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Paul Walker May Have Dated Another Underage Teenager–Can We Talk About This Now, Please?

ROME, ITALY - APRIL 29: Paul Walker attends the 'Fast & Furious 5' photocall at Hassler hotel on April 29, 2011 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images)

Photo: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

Remember a few days ago when I wrote about Paul Walker‘s girlfriend being underage when they began dating? 2 days and 371 comments later, and I’m still getting lots of fun emails calling me all sorts of names, as well as plenty of comments about how you “can’t blame him” for wanting a teenage girl. There were also many, many comments stressing that you can’t stop love, how the pair just happened to fall for one another, how it was “just so right,” and several first-person stories from people who have dated older men and had it work out well.

But then, after seeing a comment on our sister site Crushable’s article on the subject, claiming that this wasn’t the “first time” Walker had dated a teenager. After doing a quick search, I found a Daily Mail article reporting that Walker may have dated another underage teen girl.

According to the Daily Mail, “model turned real estate broker” Aubrianna Atwell allegedly met and eventually dated Walker 12 years ago. Considering she is now 28, that means she was 16 at the time and he was 28-years-old. As mentioned in our original article, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Walker’s girlfriend at the time of his death, was also 16 when they reportedly began dating.

The Daily Mail’s piece detailed Atwell and Walker’s relationship:

Atwell met Walker through friends at the Hollywood Canteen a dozen years ago. The two began dating and though the romance ended, they have been in each other’s lives ever since, chatting on the phone at least every week. Walker had promised to be with Atwell at her father’s memorial service December 8.

The pair had ‘traveled the world together,’ Atwell said, explaining she regularly accompanied him on international trips.

Maria Vultaggio over at International Business Times asked the same question we have: “What was a movie star in his thirties doing with flirting with a high school student?”

Like I said in my first post: yes, it is terrible that Paul Walker died in such an awful way. And you are welcome to email me as much hate mail as you want for bringing this up. Yes, he did pass away. Yes, that was horrible. Yes, he was a very attractive actor with millions of fans who did multiple successful movies. I’m not claiming he was a terrible person, but it is important to discuss the glorification of Hollywood celebrities and why people give them a pass.

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  • http://poorgoop.com/ Samantha

    The age difference and probably power dynamic is definitely troubling, but why is this important now, when both women are over the age of consent? Why is this worth pursuing now? What are you hoping to prove? That a popular actor was, like many Hollywood actors who achieve fame at a young age, an ephebophile? If you’re looking to examine that, I would suggest looking at this behavior on a grander scale, because the power dynamics are a problem, and Paul Walker isn’t the only person in Hollywood engaged in this behavior. It happens pretty frequently, though usually with 18- and 19- year-olds, making it legal, and therefore, generally unremarkable from a news perspective. It really comes across poorly that you’re singling out Paul Walker over a fact you discovered because of his horrific death.
    I’m a fan of your work, Sam, I really am. I think you’re a good writer, but you need to either really delve into this story and what the underage thing represents on a larger scale, or you need to leave it be.

    • http://poorgoop.com/ Samantha

      BTW – I really do think this is something worth pursuing, in case that wasn’t clear. But it’s a troubling power dynamic that exists on a much larger scale, and it seems weird that the Gloss is singling out an instance where the perpetrator is deceased.

    • JLH1986

      I would guess because for whatever reason it wasn’t common knowledge until his passing…and much like hurricanes destroying areas we aren’t familiar with discussions aren’t had about it until it’s brought to light. I believe Jerry Seinfeld did something similar but writing about him wouldn’t really do much as he’s no longer as relevant in the industry. Walker’s death as tragic as it is, opens a jumping off point. For whatever reason people are missing the point of he got a pass because he’s hot and rich and we need to fix this. I’ve not seen ANY of the writers on Gloss, Mommyish or Crushable attack Walker personally, they’ve all stated this is what he did and its not cool to not hold him accountable because he’s famous. Many readers just aren’t catching that part.

    • http://poorgoop.com/ Samantha

      I agree with what you’re saying. But there are a lot of women for whom this happens currently and immediately where it is common knowledge and we don’t discuss it. Just yesterday, a joke was made on The Gloss about Julianne Hough having dated Ryan Seacrest. Their age difference is substantial, and she was very young (21?) when they began dating, and while the relationship was legal, the income difference, the difference in their influence (she’s a performer, and he’s a hugely powerful producer), and the fact that Hough has talked about being a sexual abuse survivor who spent a lot of time away from her parents as a young performer calls for this exact same amount of attention – not a passing joke.

      Eve’s article today on Mommyish was a much better example of discussing this issue, but I think we need to look at Hollywood as a whole and how people like Seacrest and George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio engage in this behavior all the time and we don’t say a word because the girl’s are legal or the men are in a project we enjoy or whatever.

    • Tanya

      Bottom line Julianne was of age, any child that is beyond the age of eighteen is not legal for consentual sex per the law!

    • mimi

      As a writer you should be open to criticism, your attitude really stinks & so does your story. What will you achieve by talking about a dead actors’ relationship with 2 girls that were sixteen. It is illegal in California , but not so in other states, whats the difference if he lived in one of those states that it was legal in?Your stand point is dumb! Allow the family to grieve and go get your degree in Mass Communication; Emphasis Journalism. Or if you have it, you should definitely re do it.

    • http://poorgoop.com/ Samantha

      You know I’m a different Samantha than the one who wrote the article, right?

      That said, I largely agree with the points she’s making, but I’ve already got an MC degree.

    • DankoRamone

      Consider…its shown he had a taste for girls just out of puberty. Its a pattern, now. That much is shown. His daughter is 15, just about the age he liked. If he were a regular person, darned near anyone hearing this news would be really worried for his daughter’s safety, and perhaps rightly so.

    • Hannah Shaya

      Watch for the lawsuit. The girlfriend will want $$$$$$$ and she, along with her parents, will go after the estate of Paul Walker if he didn’t leave her enough $$$$$$$.

  • Jen

    Here we go, another writer digging up a dead person’s past to make them look bad..geez..not surprised at all..I do feel bad for the family that have to put up people like you, like they aren’t going thru enough and have to read shit like this..show some damn respect! If you can’t write something nice about the person then don’t write anything at all!!..And like BIG DEAL he was like 24! umm ok that was 16 yrs ago? duh stupid..

  • Nicolee

    I am a huge fan of Walker and very saddened by his passing but am also very disturbed that he likes young girls. That was probably “his” thing. Like some people prefer brunettes, blondes, or older women, he happen to like them really young. Though sad as it may be, he was lucky that he didn’t get in trouble by any of the young girls parents. We love you and will miss you Paul.

  • Lexie J.

    I was very shocked and disturbed by Walker’s untimely death but how is his inappropriate history with young girls any less relevant than MJ’s purported history (which has never been proven) and which to this day people continue to bring up and slander his memory? In all cases, if the shoe fits….

    • whiteroses

      It’s not less relevant by any means.
      I would argue that death doesn’t automatically give someone a free pass.

  • Karen

    The writer is just stating the facts- showing the fact a man had dated two underage girls. The crash is still sad, but he was the one who chose to date 16 year old girls. There is no reason to get angry at the author for writing about it.

    • JLH1986

      That’s common sense you’re speaking.

    • drinkpepsi

      Chose to date 16 year old girls…who looked even younger than 16.

      I wonder if he would be okay with his 15 year old daughter dating a 30 or 40 year old perv.

    • feztonio

      exactly. it always makes me laugh when someone or a group of people are perfectly accepted to act a certain way, but if you point it out or mention it you’re the asshole.

  • BrookeT

    Yea, the current girlfriend being so young is a little weird, but one before that too? That’s a little more unsettling. It seems like he had a ton of friends his age, which would mean he was fairly mature for his age. Regardless, was just so incredibly tragic. It makes my heart hurt to think about his friends and loved ones going through this agony. I lost my boyfriend in a tragic accident two years ago. I would never wish the pain of losing a loved on anyone, ever.

