Victoria’s Secret Angel Opens Up About Botched Plastic Surgery–And It’s The Procedure I Want

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 12: Model Alessandra Ambrosio attends the 2013 amfAR Inspiration Gala Los Angeles at Milk Studios on December 12, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for amfAR)

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for amfAR

When I think of Victoria’s Secret Angels–besides seeing a sea of poorly-named bras that only kind of fit–I instantaneously imagine two faces: Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. I can’t really think of any other campaigns either are known for, but I think that they have the iconic Angel “look” that epitomizes what the brand is aiming to market toward its customers. That is, stunningly beautiful, bronzed Brazilian women.

So, I was admittedly surprised when I had heard that the latter experienced a serious issue with a botched plastic surgery. I know, I know–models getting plastic surgery isn’t exactly a big ol’ shock, right? But Ambrosio’s story of her own procedure is sad (with a happier ending, though):

“I always knew I wanted to be a model so I decided to have my ears pinned back, because they stuck out a bit. I found this doctor in my hometown [of Erechim] in Brazil who had only done it once before, so I was a guinea pig. The first few nights, it felt like someone had cut off my ears. For a year, I had to go back for mini-surgeries. Doctors say they can fix them, but cosmetic surgery freaks me out now.”

This may not terrify all of you reading this right now, but it really frightens me because–eh, this is a little embarrassing to admit–it’s the one plastic surgery procedure I’ve been seriously debating.

Ever since somebody pointed out that my ears stick out last year, I’ve been incredibly self conscious of them. I almost always wear my hair down unless I’m around my family or close friends because I feel like they look ridiculous, oversized, protruding, and ugly. Whenever people would tell me they went under the knife because they couldn’t see anything in the mirror besides their nose, hips, lips, whatever, I would nod my head, but I didn’t really understand it until now.

All that said, I’m in no financial position to be really debating any sort of cosmetic procedure. And I won’t lie, Ambrosio’s tale does freak me out a bit (although if I ever were to have the surgery done, I would find somebody who hadn’t done it just once before), so I’ll probably just stick to my ears the way they are.

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    • Daniella Sloane Alberts

      who would point out that your ears stick out?!?
      i am sure you’re lovely & that your ears don’t even stick out that much at all.

      silence that negative voice that tries to make you feel ugly & self conscious because it’s bullshit.


      • Samantha_Escobar

        My ex-boyfriend. :( He did it in the most backhanded way, haha. Something along the lines of, “I love everything about you, even how much your ears stick out and how hairy your arms are!”

        Also, thank you <3

      • LynnKell

        Oh, the lovely men in our lives trying to compliment us and only making us realize about something that never had cross our minds….

      • Sacher

        What a henious neg! F*** him. I’m glad he’s an ex. Keep rocking your ears as they’re probably adorable! I’m sure if you’ve made it this long without noticing them that he was only being a douchebag.

      • ktree

        This. Honestly, of all the compliments and feel-good stuff I could say, if it is something you had never even noticed before it’s probably not even a thing.

      • Carla

        Keep your ears, you’re beautiful – get a nicer boyfriend!

    • Betsy

      I love people whose ears stick out! It’s such a cute quirk – Kate Hudson has the same thing! That’s supposed to be a HARROWING procedure… The most painful of them all. Embrace your quirks, they make you different from everyone else.

    • LaLa

      1) You’re beautiful 2) Apparently that’s a SUPER painful procedure 3) Fuck whoever told you your ears stick out

    • Lindsey Conklin

      please don’t get this surgery! your ears do NOT stick out!

    • Laura J Jackson

      She admits she has undergone a plastic surgery? That’s cool. Many of our celebrities don’t have the guts to share it with the public. But you have done that great job. Good. Well, let me tell you something. Plastic surgeries never turn out bad if you consult a board certified plastic surgeon. It is all in the hands of the surgeon.

      • Carla

        Plastic surgeries can turn out bad to tragic when done by Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons: Most of the, (irrepairable), botch jobs I know about were done by expensive U.S. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. The surgeons did not just create cosmetic horrors, they ruined the quality of life and health of the patients. This idea that one can be reliable when doing risky, unnecessary, highly unregulated surgery is a fallacy.