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Carrie Underwood Tweets Self-Righteous Response To Sound Of Music Live! Haters

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Perhaps Carrie Underwood should channel an inner Maria Von Trapp and remember her favorite things before lashing out on Twitter.  While her awkward portrayal of the heroine in The Sound of Music Live! failed to astonish fellow celebrities and critics, resulting in a stream of laugh-out-loud worthy tweets, the singer slash (kind of) actress has retorted with her own cringe-inducing message this weekend.

So long, farewell, Regina George, Carrie just totally called you out. To which I imagine Regina tweets back: “Stop trying to make Jesus happen.”

While undoubtedly, Carrie’s performance assesment was harsh and would’ve made me cry—though I practically sobbed the other day because I dropped a handful of my red and green M&M’s on the street—prescribing naysayers with a dose of God is obnoxious. Considering the show was successful in raking in over 18 million viewers, I would assume Carrie to be jovial going on elated. And though I agree that cyber-bullying is awful, I also find Carrie’s assuming point of view–that adversaries of her recital lack faith and hence need someone to pray on their behalf–to be judgmental and therefore hypocritical.

So, to the rest of the sheep who have gone astray, at least according to Carrie’s biblical reference, if Jesus doesn’t fill your heart with the sound of music, the hills will. Either way, Carrie’s praying for us.

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  • elle

    Yeah it’s like I actually find some of the responses to be way harsh and over the top but also you are being ridiculous so my only response is


    • Lindsey Conklin

      hahaha that GIF is perfect! I completely agree!

  • Muggle

    “They’ll be in my prayers”=”they’re big mean poopyheads who need to step on Legos.”

  • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

    She can keep her Jesus, and her shit-tastic version of The Sound Of Music. 18 Million viewers don’t mean it wasn’t awful. Hell, Nickleback is popular, which just goes to show that people will watch/listen to anything.

    • Anne Marie Hawkins

      Heck, I watched it, mainly for the train wreck effect. I was not disappointed (other than her nearly-but-not-quite wipeout in the opening number.)

  • Claire

    Having dealt with her shitty personality at a couple of music events, this tweet is hilarious to see. Girlfriend needs to take her own advice, or better yet, try to improve herself talent- and ‘tude-wise instead of pulling the Jesus card.

  • Amanda

    Hey, I “have Jesus” and I still thought her performance was crap.

  • LouLou

    HA! I just love imagining Carrie reading the tweets and saying to the screen “hmph… y’all need Jesus.”

  • amleysmith

    I am admired for the tweets of Carrie Underwood about sound of Music Live.


  • Cassieleigh

    If you look up the verse she referenced, it basically says, “don’t be a jerk.” I think we can all appreciate that sentiment.