    • Tanya

      I hate to say it but the Hebophile/Pedophile does know how to function as an adult around other adults, but their bottom line interest is in young children! FACTS ARE FACT, if he dated nothing but young underage girls he falls in this category.
      Woody Allen is another example of a hollywood pervert and got away with it, but his career was never really much the same afterward. This shit goes on in Hollywood, outside of Hollywood and in secrecy. These people are very skilled at having others believe that he or she is the greatest person on earth because in truth they have plenty to hide! Now may he R.I.P because God is the judge here, but who he was on earth may not be exactly what everyone has glorified him to be!

    • Hannah Shaya

      Paul Walker.
      Woody Allen.
      Roman Polanski.
      Many more Hollywood celebrities go after underage girls and evade the law.

    • Popgirl

      He had a long-term girlfriend of three years in his early twenties to mid twenties and they were the same age. He had a girlfriend at 25 his age and is the mother of his child. He dated Denise Richardson his age or a little older. He dated other actresses not underage. He dated Jessica Alba when she was 22 and he was 30 and they did a movie together. He dated Jamie King the model who is six years younger than him. Is that dating nothing but 16 year old underage girls as you say?

    • Rose Green

      All the celebrities he “dated” may have been all just “dates” put together by his publicist. It does happen, their publicist pitch to other single celebrities so that they can attract attention and make tabloids. Remember it’s not just Entertainment it’s an Industry.

  • Christina Gonzales

    It is sad but the fact that he liked 16 year old girls is gross. He probably liked taking virginities? It’s just odd and you can see why he never publicly showed them to the world. It’s only after his death that most of the world knows he likes/liked young females.

    • CHICK

      It’s been on the internet for years you dumbass. Were you dating him? You don’t know what went on.

    • dgaf

      ^ you mad whore

    • Ilovepaulwaker

      That’s not gross! You cannot tell your heart who to love ! You r just jealous it was them not u

    • Michael Nosal

      Right. You keep believing that. Guess you keep yourself anonymous so your parents don’t know your trolling for old men?

      See you on Dateline.

    • drinkpepsi

      Keep in mind that this 16 year old girlfriend looked more like a twelve-year old when they first started dating.

      Walker was smart enough to make sure the girls were technically “legal” but clearly liked them to look like tweens.

      If she was 16, but could pass for a 20-something year old, it might not be so bad. (Still bad…but not as bad as when the 16 year old looks pre-pubescent).

    • Guest

      DEAD ON!!!!

    • No need for a shallow grave

      The value of old women sexually is ZERO.



      It’s ZERO!

      So when old crones are “horrified” that a well made man makes a connection with a beautiful young girl, and seems to treat her well enough that they continue to bond after the romance fades, and opens the world to her, and teaches her to be a good lover (instead of a 16 year old boy – now THAT is a disaster), they go apoplectic.

      And yet EVERY Disney film shows a PRINCE WHO HAS ALREADY GONE TO WAR wooing a princess looking like she is 14. And that is also a fact of history.

      So take your ZERO sexual value and go knit a sweater. Because nubile young women in the arms of the best MEN on earth is the highest human achievement. And your lives are almost over.


  • Senzaidentita

    Well, we are not here to judge people’s lives .We don’t have this right and most important it is not the right time to do this. It is a very difficult period for his loved ones, family, friends, gf and this fact has to be respected by all of us. We also don’t know if they had a real relationship from the beginning or they only met while she was 16 and that is not a crime. There are any things we don’t know in a relationship. Maybe he “respected” her and waited till she was older enough. So don’t judge when you don’t know facts for sure.!

    I was not a big fan of Paul Walker , his death though filled my heart with pain for this young man that lost his life under tragic circumstances. Sorry for my english ,(i am from Greece) just wanted to express my thoughts….

    And as i read in articles he had helped lots of people , was a simple person not as most of the celebrities , a humanitarian . So let’s remember him for what he was and stop speculating things without knowing facts!!!!

  • http://ultimatemamacat.tumblr.com/ Hana Graham

    I think people are forgetting this discussion is what is important. “He’s dead why does it matter” “It was a long time ago why does it matter”. The discussion about inappropriate relationships between teenagers and adults is what is important. It’s a discussion we clearly still need to be having.

    • Michael Nosal

      Because people are glorifying this man as some kind of saint. It is clear he was not. It happened a long time ago, what does it matter? Really? I hope that you have an underage daughter that starts to date someone old enough to be her FATHER.

      The fact that when he was 28 and 33 he had relations with 16 yr old girls. I guess if he lived and he had another relationship with a minor, you would sing a different tune.

    • Nik

      Between teenagers and adults? So based on your reasoning a 19 year old should not date a 19 year old? Because the 19 year old being at least 18, is an adult, and the other 19 year old is a teenager (even though she is also an adult)? What are you talking about? Define your issue. The age of consent is 18 in California and one other state. Every other state has a lower age and always has, like most of the rest of the world. My mother was married when she was a teenager, like a lot of people of her generation, and was married to my father who was in his 20s at the time, for 70 years until she died; they had five kids. They were committed to each other like few couples today regardless of the age difference or lack of age difference. I think you and others are making snap judgments based on unwarranted assumptions that make no sense.

    • http://ultimatemamacat.tumblr.com/ Hana Graham

      I said “inappropriate relationships”. There’s nothing wrong with 18 and 19, or your (fairly bizarre) “19 and 19″ example.

    • Margaret Johnson

      An 18 and 19 year old are close in mental age and maturity, 33 and 16, and 28 and 16, are not.

    • Cali310

      Clearly not the same thing here…18&19 vs. 16&33

  • Athena A

    I agree he made some bad choices in the relationship department, but the man is dead now, so enough already with the constant articles. If he was alive then totally address this issue, but now what’s the point, it only hurts people who grieve over him. If you think none of his loved ones come across this stuff then you are mistaken. Better to address this problem when the person can actually make a comment about it. He’s not the only famous person who has dated underage girls, maybe pick someone who hasn’t just died a horrible death and have family and friends, and devoted fans, grieving over him.

  • Kirk Broadhurst

    “As a 24-year-old, the thought of dating a high school student makes me sick”

    Interesting that you think that way – maybe that’s cultural programming at work, too? Historically speaking, 16 is a very appropriate age for a woman to get married off. The lucky ones would be married off to a wealthy older & successful man!

    • Meg

      …This is likely one of the most ridiculous thoughts I’ve seen on this website. Historically speaking, Kirk, girls and women have been OPRESSED and sold like cattle into ill-fitting marriages as baby-machines. I have a feeling this is a troll-type of comment because it is so very 1562.

    • Kirk Broadhurst

      It’s not a particularly serious comment, true, but I thought it was legitimate as a rhetorical device. I wouldn’t want to be with a 16 year old because they are annoyingly immature – and the same applies with a 19 year old and probably a 24 year old.

      The age cut-off here is quite arbitrary. A 16 year old is physically mature, capable of making their own (bad) decisions – just as a 19 year old or 24 year old, or 50 year old is capable of making (bad) decisions – and can live independently, work, pay taxes, etc. I don’t find the thought ‘sickening’ so much as ‘immature’.

      This isn’t pedophilia. That term refers to a mental illness that manifests as sexual interest in prepubescent children.

    • Frankinstein

      Kirk, you’re making assumptions based on the social normalization of young women with older men. Let’s look at this logically, shall we? Anyone who’s significantly older and continues to date teenagers is basically someone who lacks emotional maturity themselves. Further, such a pattern indicates the desire for a partner who has little to no experience in navigating the boundaries of relationships, much less how to set boundaries themselves. The potential for abusive behaviour is much magnified; that’s why there are statutory rape laws. Him being dead doesn’t give him a pass on people critiquing what is a problematic pattern in his behaviour.

    • Kirk Broadhurst

      I agree, and I don’t have a problem with people highlighting an illegal behavior. I just note the use of the phrase ‘makes me sick’ which is presumably based on the arbitrary illegality of the act.

