The 20 Best Twitter Reactions To Carrie Underwood’s The Sound Of Music


Last night’s The Sound Of Music live show, starring Carrie Underwood, was met with all sorts of reactions. Namely: critical hilarity. Considering the special cost NBC a reported $9 million, you would think its 3 hours would be excellent, or at least have some redeeming points. However, if social media is a remotely accurate gauge on how the public feels, it failed pretty miserably.

Professional critics, celebrities and us normals alike were all blowing up Twitter with comments and questions about the perplexingly bad “holiday event,” only to find that just about everybody felt the same way. Here are but a few of these oh-so-perfect reactions.





Oh god, Joan Rivers might be a total jerk 90% of the time but this is so terribly accurate.  








As for the worst tweets, they were all on DiGiorno Pizza’s account. It was awful. I think 12-year-olds may have been running their account last night.



Stop trying to make DiGiorno happen, guys.

If you’re looking for a more critical analysis, check out our sister site Crushable’s detailed recap on the musical. All in all, it was a remarkable achievement in getting millions of people to get together, get annoyed, and get on Twitter to voice their annoyances. Thanks, NBC!

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      hahahaha, these are too great.

    • Annie

      So funny, but the Cameron Diaz tweet just made me really sad. Are we sure she can read?

      • Trish

        I’m hoping she was drunk-hate-watching it like the rest of us were!

    • kj

      I’m not a huge fan of the original (I mean, I like it but not as much as some people I know), but I feel like this really, really shouldn’t be remade. No one can touch Julie Andrews… Carrie Underwood is just too polished, somehow, for the role.

    • Amanda

      I’m not even sure why they thought this remake was a good idea. You don’t touch perfection.

    • Cee

      I…kinda feel bad for Carrie Underwood. I tried to watch for five minutes but just couldn’t watch it. Though, I have never really cared for the original either because musicals aren’t my thing. But, I feel bad the way everyone took such delight in tearing her apart.
      She can sing, did a brave thing by doing this…live! Can she act? Nope…but it must have sucked to be her that night.
      I hope you’re happy, I feel bad for a thin, pretty, talented (musically!), white rich girl!

      Bring on the “she did this to her self when she accepted the role” people.

      • SayQue

        Brave or stupid thing? She isn’t an actress. She never should have taken the role or been hired for the role.

      • Cee

        You said exactly what I anticipated!

        It was both brave and stupid. Not many actresses have done it. She accepted and went through the whole thing. It was dumb,but it took guts. It wasn’t the best at all, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling bad for her.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I would feel sorry for her if she was a relative unknown, but because she’s a huge star and she likely got paid more money for one performance than most people make in a year, I have a harder time feeling sorry for her. Plus, I feel like in general in the entertainment industry and the like, you inherently open yourself up to criticism. Like, I write in public on the Internet, so I open myself to criticism.

        As a side note, musicals aren’t my thing, either. I have never really cared about ‘em, even when I actually did them (and was terrible in them).

    • SayQue

      I liked the Pizza tweets

    • SayQue

      My dislike of Carrie in this musical has nothing to do with Julie. Her acting was so bad. That has nothing to do with it. She could have made that movie Glitter and her acting still would have stunk compared to Mariah carey. Thats how bad she was.