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Tila Tequila’s Guide To Gaining Fame: Become a Nazi Sympathizer!


World, meet “Hitila” aka Tila Tequila dressed as a sexy Hitler. Yup, that’s a thing that’s happening in the world.

On her Facebook page, Tila posted a picture of herself dressed in a sexy Hitler costume, complete with SS cap, gun, and swastika armband. And where was she posing? Oh, just on the train tracks at the entrance to Auschwitz.  Even weirder? Last year, Tila expressed her desire to actually convert to Judaism.

Tila’s since taken the photo down, but she hasn’t deleted any of the strange, rambling, and rant-y posts on her Facebook. She also released a painful anti-Semitic song referring to Jews as “Jewluminati motherfuckers” and calling herself “Hitila.”  If that isn’t enough, here’s some of the text Tila recently posted on her page:

Let me tell you all a very bittersweet story. Let’s just call it: “Karma” – So once upon a time in a land far away there was a special and sweet kid who had a dream to become a painter. He was a brilliant artist and was ahead of his time. He had hopes, and dreams just like we all do. Unfortunately, the art schools did not feel the same as he and they rejected him. Fast forward a few years later he was roughed up and bullied on top of that by the same people he once loved. His Name was Hitler. Then fast forward a few generations, there was once upon a time a young lady who also had the same hopes and dreams as Hitler did. She probably loved the Jews as much as they hated her. She still loved them. As a matter of fact, the majority of her friends were Jewish. She loved them so much and just wanted to be accepted by them that she even tried to convert to Judaism, but no. It was still not good enough for them. They mocked her, rejected her and laughed at her through and through when all she ever did was show them her love. Her name was Tila Tequila.

Ok. WHAT?!

Honestly, I’m not even sure what to say about this. Is it racist, tacky, classless and inappropriate? CLEARLY. But I can’t tell if Tila is doing this because she’s actually made some incredibly misguided change of heart to actual Nazism or if she’s trying to drum up some attention and publicity for herself. I mean, when was the last time you heard anything about Tila Tequila? Exactly.

Either way, it’s a stupidly offensive stunt that certainly won’t win Tila any respect or fans, unless she’s going for the Aryan Nation subset. But it’s definitely scored her some attention (Hell, I mean, I’m sitting here writing this, aren’t I?), even though that attention is pretty firmly in the “WTF just happened/Tila Tequila is awful” camp.

Photo: Tila Tequila’s Facebook

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  • Marissa

    You realize that Tila Tequila suffered an aneurysm after a suicide attempt, right? She has brain damage as a result, which probably explains her erratic behavior since. Nice ableism.

    • Julia Sonenshein

      Good try but no, this isn’t an example of ableism.

  • Lindsey Conklin

    No. This is just unacceptable. Period.

  • Charmless

    Well, there goes all of the pity I felt for her when she was pelted with Juggalo urine.

    On a related note, I’m so confused as to why Hitler’s art wasn’t good enough. It doesn’t make me weep in awe, but it’s not godawful. I went to an artsy school. Some of the visual arts kids really, really sucked. Then again, if you showed me a lesser-known Jackson Pollock and something my cat sneezed onto a canvas, I couldn’t tell you which one was supposed to be Great Art. I guess I don’t have the eye to determine what makes some artists masters and others rejects.

    • Sarah V.

      He applied to art school in Vienna, which was the one of the most avant-garde art cities at the time. Not only was Hitler’s art incredibly boring and mediocre, Hitler actively disliked avant-garde art. To put it into context, this was around the time Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele were active and going to school Vienna. If you want more information on this period of time in Vienna and Hitler’s obsession with art, you can read Vienna 1900: Art, Life, and Culture and watch the documentary The Rape of Europa. It might put some questions into context. And I’d argue The Kiss is still pretty god damn beautiful, even if it was “too artsy” for the time.

    • Charmless

      Nice. Thanks for the info and the recommendation!

    • Rachel

      Didn’t you know? Hitler’s art was “rejected” due to a Jewish conspiracy. KIDDING!

  • Nerdy Lucy

    I think something is seriously wrong.

    For too long, she’s been spouting off not just assholery, but some really bat shit insane stuff. Stuff than a “healthy” person wouldn’t say, in my opinion.

    I hope she gets some help.