      For example, I have lived in a jurisdiction with an age of consent of 16. Thus if a 16 year old dates a 40 year old, it’s perfectly legal. You can call it ‘sick’ if you want, but I personally don’t believe it’s okay to call something ‘sick’ just because you don’t understand it. I don’t call swingers, chubby chasers, transgender people, people with a racial preference, or any other personal predilection ‘sick’ just because I don’t understand it.

      Hey – some people do things because they are right or wrong, and other people do things because they are legal or illegal. I’m only prepared to judge people on the legality of what they do, not on my personal value judgement.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      I love this comment

    • CherHorowitz

      I’m sure he came here from an MRA site.

    • Kirk Broadhurst

      You’re sure I came from an MRA site. Not “maybe” or “I wonder if”, but “sure”. I just googled MRA to find out WTF it is, and no. I came here from a link from some other Paul Walker gossip page. Surprisingly enough I’m a man who manages quite well and doesn’t need any additional men’s rights.

      I’m sorry I ever ventured onto this comment thread, or this website at all. I’m a big boy and it’s just the internet, but reading through the reactive, rude, and abusive responses to me is genuinely shocking. All assumptions about me are negative and extreme.

      Maybe you don’t get many outsider opinions here, but this is one of the worst examples of groupthink I’ve come across in recent memory. I know this will be downvoted to hell and any comment calling me an ‘asswipe’ will be voted up, but maybe one or two of you will take a moment to think for yourselves.

    • blh

      You’re fucking stupid. People got.married younger then BC they DIED younger. Sure 16 is a good age to get married of you’re going to die when you’re 40. If someone in their twenties has as interest in a teenager its.BC theyre an immature loser. You shouldn’t even have a whole lot on common with a teenager. Just BC you are clearly a perv doesn’t mean its acceptable.

    • katecap

      Let’s lay off such accusations, blh, especially if we’re going to being using the term “immature.” As a Communication major, I agree that thinking about cultural programming in regards to these comments is completely acceptable and interesting. By no means am I drawing conclusions on whether or not Paul’s life was “right” or “wrong” – and I would argue that not a single one of these commenters can either, as we simply don’t know enough about the situation to draw conclusions – but it is fair to point out that while this may be unacceptable in this country and time period, it isn’t in others, and we are in no place to say ours is the end-all-be-all.

    • Kirk Broadhurst

      Name calling is for children. Grow up.

    • helloshannon

      you are disgusting and clearly have a very low opinion of women in general. you are clearly part of the problem and i hope you meet karma for your completely backward and inappropriate attitude towards women. there is no “appropriate age for a woman to be married off” because it is NOT APPROPRIATE for women to be MARRIED OFF. not any more. get with the times asswipe.

    • Kirk Broadhurst

      How can you call me names and wish me misfortune based on a tongue-in-cheek comment on a tacky website? I shouldn’t have to say it, but grow up.

  • erbear906

    The writer needs to move on. There are plenty of topics in the world needing coverage…yet we are all supposed to care about who a dead guy screwed. wow.

  • Chicanita

    About time this is addressed , so tired of seeing him glorified. He dated underage girls and yet it’s ok because he’s a celebrity . I’m sure the parents didn’t say anything because of this. And he was older by the time he chose his second 16 yr old girl.

    • Nik

      So if he was so into 16 year olds, why did he stay with her for 7 years until he died? And FYI the age of consent is 16 in most states in the USA, and is 16 or younger in most of the Americas, so she was not underage when he met and starting dating her. Moreover, we have no idea what level of physical involvement they had, but under the law it was their own personal business.

    • csmith

      Yes, 16 is the technical age of consent in many states, but there’s also usually a stipulation that the 16-year-old’s partner has to be no more than two or three years older. So the law makes a distinction between a 16 and 18 year old dating, vs. a 16 and 25 year old, or a 16 and 33 year old.

  • Angela Brown

    I think this is worth discussing too, but the timing is really unfortunate. Where was the outrage BEFORE he died?

    • JLH1986

      I don’t think it was as well known before his passing. But I think that’s also the point of the article. He got a pass and it wasn’t apparently common knowledge until after he died.

  • Ado

    You are right to raise your hand up and mention that the emperor has no clothes. Your title says it all, we do need to talk about this. Brace yourself for the haters, just know that your question is valid and does need to be asked for sure.

  • Rachel Sea

    My only problem with the angle of this reporting is that there isn’t evidence of wrongdoing. We don’t know if he was having sex with them, we don’t know if he was grooming them, we don’t know if he acted in a way that was at all predatory. Assuming wrongdoing, when neither of these two women are saying anything against him, is just smearing all of them. Unless someone who was there comes out with evidence of predatory behavior, I’m going to continue to give all of them the benefit of the doubt.

    • Popgirl

      Exactly. Read my cut and paste higher up of what the second woman said who is 28 now about him. She has never stated she dated him at 16. She said they eventually dated and she raves about him as a close friend and her father wrote him a note recently before he died recently thanking him for being a good friend to her.

    • Amber Starr

      I agree. Plus, the only source listed is the Daily Mail, which is basically a tabloid. I just don’t trust it as a reliable, honest source. I dunno….

    • sarah

      how would it be smearing the girls to mention that the relationship was inappropriate. The adult is the one responsible for the wrongdoing. let’s not be victim blamers.

    • Rachel Sea

      Calling someone a victim when they aren’t is a kind of smear on it’s own, because it says that they were not, and are not, in control of their own agency. If it was fully, and informedly, their choice to know him, and to maintain a relationship with him, platonic or otherwise, then calling them victims is at least patronizing.

      We have no idea at all if they were victimized or not. We will not know unless they say something. In the meantime, it’s all conjecture – some of it unnecessarily hurtful.

    • Michael Nosal

      When a person is a minor, they are not considered capable of making rational, adult decisions, so they are much more prone to manipulation by an adult. That makes them a victim. You think that this man wanted their company for conversation?

      Contrary to whatever these girls may say, the simple fact that an adult engaged in a relationship with them when they were minors was an illegal act.

    • Tanya

      People are conditioned to blame the victim, because most people that blame the victim were victims to some crime themselves. This is a vicous cycle that will not change any time soon, and people will always enbale the victimizer because it’s a part of societies conditioning.
      For example: Oj Simpson would not be sitting in a prison cell to this day if he had a truly good friend that would have gotten in his face when he acted a violent fool, and told him to knock it off and get over himself. However, he was able to offend because he had money and he was OJ Simpsion , therefore what will make it different for any other powerful person, whether they be in Hollywood , the White house, or the corporate CEO ?

    • DankoRamone

      Being with them, “dating” them at that young age IS predatory. Particularly now that there’s two of them documented. The victim doesn’t have to complain first for it to be wrong.

  • Popgirl

    She doesn’t say she dated him at 16. She says she met him at 16 when she was modeling and that they became friends. Eventually they dated and lived together.

    “Aubrianna, 28, is a model and a real estate broker. She started modeling at age sixteen, which is when she met Paul while at modeling school. She met him at the Hollywood Canteen, and they became friends. Eventually they began dating off and on for several years and lived together briefly in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara.

    They always remained best of friends speaking weekly and even traveling together to different places, including South Africa and Paris. For her birthday in April of this year, Paul took her to San Francisco to see a Giants game.

    Before he died, Aubrianna’s father had written an email to Paul thanking him for being there for his daughter. Paul had intended to accompany her to her father’s funeral service which is to be held on the 8th of December.

    Aubrianna says of Paul, “He was the most generous, unconditionally loving person I’ve known. He gave everything.” She goes on to say, “These were the two loves of my life and the most important men in my life. I am devastated. I will live my life to the fullest extent for my father and Paul.”

  • Alexandra

    My only point is this should have been news 11 years ago and then again 7 years ago when he BEGAN DATING THESE GIRLS. Not after his death.
    What good can it possibly do at this point?

    • Michael Nosal

      Because I am sure he did not keep his dirty little secret under wraps from the public eye. What good can come of it? By exposing this and telling people like this that think they can get away with it because of their fame that they CAN”T.

