Bullish: How To Attack 2014 Like A Badass

Design your 2014

Jennifer Dziura writes career and life advice on TheGloss and headquartered on GetBullish.com.

It’s December! People are getting lazy. You can use this time to do a lot of baking or whatever it is that people do, or you can use this time to sprint ahead of everyone, and get some mental space to design the new year to your liking.

I first introduced the idea of lifestyle/career design in 2011, in Bullish: Screw New Year’s Resolutions — Try Designing Your Career.

Since the original article, I’ve led a live “Design Your 2014″ workshop, looked at some people’s plans, and had the experience of my own plans greatly morphing over the last two years.

Why lifestyle design?

I am bored by New Years resolutions because they are usually either pledges not to do things, or optimistic but unexamined pledges to do repetitive actions without a real accounting of the costs and rewards of those activities. Why do we make a resolution to lose 50 pounds or enter all our receipts into Quickbooks? Because we’re “supposed to.” Not a good enough reason, which is why resolutions usually peter out around February.

Resolutions usually deal with small things. Plans deal with big things. I believe in planning for the big things. Let the little things fall where they may.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      I’m bored with resolutions, too! This is helpful.

    • Samantha_Escobar

      I love this Bullish. I feel like resolutions are tired and tiring for the most part unless they’re basically just tiny, easy changes (like washing your face before bed every night or bringing a toothbrush to work to prevent cavities, haha), but making plans is just infinitely more effective.

    • Cheryl Upshaw

      Please don’t think I didn’t read the whole article or get a lot of great points from it – I did, as I usually do with Bullish posts.

      That said – congrats on the new addition to your family.

    • jmr1965

      Just wanted to say that I love your writing, and your stuff has always been my favorite on The Gloss. Still trying to plan my exit strategy from the 9 to 5, and your articles always inspire and inform. Thank you.

    • b3v

      AH. I’ve been applying different things (especially the killing off) but never to this planning extent.

      I CAN’T WAIT.

      Also, I need color markers. And a board. Thanks :)

    • George Smolinski, MD

      To exit 9 to 5, you not only need a strategy, but you need the tools and know-how to do it. Plans without execution are just wasted energy. This article is great but like so many others, it posits the idea that you should “just change” without concrete steps to take to make that change a reality. I like that the author did emphasize planning, but again, the actual change from 9-5 to full freedom is hard and complex. Not trying to dissuade anyone, as it is better to try and fail than not try at all, but don’t underestimate the difficulty of making change a reality.

      • Laura

        Have you read the rest of her writing…?

      • George Smolinski, MD

        Yes, I have.

      • Eva

        Maybe read again?

    • Anne Marie Hawkins

      This was just the kick in the pants I needed, so thanks! (And also congratulations on the successful operation of your on-board 3D printer)

      • Jennifer Dziura

        Bwahahaha! Hilarious.

    • Randi

      Pure awesomeness! :)

    • Megan

      I was so hoping you’d update us on the 12 businesses in 12 months idea. I’m glad to hear it worked out for the better. And congrats on the lady-fetus.

      • Heather

        Me too! Would love an update on the ones she did start, even if the 12 in 12 plan didn’t happen!

    • Eva

      GREAT post, Jen. I feel shimmery with energy. Ready to tackle 2014 with tenacity and aplomb.

    • http://adelecochrane.wordpress.com/ Adele

      I like your suggestions such as learning about scotch and deciding how you will look. People sometimes forget that plans can be huge fun. I want to plan to see lots of bands and to spend a lot of unstructured time riding around Germany while figuring out how to work remotely as a retoucher and launch an online business. That sounds a lot more enjoyable to me than ‘lose 10kg’ or ‘brush my teeth regularly’. Just sayin.