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Kim Kardashian Is Single White Female-ing Elizabeth Taylor

kim kardashian elizabeth taylor

Kim Kardashian claims Oscar-winner and renowned beauty Elizabeth Taylor as her personal idol, and in a new Instagram selfie posted earlier this morning, Kim proves she and the star do have a few things in common.

Kardashian appears to have a famous 1991 picture of Elizabeth Taylor by Herb Rits hanging in her home. In the photo, Elizabeth Taylor’s face is visible only from the eyes up, but even with her hair wrapped up in a towel, Taylor is instantly recognizable just from her famous, heavily made-up violet eyes and a diamond ring that is the size of a golf ball.

For her selfie version, Kardashian copied the picture and applied a black and white filter. Comparing oneself to Elizabeth Taylor is pretty ballsy, considering that Taylor was one of the most beautiful women in the world, but the photo does highlight some notable similarities between Kim Kardashian and Elizabeth Taylor.

For starters, there is the ring. Elizabeth Taylor had a love of very high-end jewelry, and her 33.1-carat engagement ring from Richard Burton is estimated to be the single most expensive engagement ring in the world. Kim Kardashian’s rock is about the size of a human eyeball.

Then there are the lashes. Elizabeth Taylor had a genetic mutation that gave her two rows of eyelashes. Kim Kardashian’s lashes are equally enormous, though she lives in an age when eyelash extension technology exists.

But while Internet commenters are already making jokes about how they have a lot of marriages between them, Elizabeth Taylor had had five husbands by the time she was Kim Kardashian’s age. Kardashian has had only two, and when she and Kanye tie the not, we actually suspect that one will last. Maybe we’re hopeless romantics, but we believe that the couple that gilds toilets together and self-promotes together is a couple that stays together.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian

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  • Lindsey Conklin

    Team Elizabeth Taylor…Sorry, Kim.

  • Mandie

    Ugh I can’t fault her for trying because Liz Taylor is EVERYTHING. And Kim does have an iconic look, I’ll give her that.

  • nk

    Sorry, nobody can compare themselves to Liz Taylor, not even….there is only one….and that’s Liz.
    Exactly…what is Kim’s talent?????
    And, does the woman ever smile?
    She’s one of the most narcissistic I have come across…..Yawn…boring…..