  • Cee

    But Samantha! He is an actor and nice and im a fan and he bought that ring for the marines guy and he gave to charity and hes cute and a mormon and immature and hes dead! That should excuse him!!!!!

    • Name

      lol..hope that was sarcasm, but sadly there are millios of people out there who are just as blind and in denial.. Dennis Rader, they called him [BTK] , loved family man, pilar of the community, and Deacon of his church for 15 years was not only a rapist but serial killer,a nd their are millions more like him. The point I am making is that there are many sick minded people out their committing all type crimes acting a good guys , but because of their status in life they get passes to continue to offend.

  • Harriet Meadow

    On one of these articles, I shared one of the positive first person stories about my relationship with an older man when I was a minor. For me it worked out (we’re still happily married). I wasn’t using it to excuse Paul Walker, because I don’t know his situation, but I just wanted to make it clear that sometimes these things can be devoid of creepiness. But the fact that he dated a minor more than once is creepy. It makes it hard to use the “but they were soulmates!” excuse, when clearly he just thought 16-year-olds were sexy ::shudder::

  • John Claude di Ronaldi

    His death was very sad and although this is not the best timing but celebrities to get away with Ephebophilia. Other examples are Clint Eastwood, R Kelly, Morgan Freeman, etc.

    • CrazyLogic

      And they all should likewise be called out. Sadly, they’re not. I think all these articles are an attempt to change that.

    • SD

      Another is Don Johnson who was 22 when he dated a 14 year old Melanie Griffiths. Gag.

    • Michael Nosal

      Gag that Melanie was 14 or that she was…well…Melanie

    • Anonymous

      Morgan Freeman did NOT date any underage girl, he only dated his ex wife’s niece, who was of age at the time they started dating!!!!

    • John Claude di Ronaldi

      Morgan Freeman has been dating his ex-wife’s daughter since she was 17- at least that’s what the public knows, he could’ve been “dating” her before that

  • xad

    Nothing wrong with 16, there’s a reason why 16, and even under, is the legal age of consent in Europe. He had the support of the girls family right from the beginning who knew about their relationship. Unsurprising that a puritanical society like the US has such wacky ideas of sex and relationships…even more wacky that women who probably label themselves as feminists are doing so, allying themselves with the religious right who probably agree with them…16 year olds remain virgins, your body is not your own and you are not allowed to make decisions because at 16, your brain isn’t fully formed!! Right.

    Last i checked, you only have to be 17 to join the US military, 16 in the UK and yet you’re too stupid, young and child-like to be in a relationship? All 16 yr olds are not naive little children who don’t know about sex, 16 year olds can make their own decisions especially when they have the full support of their family like this girl had.

    The only disgusting part of all this, is you people (thankfully an incredibly small percentage of your kind), are trying to make it an issue now that he’s dead when he can’t even defend his 7 year relationship, not that he has to. If you have an issue, why not focus on celebrities, male and female, who are alive and live like animals and leading others to do the same instead of writing poisonous hack pieces like this on people who are dead. How many celebrities even manage a serious, monogamous 7 year relationship.

    So pathetic, but to be expected from hack “writers”.

    • whiteroses

      Yep- you can join the military at 17, but you need parental consent.
      Whether you agree with it or not, age of consent is the law. So not only is a 33 year old having sex with a 16 year old creepy, but it can also result in a felony.

    • xad

      Since you feel parental consent makes joining the military perfectly ok, why not extend that to a relationship where the girls family knew and were fully supportive. You don’t even know for a fact that they had sex, not that it should matter, 16 is far from a child, people are losing their virginity far younger than that. And not only that, they were in a 7 year long committed relationship, far more healthy than a 16 year old girl going from one guy to another living a promiscuous life and being disrespected and used as a piece of disposable meat.

      Maturity level can’t simply be derived from age.

    • whiteroses

      You’re extrapolating a lot. I don’t feel that ANYONE should be joining the military at 17. I don’t think a 17 year old, irrespective of maturity level, is equipped to deal with killing someone. However, the law is that a 17 year old can join with parental consent.

      16 isn’t the age of consent in California, which is where I can only assume they met and dated. And even if it was, California law states that the adult dating the minor (just typing that squicked me out) should be no more than 3 years older than the minor. Paul Walker may have committed either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending. The fact is that the authorities chose to look the other way. http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=PEN&sectionNum=261.5.

      I’m not going to waste my time talking to you about the imbalance of power inherent in a 16 year old, no matter how mature, having a relationship with a 33 year old man, and the fact that most 33 year olds who would even consider such a relationship have things fundamentally wrong with them. The power imbalance exists, and its the reason why these laws exist and are enforced. No matter what the age of consent is in Europe- that’s not where Walker and his girlfriend lived. In the US, you abide by US laws.

      I have no interest in engaging in a conversation with someone who slut-shames. Good day.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      There is no imbalance of power. It’s not a teacher-student relationship and they were married the sex would have been legal in that state.

    • CrazyLogic

      Age of consent is not universal across Europe. In the UK, it’s 18 across the board not matter what.

    • xad

      Age of consent is actually 16 in the UK, i should know i’m in the UK. It’s never been 18, so not sure where you got that from.

      And yeh, it’s not universal throughout Europe, in a lot of European countries it’s even lower hence i went with the somewhat conservative UK age of consent of 16. Majority are 16 and under though, with the exception of 2 or so nations out 50+ nations.

    • CrazyLogic

      Huh, my boyfriend (who’s from Marlow) told me it was eighteen. Guess his family lied to him.

    • xad

      Ironic we’re talking about maturity and yet your boyfriend doesn’t know the age of consent in his own country because…of his parents. Unlike the US, the UK has one simple clear cut age of consent – 16.

    • CrazyLogic

      I was making an assumption. It could be that he personally considered it underage, or was told to always make his personal one 18 because that’s generally the oldest it is in other countries.

      My parents always told me the same thing. “Don’t bother to keep track of the rules of different states. It’s safer to just wait until you both are eighteen”

  • Sharon

    Why wasnt this brought up while he was still living he shouldnt of gotten a free pass cause he was famous, wonder if its ok for his daughter to date a 30 year old man?

    • Popgirl

      Google 2009. It was brought up from the same info that has been repeated. Star Magazine ran a story he was engaged to his 19 year old girlfriend that he had been dating for three years according to a source. When she was 19 are the first photos that were ever out there of them on vacation. Perez HIlton ran a story off of the Star Mag story as as did many other gossip sites, just a cut and paste off of Star. E News and other programs picked up the Star story and repeated it. It was even on Huffington Post. Paul’s rep’s talked to US Magazine and gave a denial they were engaged.

      Beyond the Star Mag little story there have never been any other facts that have come forward, nothing. She was 19 and that was that, so not much interest as there was no true facts, just a Star story saying she was 16, which isn’t exactly considered a credible source and no scandal from the girls family about it or even anyone coming forward confirming they were. It was discussed for a few days on blogs and moved on to the next gossip.

  • CherHorowitz

    Thank you!!! It’s disgusting and creepy and if anybody says otherwise, they are disgusting and creepy. Grown men should not date teenage girls or boys; grown women should not date teenager girls or boys. It’s wrong!

    • Ilovepaulwalker

      Oh shush! Love is not about age! C’mmon! U guys are very judgmental! Leave the man alone! So what if he loves girls younger than him???? Why u guys dont say the same thing to george clooney for dating girls half way his age??? U guys are so pathetic!

    • Big Wig

      I don’t think George Clooney dated minors.

    • Anonymous

      He does, lil Filipino boys!!!!!

    • Michael Nosal

      What is truly pathetic is your rationalizing this man’s actions.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      His actions are not illegal and the women involved are not complaining. Why do you care?

    • Michael Nosal

      Last I looked, dating a minor (under 18) is considered a misdemeanor in the state of California. So, I guess we should just throw out the law books? Guess all those men that molest children should go free then? Seeing as how many of them came forward way after they were no longer considered minors.

      Why do you not care? I hope that you have a child that, while still a minor, begins a relationship with an adult almost twice their age.

