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You Need To See This Girl’s Reaction To All Her Friends Getting Engaged

engagement season

Scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed these days, you might notice an uptick in the number of ecstatic “She said yes!” and “I do” with the obligatory ring photos. You’ll probably scroll right past, perhaps pausing to look at the ring for a moment or to imagine how over-the-top the dress will be. If you’re hoping to be engaged and you’re not, you might feel understandable pangs of jealousy, and if you’re not hoping to be engaged anytime soon you might be like “that’s cool whatever I need to go get a sandwich and do laundry.”

Over the weekend, Redditor Moth_ladder posted the following amazing photo that we can all relate to of a girl reacting to the news that three of her friends were suddenly engaged:

friends getting engaged

I love this picture so much because it perfectly encapsulates how many of us feel about engagements/weddings, which is “enough already.” However, as much as I love this photo, this can only mean one thing. Undeniably, we’re in engagement season. Again? Blarg.

The only information we have about these gals is that they’re a group of friends who either currently attend or at one point attended the University of Tennessee. And we know that one of them is hilarious and good at making angry faces and if she ever comes to New York, The Gloss staff will take her out for a drink. Stay strong, and hope against all hope that you don’t have to be a bridesmaid in all three weddings.

Photos: Reddit, Shutterstock // via Buzzfeed
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  • Fabel

    This is hilarious, but I’ve already seen so many comments (on other sites) of people being like, “waahh be happy for your friends, wahhh bitter girl”. STFU it’s funny.

    • Julia Sonenshein

      Exactly! I think this girl wins Most Likable Stranger of 2013.

  • Amanda

    This year alone, I’ve been in two weddings and two of my friends just got engaged so now I’m in two more. And we’re only through the first semester of the year. Bridesmaids dresses don’t grow on trees!

  • Samantha_Escobar


  • Trish

    I get being happy for
    your friends who are engaged and of course I am happy when this happens to friends,
    but what irks me, is that whenever someone gets married, pregnant or engaged everyone
    is like “OMG we need to chuck a party, have a baby/bridal shower and buy lots
    of presents” but just say if you smash that interview and score an amazing job,
    the most you get is taken out for a drink by your bestie or have ppl walk past
    say “congratulations” and move on.

    I think having the skills to get a good job takes more
    effort than falling pregnant, engaged whatever.

    End of rant.

  • Missy

    That girl is hilarious and I want to be her friend.

  • http://www.thethingsilearnedfrom.com/ Jen Glantz

    This photo is great – and a very honest reaction to what happens when all you friends are getting engaged. I wrote a whole book about this called ALL MY FRIENDS ARE ENGAGED: http://thethingsilearnedfrom.com/from-all-my-friends-are-engaged-the-ebook/

    Check it out!

  • don’tmindme

    I get that you should be happy for your friends and everything, but the culture and expectations and stuff surrounding weddings and particularly the Bride are so toxic and obnoxious I totally get what the girl was feeling. I think this picture is hilarious, and a subversive ‘F you’ to our ridiculous popular wedding culture.