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Sexiest Calendar Of The Year Features Your Hot Ride Home

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‘Tis the season for erotic calendars to take over all available wall space, and you can go ahead and throw last year’s “Hot Hot HOT Firefighters (CAN YOU HANDLE THE HEAT?)” calendar away now. A new sexy calendar has arrived on the scene to get you all hot and bothered while organizing your schedule The NYC Taxi Drivers 2014 Beefcake Calendar has arrived for your viewing pleasure, and you’ll want to set a nice spot above your bed or desk, preferably with a spotlight.

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The calendar was conceived of by Phil Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin, freelance photographers who “wanted to shine a spotlight on what they believe is an underappreciated industry.” Given the number of people I know who’ve done over the pants stuff in the back of cabs while their driver uncomfortably watches the road, I would say “underappreciated” is an accurate descriptor. The calendar is pretty hilarious, and does a great job skewering the idea of sexy calendars and highlighting the funny, attractive, humans with personalities who drive you around the city.

You can buy the calendars for $14.99, and 100% of the proceeds will go to University Settlement, which provides housing, education, literacy programs, and childcare.

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On another note: who came up with the idea of the erotic calendar, to being with? I really hate the word “erotic,” but here’s what I find sexy: my planner. It has a lot of straight lines and grids and I can organize everything beautifully. There are no naked people on it. Call me crazy, but I like my erotica to be calendar-free and my calendar to be erotica-free. Am I missing out?

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Photos: NYC Taxi Calendar

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  • Lindsey Conklin

    haha I hope taxi cab driver December is wearing a santa hat!