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13 Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger, Ranked By Believability

Mean Girls boob cut out shirt

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is upon us tonight, so boobs are on the brain right now. Even though I have fairly large breasts (36DDDs, or 34DDs, if you’re a Victoria’s Secret employee and insist I look hotter when getting a muffin above and below my bra) and wish they were smaller so I could wear cute backless dresses, I still admittedly enjoy making my chest look larger sometimes. And there are so many ways to do so!

Obviously, not everybody wants their breasts to be propped up to their chins, but if like to occasionally indulge in getting the look of giant, Vegas-postcard style boobs or just a mild lift and enhancement, there are a multitude of methods to make that happen. However, not all tit techniques are created equal, so I’ve compiled a list of ways to make your boobs look bigger, ranked by how believable they are.

1. Tissues

Stuffing your bra with tissues

Pros: If you have a cold, this is an incredibly convenient technique.
Cons: Sure, these are soft, but if you so much as spill a little water on yourself, your boobs will go back to normal. Is it worth everyone believing you’re secretly the Wicked Witch from the West?

2. “Lift” Adhesives


Pros: These can be worn with backless dresses. If you’ve ever worn the birth control patch, it’s like that, but on your nipples.
Cons: You’ll just look like you’re wearing really ugly, bandaid-like pasties. Also, these ever been effective on anybody above a size -AA? No. No they have not.

3. Socks

Sock bra stuffing

“Ew, Rebecca, these reek of boobs.”

Pros: I love socks as much as the next person–possibly more, actually, given that my mom gets me cool $1 holiday socks every few months. It would be like having differently patterned bras each day, but sad and lumpy.
Cons: Depending on the material, this could be very uncomfortable.

4. Sticky Bra

Silicone Strapless Sticky Backless Adhesive Bra

Pros: Can be worn with backless dresses!
Cons: Wait, no they can’t, because they’ll fall down in ten minutes and the only enhancement you’ll get will be somewhere around your diaphragm. And given you don’t have udders, this will probably not be too believable.

5. Water Bra

Liquid Lift Bra

Pros: I had no idea these existed until my coworker told me so. They look fairly effective! But then, so does everything in every ad.
Cons: If they pop, you will be very wet. If they pop while you’re skiing, snowboarding, sledding or walking in the winter wind, you will catch a very bad cold (at the very least).

6. Bra Twist

Bra twist

Pros: Subtle, easy and simple. Just twist your bra around to push your breasts closer together and add a little lift.
Cons: Can be uncomfortable at the center. Depending on the bra, it could look unnatural.

7. The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra

Victoria's Secret bombshell bra

Pros: This is no ordinary pushup bra. It combines #s 6 and 11 on this list for a bra that gives you a two cup increase. Seriously, it’s ridonkulous. Indeed, you will look like Ginger Spice.

Cons: Believable? Eh, depending on your size, probably not. Plus, when I used to wear mine, people who bumped into me would wonder why I felt like a Temperpedic.

8. Wine Bra

The Winerack

Pros: This will be more believable than most because people will be too busy drinking from your lingerie to notice that you have been enhanced by entire bottles of booze.
Cons: The inserts are called “bladders,” which is a little terrifying. And people will be drinking wine from your chest. This is not inherently a con.

9. Makeup

Bronzer for boobs

Pros: Makeup, when done well, can look very natural. Utilizing matte bronzer and highlighter creams with sponges plus translucent powder overtop, you can create a pretty believable look!
Cons: Contouring can go oh-so-wrong for many people. If you’re heavy-handed, if you accidentally brush against somebody’s white jacket, if you don’t use waterproof makeup and it rains…it’ll look ridiculous rather than sexy.


10. Stuffing With Money

Stuffing your bra with money

Pros: This will always work. Nobody will ever question your moneytits. This was also entirely inspired by this stock photo I found.
Cons: None, because you have tons of money.

11. Pushup Or Padded Bra

Pushup and padded bras

Pros: These are a common device to add a little lift and, perhaps, the appearance of a slight increase in mass. I wear one most days of the week, as they’re comfortable without going over-the-top. They’re so popular that you can almost always find one in your budget.
Cons: They usually have underwire, which sucks a lot, and depending on the level of padding (like the VS one above), they can look ultra-unnatural.

12. Liz’s Trick (i.e. A Combination Effort)


Pros: Remember Liz’s instructions on how to make your boobs look bigger utilizing socks, 2 bras and makeup? They’re extremely effective.
Cons: As I said earlier, makeup can give you away if not extremely well blended (which Liz did a great job of, so if you choose to do this, definitely check her tutorial out).

13. Plastic Surgery

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 14: Dita Von Teese attends the Cointreau Ambassador of Libations Cannes 2013 Finals hosted by Cointreau and Gotham Magazine on October 14, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images)

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Pros: No matter how you feel about plastic surgery, it’s hard to deny that a really wonderfully-done implant job is probably the most believable, consistent way to make your breasts look bigger.
Cons: There are obviously lots of exceptions, given that many people experience negative side effects or go to doctors who aren’t reputable and wind up with less “natural enhancement” and more of a “skin stretched over wildly oversized baseballs” look. There are lots of risks, so it’s integral to be completely aware of all of them–and to take full precautions against them–before going under the knife.

Ultimately, how you choose to present your chest is up to you. No bra? Comfortable for lots of people. Sports bras? Great for others. Pushup bras with underwire and padding? Perfect for some folks. It all depends on you. Except the wine one, because that is objectively awesome and you know it.

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  • Lindsey Conklin

    HAHAHA that wine bra is hilarious! also, tissues = multi-functional, always a plus.

  • Anne Marie Hawkins

    Ok, I admit I don’t drink much/ever, but is no one squicked out by the obvious temperature issue with the wine bra? You either have cold boobs or lukewarm wine, and there’s probably an unpleasantly large temperature range where you have both.

    • Katie

      I have it, drinking white wine with it involved FREEZING nipples. Red wine was all good, as long as you drank it relatively quickly…like within an hour or two. It doesn’t heat up too much. Also, the stick on bras for backless dresses work in my opinion. I would wear them to work as a bartender or for fancy events. They don’t work for clubbing, you get sweaty, they come off and you can’t dance to Miley even if they are still stuck on, not enough support.

  • Futuralon Futuralon

    Pros: This is no ordinary pushup bra. It combines #s X, X and X

    O RLY

    • Samantha_Escobar

      Bahaha. It combines all of the X chromosomes.

      (No but really, I’ve been sick all day so my brain isn’t working, thanks for ze tip.)

  • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

    When a water bra pops during sex it feels like you’re being waterboarded. No, I won’t tell you how I know this.

  • Charmless

    I’ve had luck with adhesive bras (I’m a small C), but they’re definitely for short-term use. Don’t expect to get a full day out of one. I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re going to a concert or club and you’re prone to swamp tits (as I am) because the moment you start dancing and sweating, you’ll feel like your boobs are going to fall off. The main pain in the ass is keeping adhesive bras clean so the silicone remains sticky. Too much dust and cat hair and they become ordinary chicken cutlets.

  • Suthap Klomrod

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