      Seems people like you think nothing about it until it hits close to home.

      And do not tell me for one second that there was nothing sexual going on. If you believe that, than I am truly scared for any child you may bring into this world.

  • SJ Smith

    Just to answer the article directly, im sure plenty of normal peoples familys are fine with there 16 dating an older guy so long as hes on the level…stars arent getting “a pass” no one would hear about it if it wasnt a famous person or a conviction of statutory …these are legitimate relationships and I see nothing malicious or wrong with them…you like who you like

  • child savors

    I’m a fan, but I didn’t know this until today. I don’t agree with him dating a teen and him in his 30′s at the time. That’s just wrong and how men get away with this. She’s to young to know better. She might think its love but again does she know? I truly am against this.

    • Ra

      I agree! I just want to know what they possibly could talk about.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      She’s 28 now.

  • Gidge

    Listen between this blogger and that other blogger over at crushable stirring this up….sigh. I cannot speak on Paul’s life and what is perceived as immoral to some and not to others. I say this because 16 is of legal consent in some states and others it is not. However, I CAN say is that in every tweet, article, post, Facebook post, by friends, family, coworkers cleb or not, and ex girl friends (one in particular who’s funeral he was going to attend with her this week because she lost her dad) not one bad thing has been said about his character….not one. THAT says something about a person. Paul is no saint. He’s made his fair share of mistakes in life and was just starting to come into his own as a man, father and just being a plain decent human being who gave a dam in this world. I am NOT condoning his dating choices but we do not know the facts, so these articles are pointless and moot. If you want to being this subject up in a general sense, then fine but don’t make it just about him. These two girls who are now of age apparently have family who loved Paul. Jasmine, the girl who was 16 when they met have family that is very upset over losing Paul, so maybe Paul’s dating choices can come into question but not his character since the families clearly loved the guy. Every situation is different. I would also like to point out that didn’t Celine Dion also date her manager who is now her husband at 16? That is also another unique situation. Paul just happens to have two but it doesn’t make him a bad guy or should discredit all that he has done in this word for others.

  • Baby girl

    Paul was a gorgeous man without a doubt….however, he should have not been dating girls so young. When he met these girls, he should have not pursued a relationship when finding out just how young they were. Was he youthful looking, yep…..was he immature for his age, possibly, but this still is no excuse for dating a girl underage. I agree with some people’s post….this should have been addressed before he passed so he could have answered questions about his preference regarding females. I am very sad that he has passed, but also very disappointed that he chose young girls to have relationships with.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      There is legal age on dating.

    • God’s verdict is also in

      Er, man of sin…any particular reason you have that name? You seem to be doing a lot of defending the un – defendable…….maybe you need to be brought up under the spotlight too……??

    • Man_Of_Sin

      Un-defendable? Okay, prove that there is a law on dating.

  • CrazyLogic

    I really do wish this came to light sooner. I also wish that this kind of behavior was called out more because it really needs to stop.

    Adults should not date teenagers. End of story.

    • Tanya

      Adults shouldnt be messing with children sexually period! However, the reason they get away with it CrazyLogic is because the offender is clever and knows just how to manipulate and fool people, make them love them so when the truth comes out you have every dumb ass rooting for them, and the victim is stuck with his or her pain! Criminal profilers state that the most dangerous criminal or Psychopath/Sociopath is a beautiful, handsome or wealthy one, because their charm is undenaible!

    • Man_Of_Sin

      The age of consent is 16 in most states and countries. Plus there is no evidence of a sexual encounter while underaged.

    • EKreuz

      “victim is stuck with his or her pain!” – yes, poor Aubrianna Atwell, she was so hurt that she kept in touch with him throughout these years.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      Marvin Gaye did the exact same thing and nobody cares.

    • CrazyLogic

      We SHOULD care about it. That’s the point.

    • God’s verdict is also in

      Tell that to R.Kelly….

    • Man_Of_Sin

      1. R.Kelly made a porno with a girl was 14-15 which is underaged.
      2. A teacher having sex with a student is illegal regardless of age.

    • Popgirl

      It came to light. This information is just being regurgitated from 2009, reported in Star Magazine and then picked up on Perez Hilton, and a lot of other gossip site and then E News and other TV shows and on HuffingtonPost. and in US Magazine where Paul Walker’s rep denied they were engaged. It was everywhere. The girl was 19. The only proof they had of dating at 16 three years previously was the much maligned Star Magazine with a “source” saying they had been dating since 16, no other facts out there or photos of them or parents complaining, nothing, no parents up in arms saying he had sex with their daughter three years ago underage. The only photos of them were from 19 years old. There was really no where to go with the story without any other information to hold the reader’s interest, so it died.

    • CrazyLogic

      Then I wish someone dug deeper and that news stories like this don’t die. Because it should have been in more than just the tabloids that no one pays attention to.

    • yawningglory

      Uh, did you bother to read through the above post, or did you jump straight to the knee-jerk reaction? Pretty sure the point of this story is that they “dug deeper” and found it to be some horseshit. Calm dooooown.

    • CrazyLogic

      I did. My point is that it shouldn’t have been forgotten and died down. Digging deeper is actually getting answers instead of speculations. Digging deeper is finding the previous girlfriend. Digging deeper is calling this shit out and not going away because it’s being ignored.

  • Atlanta Man

    I am from Georgia and the age of consent there is 16. I am not trying to be inflammatory with what I am about to say but it needs to be said . I personally am a man and young girls are attractive. Youth usually wins out over beauty, and sixteen is not too young. Young girls can be annoying, self absorbed , and difficult to relate to but they are also easy to control and they typically do as they are told when they deal with older men in a relationship. Most men do not want to date a woman their age, they do not want to be challenged by their women, and like submissive women who look up to them. Also young girls just want to party and are less expensive to entertain. As they grow older and experience life more you get to protect them and guide them so they continue to look up to you as they grow into their 20 s and beyond. I am in my 30′s and the most refreshing thing about young girls is their total lack of relationship baggage so it is on you to treat them right and be mature and improve their life, as a man should. I know most women do not want to hear this but it is true, we do not care about most shit women do or talk about. All men care about is how many partners a woman has had , is she loyal sexually, how much drama and nagging does he have to deal with due to her, her age, and her looks. Any man that tells you different is looking for you to approve of his opinion, wants to fuck you, or is just saying what you want to hear to avoid confrontation.

    • Gangle

      You are a sad, sorry man who lacks the sense of self and gumption to deal with an actual relationship, and probably, real life. I pity you.

    • Atlanta Man

      You are incorrect in you assumptions about me , and did not address anything I wrote. I do not need your pity, real life for me is better than most people because I deal in logic and reality. Reality is an attractive man with wealth is going to aim for young and pretty. It is not logical for a man to date a woman his own age in his thirties unless they have been together since his early twenties. Women and their relationship baggage is nothing a man with options is going to deal with unless he must. Teenage girls are hot , without make up, excessive demands, past relationship drama, overbearing attitude, or wrinkles. 16 is not to young for a man in his thirties to relate to. The only problem a man in his thirties may have is lack of free time due to career involvement. Paul was a movie star so he could spare the time.

    • Gangle

      Run along, little man. Your fantasy land awaits you. And your misandry he-man woman-haters blog needs updating too.

    • Atlanta Man

      Again with the insults not addressing anything I wrote. Fantasy land is a world where a rich and famous man chooses and older woman over a younger woman. I do not hate women , I am attracted to and adore women. If you are a woman ( which I assume due to your inability to deal with reality and logic) you have contempt for Paul because he dates how most men wish they could, and you are jealous of the girl he chose. If you were 16 and a 28-33 year old Paul Walker or Brad Pitt wanted to date you seriously, shower you with wealth, fly you around the world and be your best friend you would have jumped at the chance, and you would not regret it. Notice how I did not insult you or make it personal, that is called maturity not trolling.

