Before & After: My Brand New Pixie Cut!

meg malone long hair pixie cut before and after


About three weeks ago, I shared that I planned to cut off all my long hair off when I was home in Vermont for Thanksgiving. Yet while I knew I want to do a dramatic pixie cut, I hadn’t thought about the exact look I was going for or styling products I needed or basically anything else. That’s where you all came in! I received many encouraging and helpful comments that were full of advice and positivity, and I appreciated them all!*

While close to haircut day I was leaning toward Winona Ryder’s short hair (especially considering I watched my favorite film Little Women over the holiday), I started realizing that I actually like having bangs in my face and got a little nervous about them suddenly disappearing. Luckily, my wonderful hair stylist from back home had read my post here on The Gloss and she was partial to the Jennifer Lawrence look I posed as an option. As you see, it’s not exactly the same – mine is a little less bang-y, but I have my pop culture point of reference like I wanted, so mission accomplished.

The whole transformation only took about 45 minutes, and I hope my stylist had fun with it! I certainly had fun chatting with her about Catching Fire. Seriously, my most notable unexpected pang of sadness came when I realized I wouldn’t be able to braid my hair like Katniss any more after the big cut. But I love my new hair, so happiness restored!

It’s been a teensy bit weird having it this short (I keep trying to pull my ponytail out of my jacket, only to realize it’s not there), but definitely a good weird. Plus, my shampoo consumption has greatly decreased.

Right now I’m feeling very inspired to embrace the new haircut confidence (especially with fun makeup), so we’ll see how I do with the upkeep that comes with pixie looks. I want to experience this short haircut to the fullest!

*Also, some of you mentioned you were getting short haircuts soon too, so feel free to share those in the comments!

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      I never thought I was a fan of the pixie cut, but your hair looks amazing!!!

      • Meg Malone

        Aw, thanks so much!!

    • Jenni

      Best part of cutting your hair?

      • Jenni


      • Jenni


      • Jenni


      • Meg Malone

        Again, that it takes no time to dry. Sorry that our shared brainwave resulted in Disqus confusion.

      • Samantha_Escobar


      • Meg Malone


    • elle

      I really like this it looks amazing on you! I have always wanted a pixie but have always been to afraid to get them because A) I have wavy hair and B) I always feel like you need really fine features to pull off a pixie but now that I see this pic I’m thinking…maybe I can do it. Also I hope you weren’t insulted by that and understood what I meant when I said fine features. If you didn’t tell me and I will clarify further. With pics and everything if need be.

      • Meg Malone

        Zero insults taken! I totally understand what you mean. I say if you want to do it, go for it! Everyone was really helpful in my crowdsourcing post comments with advice, and then just chatting one-on-one with my stylist was great because she explained everything that went into the cut. Definitely let me know if you decide to cut your hair short, too!

      • Sami Jankins

        I have curly/wavy hair, and short hair made my curls spring right up. It’s actually easier to take care of. Granted, if you wanted it curly it wouldn’t be cut “pixie short”. I think I have angular features, but not tiny by any means. Go for it!

      • Naomi

        I have wavy-to-OMGCURLY hair and it actually worked out as a pixie just fine when I first cut it off. It can work as long as you have a stylist who knows what they’re doing. And my features are far from small or sharp, but it works!

    • Cassieleigh

      So adorable!! Love it. Not quite brave enough to do it myself.

    • Caitlin!


    • Samantha

      You look lovely! And you have the best eyebrows!

      • Meg Malone

        Ah, thanks so much for the compliments – and while I know this is a post about hair, I especially appreciate the eyebrows one! I wrote a post on Gurl a while back about how I was always so self-conscious about having thicker eyebrows, until I became really obsessed with Audrey Hepburn (and her eyebrows) in 10th grade and learned to embrace mine. Now they’re one of my favorite features!

    • lily

      you looked stunning before, but this cut is absolutely FABULOUS on you. you have the perfect face to pull it off — you’re not only a smart and elegant writer but also an extremely beautiful girl!

    • Carrie Murphy

      Yay, it looks gorgeous!

    • Katrina

      That cut looks fabulous on you! i’ve had a short cut for years now, similar to Jennifer Lawrence but more undercut. I adore it! It takes no time to dry now (I have a ton of hair so this is a big deal), I can change the color frequently without too much damage and makeup is so fun to play with. Enjoy it and have fun with it!

      • Meg Malone

        I said this earlier in the comments, but I do really think the quick drying is my favorite part so far. I was always so bad about blow drying my long hair and would just walk out into the winter cold with dripping wet hair which I am sure was a bad decision. Now, it’s dry in minutes!

    • kellyegan

      I gasped out loud at my desk! Stunning!!

    • Sami Jankins

      It’s positively adorable! I just got my hair all cut of as well. Such a freeing feeling.

    • Sarahphina

      Amazing. You look beautiful.

    • Samantha_Escobar

      This was such a good call and it fits your face beautifully. Looooove it, Miss Meg!

    • Naomi

      Adorable! Enjoy the compulsive rubbing you will be doing to the back of your head for the next 2 weeks.

      • Meg Malone

        Haha so true! I also realized I’m still wearing hair elastics on my wrist out of habit.

    • NanceeSouthwell

      wow I am big fans of Pixie cut .every girls are really Like it Hair cut .

    • Atlanta Man

      You looked better with longer hair, it will grow back hopefully. Your face is cute with long hair, without out the hair you still look ok but every little flaw on your face stands out, and you look more masculine. If you like it go for it, I wore JNCO back in 1998, so we all have our fashion faux. And don’t bring up the time I dyed my hare blond, then red during my raver days. Does your boyfriend like it?

      • Samantha_Escobar

        You dyed your rabbit BLOND?!?!?!

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Also go fuck yourself.

      • Frances Locke


      • Kim


    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Your shampoo consumption, Meg Malone? You ought not to be eating shampoo in the first place. Just an opinion.

      • Meg Malone

        Wait, is the same is true for conditioner?!?!

      • Frances Locke

        But styling gel is still okay, right?

    • Inkygrl

      Love it!

    • Brianna

      You look amazing!! That haircut really suits you!