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This Woman Took An Epic Selfie In The White House Bathroom

White House Bathroom Selfie

There are a few places I would like to take a cool selfie: underneath a waterfall, on the bed of a room at Quebec’s Château Frontenac, and atop a mountain in Peru near where my dad grew up. But those are all attainable (someday, maybe). One that is not: the White House. Luckily, one woman did it for those of us who cannot!

A Redditor who goes by the username Chimps_Rnt_Monkeys posted a selfie to /r/FancyFollicles that was supposedly taken in the bathroom of the White House. Awesome? Hell yeah. Provable? Possibly. Dangerous? I mean, probably not, but as the top comment on her Reddit post says, “There is probably a camera or people behind that mirror.” And if that is true, they probably got a good giggle. Or I’m just paranoid and it’s just a mirror and stop thinking the traffic signals are telling you things, Sam.

Apparently, it was something she had been asked to do, as her post was titled, “As per request: Selfie in the White House Bathroom (x-post from r/fancyfollicles).” The Redditor was there because her “fiance was invited with a +1 to the Holiday Press Reception,” so her partner apparently works in the media. This could explain why she would subsequently delete the image from imgur, as getting hundreds of thousands of hits and thousands of comments on a mirror of yourself in the White House might attract attention at his job (and, obviously, her own).

Regardless, I think it’s a pretty awesome move. And on a completely different but still positive note, I also think that she just plain looks lovely. That dress is beautiful on her, her hair looks fantastic and her facial expression is just as “OMG” as mine would be had I been in the same position.

So, where in the world would you take a selfie if money and access were no object?

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  • Cassieleigh

    Hmmm – I’ve never selfied before, but if I were to selfie, I would probably climbing up Kilimanjaro or climbing up one of the huge tall towers in Monument Canyon in Utah. That’d be awesome!

    • Samantha_Escobar

      That would be amaaaazing! Amazing that you did it in the first place, o’course, but I’m sure the photo would be amazing, too :D

  • Randi

    I once took one in the bathroom next to the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion, of course I deleted it by accident. good times.

  • Natalie Ugarte

    I agree, the girl looks lovely, and if it’s true, damn good for her!
    Also, on another note… your dad grew up in Peru? Are you part Peruvian? I’m asking because I’m writing you from Lima! Hope you got to try the food! ;)

    • Samantha_Escobar

      My dad is from Peru, yesss! He’s Peruvian and Chilean and my mom is white. ALSO OMG I LOVE PERUVIAN FOOD. Now, when I eat it, it just reminds me of them which is really lovely when I’m far away. :) I’m jealous you’re in Lima!

    • Natalie Ugarte

      Yeah, I’m Peruvian. I knew you were Latina, but it’s awesome you are part Peruvian as well, Yay!! Have you ever visited? And, yes, we have THE best cuisine :D

  • Ren

    “Women” is plural. “Woman” is singular. She is a woman, not a women.

    • me

      ok grammar Nazi….

  • Lindsey Conklin

    I seriously want her dress!