Boring Terry Richardson Gets Miranda Kerr Topless For Harper’s Bazaar

miranda kerr harpers bazaar

Miranda Kerr is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia with some of her best assets on display. Her eyes are bright blue, her dimples adorable, and her skin is reminding us why Miranda Kerr is known for being the model with the unspeakably beautiful skin. Also, most of her boobs are out, but she’s a lingerie model, and while the rest of us might want to wear a shirt under the satiny formal capes we wear to our places of work, she’s pretty much fine showing up at her job however she wants to be.

Inside—illustrating the feature wherein she discusses her recent split from Orlando Bloom, parenting, and work—photographer Terry Richardson has her even more topless, in one photo just wearing sexy panties and an open leather jacket, and in another just Spanx, cat ears, and a hand bra.


Kerr looks gorgeous, of course. She’s Miranda Kerr, she couldn’t not look gorgeous if she tried. However, the more I look at these photos the more I am amazed that Terry Richardson keeps getting work.

In addition to being extraordinarily skeevy, Terry Richardson just does not produce work that is particularly thoughtful, shocking, or interesting. He’s got this “naked lady under bright lights on white background” shtick, which he occasionally mixes up by having her eat something messily, but overall it’s pretty boring. Most of the “edginess” from his works seems to come from his public persona. The work itself isn’t particularly edgy, it just seems that way because we know it was shot by gross old Uncle Terry.

Via Fashion Gone Rogue/Images Via Harper’s Bazaar

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    • elle

      Seriously every time I see a Terry Richardson pic I’m just like yawn, seen it a million times. Who decided he had the skills to be a high fashion photog? I know I’ve seen much better when I was in university (that wasn’t a dig at uni students I saw some legit beautiful photos at my university).

    • Lindsey Conklin

      Yeah, I agree. The makeup artist/hair stylist get props though because her hair looks amazing, as does her skin!

      • jane_canada

        or photoshop…

    • jane_canada

      boring, predictable, slutty…. how does he get work?

    • sluggo

      His dad was a famous photographer, so he was connected the instant he decided he wanted to be one also!!!