    • Gangle

      Nope, I wouldn’t jump at the chance to buy presents flights around the world and pay for someone to be my ‘best friend’ with sex. I can buy my own airfares and presents and I certainly don’t feel the need to pay for people to be with me. And if I did make the decision to sell myself out for those things, I would most deeply regret it. Obviously you feel that the only way you can find someone to have sex with you and adore you is to pay them for it? I feel bad for you. Like, before I was just mocking you because I thought you were an idiot, but now I feel really, really sad for you.

    • Atlanta Man

      Now no one would offer because you are old and unappealing to men with means and options. When you were young and attractive (I know you were young once, I will assume attractive but that is just an assumption.) you could not afford to pay your own way. Youth is worth money and so is beauty and if I date a woman I will spend and treat her well.You are delusional if you think men think otherwise. If youth is not prized why is anti aging so profitable? Again I will refrain from insulting you, address the writing not your assumptions about me.

    • Gangle

      Actually, when I was ‘young’ (I still consider myself young, but I guess I wouldn’t be according to your narrow definition) I could and did afford to pay my own way. Fancy holidays, designer clothes, expensive dinners, the works. I lived it up in my late teens/early twenties, and I didn’t have to have sex with anyone or be manipulated by anyone to do it. And your statement about rich men only going for young is pretty off. The richest man I have ever met (and he is staggeringly so) married a woman 10 years older than him. And this is his second marriage. Could he have married younger? I guess so, if he wanted. But he picked someone older. I never insulted you. I just observed, from your writing, that you feel it is necessary to buy sex with young girls who are easily manipulated, and then stated that I find it really sad.

    • Atlanta Man

      That rich man you know ( if he exists and he is worth more than 50 million post his name and I will google him because I do not believe you) is the exception not the rule. If you are over thirty you are not young, and I never buy sex. I do however date young women and I pay for dates. I would love to date women that pay their own way, but attractive women tend to want you to pick up the tab. Second marriage , rich, and he picked a woman 10 years his senior …I call bullshit, you are lying. If you can give me his name and I google and see it is true I will apologize to you, but I know men and your story rings false.

    • Josey

      Gangle, it was not a bad troll as trolls go. When someone uses phrases like “I deal in logic and reality” in a post, you can bet it’s a guy who spends a lot of time on the internet in chat rooms and comment forums trying to get a rise out of people.

    • Josey

      I admire your candidness. But now that you’ve admitted your addiction to adolescent girls, it’s time to seek some therapy. The area to focus on is the need to control.

      When you admitted that “Young girls can be annoying, self absorbed , and difficult to relate to but they are also easy to control and they typically do as they are told when they deal with older men in a relationship” you said a lot. It’s all about control. These young girls are being denied their normal growing up period because they’re involved with men who act as surrogate father figures but, in exchange, demand sex for playing that role. It may sound fair and balanced but in the long term it’s destructive to the girl.

    • Atlanta Man

      You honestly believe these girls are worse off for having dated a rich, attractive, successful movie star in a seven year relationship? Ask the girls how they feel about Paul instead of projecting what you think they should feel onto him. We have laws in this country that dictate 16 as the age of consent, I will date girls 16-23 and enjoy life. Other can date women their own age and deal with the nagging, constant comparisons to the countless othe men she dated, pressure to marry and reproduce, and rapidly aging skin. I choose youth and beauty and so does any man with options. Any man who tells you different is lying to make you feel better or avoid an argument. And you are correct about control, no man wants a woman that challenges him, it is a pain in the ass to deal with all the shit in everyday life and come home to a challenging woman. Nice ,sweet, innocent and feminine wins out over challenging always. Again , just reality not trolling. If I wears trolling I would make personal attacks not use facts, I am trying to illuminate you not insult you.

    • Mason

      These commenters are silly. I agree with you that young women are attractive. Anybody who says there is something wrong with you for saying that is delusional. This is actually something that is well studied in science, men are programmed to start noticing women at those ages and we are also programmed to be attracted to women that are of prime breeding ages. It’s pure biology. I will readily admit I’m attracted to 16 year old girls too. I was when I was 16 and still am at 30. Not ashamed of it. But as a man I am also in control of my own behavior. Also, while a young woman may have an attractive body, her mind is a huge turn off. Perhaps Walker was a mental adolescent. I personally have never met a teenager that is even remotely my intellectual equal. I would be bored out of my mind, worse than bored, driven to insanity.

  • Marie

    I am sorry for the Walker family’s loss. However, glossing over the fact that Paul Walker was 33 years old when he began dating a 16-year-old girl is incredibly disturbing. When he and his girlfriend began dating, she was only a year older than his daughter is now. I wonder how Mr. Walker would feel if his daughter currently had a 32-year old boyfriend. Mr. Walker may have done some charity work, but that does not change the fact that he was a child molester.

    • Nik

      If you feel this way you should try to change the laws of consent, because in most of the USA the age of consent is 16 and the age of consent is 16 or younger in most of the Americas.

    • Kristin Dell’Orso

      that’s actually not true, Nik. here’s a map that breaks down age of consent in a fair amount of detail. please note that in Walker’s home state of California, the age of consent is 18.


    • Cali310

      In which decade? Maybe you should do some more research on that.

  • Mason

    I for one agree. I don’t care what the excuse is, there is no justification. And honestly I don’t think Walker would make any excuses from what I’ve read. Not only was he in his thirties, but he’s a rather high profile person, and I think a greater responsibility ought to come with that… although we know that isn’t how it usually works out. I do agree with others though that there’s not a whole lot of point in disparaging the dead. From what’s available Walker seemed like a genuine person. And by his own admission he was immature. He said that’s why he wasn’t active in the LDS church. I think he knew he had made a lot of mistakes and wanted to repent. And perhaps that’s what motivated some of his charity work, buying his way back into heaven or something. The story about the engagement ring is cool, and not to put it down, but let’s not forget that $10k to him was like $10 for most people. Guy’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around 50-200 million. He wasn’t spending his money like Mother Teresa would have. Maturity is a choice though. He made his, and that’s the bottom line. Tragic story that to me highlights why we shouldn’t put off to tomorrow what we can do today. Guaranteed, if Walker had a second chance he’d probably do a lot of things differently.

    • Josey

      Interesting. I didn’t know he was a Mormon. I wonder if that factored into his predilections for adolescent girls. It’s something that’s made headlines before.

    • Mason

      Mormons are pedophiles? Are you serious? Where do people come up with this stuff? I’m Mormon. In our church we aren’t supposed to even start dating until we’re 16. From a very young age boys are taught to respect the young ladies. I married the first (and only) girl I ever kissed when I was in college! Walkers predilection towards young ladies certainly wasn’t something he picked up from the LDS church or culture.

    • Josey

      Re: “Mormons are pedophiles? Are you serious?”

      I never used the term “pedophile”. Apparently you’re not only a Mormon but a moron.


    • Mason

      What a polite person you are. And then a troll from an anti-Mormon site. LOL! Back in the 1800s marrying 14-year-olds was common practice everywhere. What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

    • Josey

      I’m the first to admit that my specialty isn’t the recovery from cults. That’s a special level of attention you’re going to have to seek out elsewhere. But I’m not afraid to admit that you opened my eyes to a side of Paul Walker that has been hitherto kept hidden from the public perception – the fact that he was raised a Mormon.

      Without this piece of critical information that you provided, the average person think that Paul Walker was just your run-of-the-mill ephebophile looking for a good time with a teenager, any teenager. Instead, we find he was programmed to prefer it through his religion.

      Thanks for contributing to my understanding of the man.

    • Popgirl

      He was raised as a Mormon. He has said in interviews he is a Christian now. He isn’t ashamed of this relationship. He was still dating her and his family loved him. He never talked about any of his girlfriends because he has always been private. His charity work was helping people in need in first responder efforts because he has the connections and because he wants to help, not to repent. LOL He is worth around 35 million now.

    • Anonymous


  • Evita Krumina

    I agree with your post so so so much! I’ve tried to bring this up with my Fb friends…and surprisingly I’M THE INSENSITIVE one! So disgusting.

