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10 Thoughtless, Boring Christmas Gifts That You’ll Wish You’d Never Opened

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Arguably, the best part of the holidays is the giving and receiving of presents (and also eating a ton and drinking a lot of seasonal cocktails, and snow, and every other great thing about the holidays). Giving gifts is either one of life’s great pleasures or huge stressors, or both if you love to shower people with affection but are terrified of screwing it up, like I am!

I think the key to good gift giving isn’t spend a lot of money or going all out with something totally wacky and unexpected. Really all that matters is that the gift is about the receiver, has some personal elements attached, and that you made the gesture of getting a gift in the first place.

While it’s pretty gross to complain about presents, I think we can all agree that there are just some presents out there that suck. Invariably, the presents say more about what the giver wants, or simply seem thoughtless, impersonal, and generic.

Let’s get into these 10 thoughtless and generic gifts that you should just veer away from this holiday season, unless you have a really good reason not to. Here’s to hoping that your gift receiver isn’t a big ugly complainer like me!

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  • Samantha_Escobar

    Random quote books OH MY GOOOOD they are the most awful. Waste of trees. :(

    But in defense of candles: if somebody were to get me a mint chocolate chip ice cream candle, that would be epic because that is basically the only kind of candle I’ve ever really, truly loved. THE ONLY. But most scents are awful, you are right :(

    • Josey

      I’m partial to Cherry Garcia ice cream candles but only if I can eats them.

  • Charmless


    Let’s just agree to not purchase scented things for other people unless we know that person’s taste in scents (and if we know that much about somebody, we probably know enough to choose something a bit more personal than a candle or lotion). I enjoy the smell of oranges when I am eating oranges. I do not want to smell like oranges. I do not want my home to smell like oranges. If I have to throw away one more Body Shop sampler that includes that fucking satsuma lotion, I’m going to cut a bitch.

  • anna

    In my mug defense, I buy my best friend a mug every-year because we’re both coffee addicts, and this one’s awesome. It’s a sketch of Alice in wonderland talking to the Cheshire cat, and when you pour hot liquid into it it dissapears. (Also, she loves Alice in wonderland, she looks just like Alice, and has a cat named Dinah after it)

  • CG

    I love getting candles. They have become so expensive they are now in the category of “things I wont buy for myself, but still like to own”…plus its an easy thing to tell the people who constantly ask what you want.

  • http://www.seattlish.com/ Sarah Anne Lloyd

    Spot on except for the candles. Love giving/getting candles.

    • http://www.seattlish.com/ Sarah Anne Lloyd

      Ugh and LOTION! Nobody buys me lotion that smells good or works better than my existing lotion, like, ever.

    • Samantha_Escobar

      NEVER. I feel like whenever people give me lotion, it’s like in elementary school when you just brought Bath & Body Works packs for your classmates you didn’t really know or care about.

  • miathecat

    I would actually appreciate it if someone got me toilet paper and tampons.