Michelle Obama Is Spectacular In Emerald While Barack Looks On Adoringly

The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

Michelle Obama didn’t disappoint last night at the 36th Annual Kennedy Center Gala, killing it in a Marchesa teal gown and beautiful loose curls. That dude escorting her looked pretty dapper, too.

President Obama Hosts Kennedy Center Honorees At The White House

Who wants to take guesses as to what that green blob in the lower right corner is? It’s in all the photos, so I’m going to go with weird furniture piece of friendly alien from another planet.

I’m normally not a big fan of anything vaguely off-the-shoulder because it’s always reminiscent of a bad Game Of Thrones cosplay, but Obama’s sleeve-type things are really quite gorgeous. The bodice (which is the highlight of the dress) has enough pleated structure to balance the flowy-ness, keeping the whole thing modern. I think that had this dress been some pale color, it would have veered into Renaissance Faire Snow Bunny territory, but the jewel tone keeps it fresh and bright. And let’s be real–teal is clearly this woman’s color. Or possibly emerald, depending on the photo. Both look stunning on her.

Quick digression from fashion so we can talk about love: look at this freaking picture of Barry O. checking out his wife’s whistling skills. The 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala

I have a real weakness for when people are obviously in love with each other (it’s not always apparent!) and the photos we continue to see of the Obamas that show real, vibrant love warm the cockles of my icy heart. When they talk about each other and the ups and downs of their relationship, I truly think they’re doing a public service by showing a model of a communicative, healthy relationship. Just look at that face. Come on!

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    • Andrea

      I absolutely adore Michele’s style. I think she’s the most amazing first lady we have had in decades. She is always put together and she always looks fabulous in every situation.

      • Julia Sonenshein


    • Anne Marie Hawkins

      I admire this woman so much. Wicked smart, stylish, a great parent, she’s just winning at life.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        Yes! She is SO freaking smart.

    • Livivua Ramsey

      she is very stunning and someone to admire!

    • Lindsey Conklin

      she looks gorgeous, I love the gown!

    • Fergie

      I love Michelle Obama! She’s a very complete woman and really genuine. I’ve watched her through the years on this wild journey her family’s been on, and she greatly impresses me. I wish her well. It can’t be easy giving up her own dreams and aspirations and living permanently under a microscope and having ones life completely invaded and turned upside down. It’s even worse to have your ambitious and very flawed husband completely hijacked by strangers and turned into an unrecognizable and hard to contain mythical figure. She’s a much better and more tolerant woman than I could ever be.