  • Tanya

    Like he said, he isnt calling the man terrible but she was underage! I am saying that I am not going to glorify his life, he was a hebophile simple as that, and because he was hollywood it doesnt make it right, it’s still illegal what you did. Furthermore, these good deeds he went out of the way to do, and the extreme secrecy of his personal life, these are main traits of Hebophiles, Pedophiles and sex offenders alike, its called building a facade and just because you are an actor or actress there is not exception! Time to start keeping matters real, because if some adult came knocking on my door to date my 16 year old son, they could only hope that the police would get there to save their ass!

    • Lily

      Where do you get your information really? seriously? Good deeds are good deeds, don’t look further into it then that you know nothing about anything to say anything at all!

  • drinkpepsi

    The sad thing is that Jasmine looks like she could be eleven or twelve.
    She has the body of a child (even now). Sick that Paul Walker was attracted to that.

  • Edes

    Who cares who he dated get a life! Don’t judge people. Not your business to.

  • Lily

    Wow a lot of people who are judging around here. Hey I got an idea lets pick apart everything in your life and find out all the nasty things you have done and bit*ch about it for endless amounts of hours. Leave it to god people!

  • Susan

    I am soooo glad someone else is writing about this. I made a post on FB and people most just made light of it. This is against the law. PERIOD. I question why a man at the age of 33, the age he was when he started dating her, would be interested in someone that is 8 years older than his own daughter. Society needs to stop giving certain people the free pass and others sending them down the river. Thank you for finally writing something.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      There is no law on dating but sexual relationship.

    • Michael Nosal

      Yes there are. Look up California penal codes. You want to tell me that a man will not try to have sex with a person?

    • Man_Of_Sin

      Provide a link than.

    • hmmm

      are you into young ppl/children? is that why you are so invested in stating the “justifiability/legality” of older adult/young person and know so much about the in’s and out’s (no pun intended) and nuances of the technical legal “relations/sex/dating” definitions?

    • Man_Of_Sin

      Are you jealous that you weren’t in such a relationship?

    • Dova

      Your one giant of a faggot you waste of semen.

      Stop defending and get with the facts. What he did was illegal.

      Duhh r u jelly duuuuuh doy. No were not fucking jealous, Worse than the fucking bieber fans…

    • Man_Of_Sin

      Prove that dating certain people is illegal or shut up.

  • Holly

    For years I have been concerned about the impact the Fast and Furious
    franchise has had on minors/immature drivers who emulate their “heroes.” It’s a
    proven fact, “monkey see, monkey do.” Why do you think there are no
    more cigarette ads using cartoon characters? Because it’s illegal. We have gathered
    enough data that proves that minors are influenced by the media. With that in
    mind, I have long wondered how many FF fans have been injured or died due (in
    part) to the negative influence of this movie franchise. NOW, it’s coming to
    light that Walker has a history of dating minors. Nauseating! Did he have a Peter Pan complex? Why this full assault on the minors of America?

    Now before you go rushing to
    conclusions, I was actually a Walker fan and have enjoyed his other movies. I’ve even toyed with the idea of supportinghis organization which aids disaster victims.
    I am sorry for his family and friends he left behind. But lastly, as I’m sure is true of those who are close to him, I am angry at Paul Walker for consistently making some
    epically poor life choices which may have led to his premature demise.

  • Abe Linkedin

    Historically, Joseph was probably thirty and Mary was (maybe) 16 when Jesus was born. Was Joseph a perv? By the way, the accusation of child molester seems out of bounds based on the information we know.

    • whiteroses

      According to the Bible, they didn’t have sex until an unspecified point in the future. Jesus was a virgin birth. Also- different times, different laws.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      And there is no evidence of a sexual encounter when these women were underaged.

  • Ilovepaulwalker

    Age is just a number! I dont see anything wrong dating someone who is younger your age! C’mon guys, let him rest in peace ( if he really is dead, i am still hoping this is just another eddie guerrero like joke)

    • SexGodBitches

      What age are you?

    • anonymous

      I doubt he’s really dead too, but what happened to Eddie? he’s not really dead o_O?…..

  • tomt45

    sex with children ?

    its satans way …

    • Man_Of_Sin

      A child is defined as someone so who has not reached puberty and there is no evidence of a sexual encounter while they were underaged.

    • tomt45

      your definition?

      or mine?

      (age of consent in cali is 18.)

    • Man_Of_Sin
    • tomt45

      age of consent in California is 18

  • dan

    paul walker died for our sins. how dare you attack his pedophilia!

  • Trina Richards

    The fact that he stayed in the relationship for long periods of time makes it easier for me to swallow. I believe that Paul Walker was still a young boy in his mind. The thrill seeking and life he lived suggests it too. I don’t think there is anything to be gained by bringing this up now. Let the man rest!

    • Sean Taylor

      I wonder if you would feel the same way is the person was fat, bald and ugly. Let me guess, then he would be a perv.

      You people are sick if you think it’s appropriate for a 30+ year old man to date a 16 year old girl!

    • Trina Richards

      If he was ugly we wouldn’t even be having this conversation! The man is dead and at the time of his death his girlfriend was 23 not 16. Are you without sin Mr Taylor? And by the way, I don’t think it is appropriate, but nor is it appropriate to speak ill of the dead! Good day Sir!!!

    • Man_Of_Sin

      Marvin Gaye did the exact same thing.

    • Popgirl

      At 32, he lived in a trailer a lot of the time on his property on the ocean, which his house was nice on the ocean but not fancy, lived like a frat boy back then, was a boyish-looking pretty boy surfer, and by his own admission when asked what he was attracted to said he liked low-maintenance, outdoorsy, natual, shy females. I think he was probably very immature then, living a surfer bum type lifestyle, in that when he wasn’t acting, he wore as he has said the same cheap jeans he always bought and the same cheap T-shirts, and just loved to surf and do all things outdoors.

  • Hannah Shaya

    Similar to how everyone wanted to give Roman Polanski a pass — and we know about his preference for very young girls. Disgusting behavior on the part of adults who should know better and behave with better morals.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      Marvin Gaye dated his second when she was 16 and he was in his 30s.

    • Popgirl

      Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old anally and tossed her aside. Spare me. While it is pervy to get permission to date a 16 year old girl, it’s not molesting nor pedophilia nor rape. Sixteen is legal in many states to date. There is no comparison to the two. Paul dated Jasmine for seven years and her family seemed to love him.

  • Nik

    He started dating Jasmine when she was 16, in Hawaii where the age of consent is 16. So she was not underage. If he was sleeping with her it was legal and what the two of them did was their own personal business. Some people in the US even get married when they are 16. And to say Paul Walker was “into” 16 year olds overlooks the fact that he was still with her 7 years later when he died, suggesting he was into his girlfriend for who she was, not her age; rather he was obviously committed to her in a serious relationship. How many people in Hollywood stay together for that long? Given his swift rise to fame and the fact that he no doubt had plentiful opportunity to date famous actresses, I give him credit for sticking with his quite unfamous girlfriend until his death. People should not be so quick to judge when they know nothing about these two or what their relationship was like.

    • lawrence

      It was not legal if he was sleeping with her in Hawaii. Since he was more than five years older than her, he committed a crime under Hawaii’s penal code. And if the relationship was so “serious” why did he not marry her in the five years since she turned 18? At 16 she was not his girlfriend, she was his prey.

    • Man_Of_Sin


      “The Hawaii legal Age of Consent for sexual contact is 16 years old. There are a total of A total of thirty one states have set their age of consent at 16, the lowest age of consent in any state.

      There is a close in age exemption to the Hawaii age of consent which allows those aged 14 and 15 to consent to sex with those less than five years older.”

      Google it.

    • savannah potters

      -.- would you marry a woman just after two years? just to prove if it was so serious, marriage is the answer?

  • Landon N Josette Dupee

    Really, he just died so now you have to bring up him dating a 16 year old. It really dont matter who he dates or how old they are. Hell, I’m 35 and my husband is 25. and he was 16 when we got together and I was 26. We are happily married now for 8 years. So to me I see nothing wrong with it and to be honest it dont matter if someone is a celebrity or not. what they do in their private lives is their business and really no concern to anyone.

