There Is Most Definitely Nipple In Lindsay Lohan’s Awful Selfie [NSFW]

Lindsay Lohan snaps NSFW selfies featuring her nipples [NSFW]

Photo: Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram

Now that The Canyons and all its glorious hype is over, Lindsay Lohan seems pretty bored. She’s snapping shots of herself in her underwear, snapping shots of her sideboob, snapping shots of her–well, you get the literal picture. Basically, LiLo has moved onto that point in her career when her primary sources of news-making are her areolae (though she has arguably been there for years, despite several court cases making her life appear more interesting than it probably is).

In her past couple of selfies, Lindsay opted to post her breasts on Instagram. Well, sort of–in one shot, her nipple is totally in the picture, in my opinion at least. But I spent about 5 minutes debating that fact with my coworkers, as they do not think this is true. So, here, you decide for yourself:

Lindsay Lohan snaps NSFW selfies featuring her nipples [NSFW]

Photo: Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram

I see nipple in that lefthand corner. I see nipple. I feel weird having even typed that sentence, oh god, but then I italicized it because I said it in my head to the whispered hush of, “I see dead people.” And suddenly I was amused 10x more. Side note: I clearly need a vacation from the Internet.

Now, besides the whole nipple issue, this is just kind of a terrible selfie. LiLo seems so distraught in her incredibly comfy-looking bed, which is weird because…why would you post a photo of yourself looking all distraught and dead-eyed in bed? It reminds me of those creepy mourning portraits people used to take. But to each her own, obvs.

Then, LiLo posted another photo of herself. This time, there was most certainly nipple in the shot.

Lindsay Lohan snaps NSFW selfies featuring her nipples [NSFW]

Photo: Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram

Why are we so obsessed with nipples, you ask? I have no idea. Boobs are great, though, and everybody knows I’m a fan of selfies, so I suppose that has led me to believe this is news you will also want to know.

As another side note, I think I am officially tired of anything related to celebrities (or us normals) dressing up like Marilyn Monroe. Like, I was unofficially sick of this shit ages ago when LiLo did the photo shoot, just as every other celebrity was at the time. No more, guys. And please, fashion companies of the world: stop resurrecting the poor woman to sell perfumes and whatnot. Okay? Okay. Good talk.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      This is a wrong thing you are so wrong.

    • Frances Locke

      Sorry, I see zero nippleage in that first pic. NOPE.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


      • Samantha_Escobar

        Note: needs better war title.

    • Jenny

      It definitely looks like a nipple….but it also looks a little too high to be a nipple….I’m torn

    • Holly

      I’m torn. I first thought that this was a see-through shirt kind of nipple-sighting because if you look toward the edge in the black, there seems to be an outline of a nipple. But then I read “corner” and see what you’re talking about there. I’m really confused how either could possibly be where her nipple would be, though. But yeah, since it’s Lindsay, and it’s a posed selfie (I find them all pretty ridiculous, actually), who knows how she’s smooshing and squeezing parts to make them show up a certain way. Maybe she has extra nipples. NIPPLES.

    • Katrina

      Definitely not full on nipple but *maybe* the edge of the areola, still not 100% though