Rihanna Tastefully Instagrammed All The Free Crap Designers Gave Her For Christmas

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Queen Of The Subtle Gesture Rihanna took to Instagram to show off her appreciation for all the designers who thoughtfully sent her free swag for Christmas. I get that that’s part of the game nowadays–designers send gifts, celebrities publicize them by wearing them or putting them on social media. I get that this is just how it’s done. But…come on. Really?

Rihanna instagrammed gifts from Stella McCartney, McQ Alexander McQueen, Opening CeremonyPrada, Rodarte, and Versace (and in the process, really abused ellipses. See: captions). So that’s cool. I’m hoping my boyfriend buys me some wool socks and a gift card to a fancy cheese shop, but that all sounds nice, too.

This is hardly the first time a celebrity has been gifted something extravagant by designers and then publicized it on social media. We all remember the outpouring of designer gifts for baby North West, whose wardrobe outshines anything in the closets of anyone I’ve ever known. And she just shit in those things after like five minutes. But mom Kim Kardashian dutifully posted each outfit to Instagram, since that’s the expected quid pro quo.

While obviously nothing in life is free and these gifts/false adoration come with strings attached, it just comes off as braggy when celebrities instagram all this free crap. It’s a literal embarrassment of riches, and makes me blush with the mere fact that the price of all that crap could pay rent for multiple families. Happy holidays, Rihanna! I knew we could count on celebrities and luxury designers to show us the true meaning of giving.

Photos: Instagram, Getty Images // Via: Fashionista

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    • Fabel

      Not that this should be used as a “get out of being an asshole free” card for her, but Rihanna does donate a lot to charity…? SO, I dunno, her Instagram bragginess doesn’t bother me much because there’s a balance?

      Plus, shit, I’d be excited to get a bunch of free stuff. So excited that I might Instragram the fuck out of it.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I’m with you! I totally get the excitement–I just find the whole thing a little unnerving.

    • Lindsey Conklin


    • xavierrrrrrrr bit

      fuck when yall give 100000 to charity yall can talk that talk so shhhhhhhhh