  • Sofia

    Talking from another point of view,I’m 23,the same age as his girlfriend and I have also started dating guys older than 30 when I was 16 and I have never dated anyone younger than that.I have felt attracted to older guys ever since I can remember and I don’t feel like they took advantage of me,I wanted it too and most of the times I was the one who teased them,I pursued them until they finally gave me what I wanted.I also have always looked way younger than I actually am.After 5 relationships and a few who weren’t that serious I can say that I feel okay with it and that I don’t regret it,if I was given the chance I would do it all over again.Maybe I feel okay with it because the age of consent in my country is 14 but to be honest it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me and it’s not like their relationship wasn’t serious,they were together for 7 years,that’s a lifetime in Hollywood,it’s not like it was a simple hook up.

  • Kristin Dell’Orso

    Thank you. I raised the same issue on facebook, and have taken a lot of flak from people who’ve drunk the Fast and Furious Kool-Aid and think this guy was a saint. I’m disgusted. Several news outlets have broken into stories about the passing of Nelson Mandela to update the uber-urgent Paul Walker story. Our culture makes me nauseous.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      Why do you care?

  • dang ol dan

    unwarranted assumptions that make no sense! i slept with a 30 year old woman when i was 16! people choose to be with who they want regardless of age, some people click together better on a spiritual level not physical

  • dang ol dan

    one more

  • Joshua Ross Ketry

    Uh, he is not here to defend allegations, so this makes you predatory bullies.

  • Matt

    Author, you get your info from the Dailymail? Really? …..

  • TheDude

    Who gives a shit?

  • Dzhershk

    “I’m not claiming he was a terrible person, but it is important to
    discuss the glorification of Hollywood celebrities and why people give
    them a pass.”

    *Ends the article and doesn’t discuss what she just said is important to discuss.*

    This is why I hate people like you. You constantly bang on about the need to discuss stuff yet offer absolutely nothing in the way of discussion. You brought up no points or insightful opinions in that article, you just mentioned some stuff that happened and asked people to send you hate mail. Learn how to write.

  • Joe M

    Why are you cunts flocking to say “ITS WRONG! ITS WRONG!” most of you sound as immature as 16 but are probably in your 30′s or 40′s. Age is just a number but apparently you’re jealous because most men your age would rather choose the latter.

  • Joe M

    And it’s not “UNDERAGE” if the majority of the states in the united states have an Age of Consent set at 16…

  • erere


  • erere

    look at all the old middle class fags. jealous of guys who get young fresh girls. 16 is an adult guys. ooooh..what? daddy doesnt like that? fuck daddy. u dont own ur daughter anymore man. by the time girls reach 14 15 16 they can think for themselves. fuck the law. anyone can make a rule, and any blind sheep can follow it. live life on ur own terms. ive dated plenty of underage girls. and it was good. some of them were more grown than an 18 year old. i am the guy who ur daughter sneaks out at night to go see mother fuckers. u cant control people. this illusion of control that society has. middle class family values and political bullshit. fucking bitches. people will do what they want to do. people old enough to think for themselves have a right to do what they want with their own bodies. no law trumps a basic natural human right. u dont like that do u? all u parents. of course u dont. cuz thats exactly the moment u lose control. control u never actually had. hes a good man. i support him dating whoever he wanted. to everyone that has a problem. fuck u

  • Joe M

    I’m actually pounding my 16 year old girlfriend as we speak.. we both live in Nevada so notify the authorities. They’ll laugh at you.

  • FishFingersAndCustardGirl

    People defending him also probably think James Marsters was peachy keen for hooking up with a 17 year old when he was almost 40.

    Legal consent or not, being attracted to girls who haven’t even finished high school yet is by definition gross.

  • savannah potters

    -.- if you people dont like something and you cant change it or cant stop having a strong distaste from surfeit about it. Change the way you think about it, or better yet, leave it alone. yeah it is disturbing that an adult dates teens. it can be because of this and that or this and illness blah blah. think about ‘what if’, what if you’re all wrong. you’ll gonna probably say ‘but still it is inappropriate and this and that’. true. but we dont know paul walker,. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. some men date teens for some bad reasons some dont. what if jasmine’s parents were against their relationship but they proved its not just what you people think. And still you’ll gonna say ‘its unethical’. ghaaad. Its a good debate though.a good exercise for the brain, but there will never be a true answer from us people cause we’re just attributing, we dont know them personally (paul & jasmine). some would say ‘we’re talking in general now’. K fine.same thing. Godbless

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  • Maria

    Paul Walker had Mormon upbringing. Mormon men like pure, virginal, inexperienced girls. Older men in their thirties or forties marrying much younger women, in many cases teenagers, is not uncommon among Mormons.

  • Meg

    First of all, this is the wrong time to discuss this. The man has just passed away. Next, he was just a man, made up of good qualities and character deficits, just like the rest of us. Anyone throwing a stone need only look into the mirror. Next, it seems, that this man was very, very young in character. Here was a man who liked fast cars, pressing limits, surfing every day, in general playing. He himself said, that only now at 40, did he accept that he wanted to learn how to “become being a parent”. Basically a peter pan. And I am a big fan of his, and I’m a much older woman. We cannot assume to know what went on in this couple’s relationship. We cannot assume to know what her parent’s thought, his parent’s thought about it. There will be plenty of time to tear apart his history. How about we just let him rest for a bit, then start the chewing. There must be other topics that need attention?

  • Mother

    I think that many people are not getting it. It not that he is older , it is because she is still in high school. Matter of fact, in junior high. When I seen the news about Paul Walker dating a 16 years years ago I still thought it was wrong. Face the fact, many parents don’t say anything about it. The fact to the matter is that 16 isn’t legal consent age in California. Adults just don’t report it to authority. I did think it was strange. Hearing that he did it twice, is more disturbing now. He had a thing for teenage girls. I don’t know why men or women won’t wait until the person is18 or 19 if they like young girls. Just WAIT, until they graduate from high school. Give them time to mentally grow and be a teenager.

    • Man_Of_Sin

      We are not mentally grown until their mid-20s or early 30s and 18/19 is still a teen.

  • Rick Wainright

    You mean this guy didn’t cure cancer? I have never seen such adoration for such an obscure actor. I hope being a pedophile doesn’t cost him being canonized.

  • Kc

    Omg finally someone with morals says something. I was a huge fan of his until I found out about the first teenage girl. I never watched another film of his again after that. Now I read there was others. Her parents as well are start struck retards. I just watch a show about a 19 year old boy who has a criminal record as a pedifile because his girlfriend was 16. No way around this. He had some major gross issues.

  • Lizzybear

    Why is it being brought up now that he’s passed away versus when he was alive? why wasn’t he questioned when he we alive? He’s not here to defend himself or here to hold himself accountable so I don’t know why this matters now. We’ve seen it before where a celebrity dies and the media tries to dig up dirt on them. We live in an insensitive cruel world.

  • Onthe Verge

    I was glad to find this article. I wondered why no one had yet to point it out. Do good looks affect how we react to things certain people do?

  • Alexa Morales

    And what about parents of that girls?Golddiggers!!If you are 16 and you are jumping in a bed of adult man-we know what you are…..

  • Guest

    That’s right, Alexa!
    Jasmine and her parents are as much to blame (if not more) for allowing their 16 yo teen aged daughter to “date/sleep with” a 33 yo GROWN A$$ MAN in the first place. What kind of parents were/are they? What kind of “16 yo teen-aged daughter” was Jasmine? 16 yo star struck Jasmine was just another UNKNOWN local SB teenager who admitted to living in a van when she met/began to “date/sleep with” 33 yo Paul Walker. Jasmine’s family runs a Santa Barbara -based landscaping/tree business, and Jasmine is part of that business. Paul owned several properties, including a farm, that may have required their services…Did she and her irresponsible parents use this business as a premise to introduce her, or maybe plot/plan for her to meet with him? “Why” are they “NOT” being questioned/considered, just Paul?