designers making gorgeous modern lingerie, often at a fraction of the price one would pay to big-name brands.

So if you’re the type of person who likes to keep their underwear looking brilliant and fashionable all the time, check out these independent sellers for some unique and brilliant Etsy underwear options.

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    • elle

      I want all of them but I really want 6 and 7. Gorgeous.

    • Hil

      Who made #1?

    • Hil

      Who made pair #1?

      • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

        Oh that’s so weird, the entry disappeared! Thanks for the heads up, I’ve fixed it. Those are by Etsy user LoLeviLa, who has a ton of other, similarly sexy styles in her store. (also NWFW)

    • Muggle

      you know, in my quest for sexy undies I never thought to look on Etsy. The sites for major retailers usually only offer thongs, and I don’t like thongs… which doesn’t leave that much else other than lacy panties that are cute, but ultimately all the same and ill-fitting anyway.