The Best Looks From Beyoncé’s Incredible New Visual Album

beyonce blow

Supreme deity and ruler of the universe Beyoncé gave everyone in the world reason to faint late last night by announcing a new surprise album and then immediately releasing the whole thing onto iTunes immediately thereafter. Including guest appearances by Jay Z, Frank Ocean, Drake, and Blue Ivy, the self-titled so-called “visual” album consists of 14 songs and 17 videos, which means we have a lot of Beyoncé outfits to look through.

Not surprisingly, Beyoncé did not disappoint on the fashion side of things. The looks range from early 2000s throwbacks to flapper sex pots to modern, structured. art pieces. I’m completely overwhelmed by how incredible the album’s videos all are, and I’ve pulled together my favorite looks.

Beyoncé plays a pill popping beauty queen in “Pretty Hurts,” and rocks those retro curls she does so well.

beyonce pretty hurts

This is a successful crop top and underpants look. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? Crop top and underpants. Done well.beyonce pretty hurts 2

“Blue” is mostly made up of either actual or staged vacation footage, and she pads around the beach with Blue Ivy (who’s a featured artist on the track), looking relaxed and happy.

beyonce blue

“Jealous” has an amazing pink sequined jacket, and a black body suit right out of my pyschosexual fantasies.

beyonce jealous beyonce jealous 2

Beyoncé looks incredible with her blunt cut bob in “Heaven,” and an incredible white, ruffled jacket. Who knew ruffles could look that good? Also–I cried during this one. A lot.

beyonce heaven beyonce heaven 2

I’m not super sure what’s going on in this revolution-inspired video for “Superpower,” but this look is pure Destiny’s Child as styled by Tina Knowles.

beyonce superpower beyonce superpower 2

Nobody wears a bathing suit and a fur coat like Beyoncé, as seen in “No Angel.”

beyonce no angel

The only thing I can say about this look from “Partition” is GODDAMN!

beyonce partition

How does Beyoncé make jewel-tone teal eyeshadow look subtle in the “Mine” video? What sorcery is this? ILLUMINATI!

beyonce mine

For the “Drunk in Love” video, B dances on the beach in a long, sheer number. This doesn’t really capture how beautiful it is in motion.

beyonce drunk in love

I thought this roller derby sex vixen look from “Blow” was my favorite in the bunch, but–beyonce blow

–then I got to “Haunted.”

beyonce haunted beyonce haunted 2

Drop the mic.

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    • Cee

      Meh… I hope we reach peak Beyonce soon. Shes cool and can have catchy tunes, but is highly oversaturated on all lady websites. Jezebel is the worst with this. At times I think its quite forced and fake.
      That being said, Im always pleased when someone givesbKim and Kanye a good kick in the ass.

      • Ashley


      • Julia Sonenshein

        I totally agree that she’s over saturating the internet, but I truly believe she’s an excellent role model so I’m happy to write about her and see her get coverage (especially over the Kimye types)!

      • Cee

        Oh no denying that she is pretty cool and quite unique amongst other pop-ish singers. Buuuut, I just…I’m wary about how some people are about her, ya know?

      • Tatyana Karazova

        well you know, she can actually sing, her music videos are a pleasure to watch and, she’s a pretty damn good role model who actually has views on things. I don’t find it very surprising that she’s so popular. I mean look at the other people who are (miley, kim etc) in comparison to them you can definitely see where Beyonce’s fame comes from

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I DO think some people really get into Beyonce in the way that one says “no it’s cool–I have black friends.” It’s a way that some white people can feel like they’re sooooo inclusive without actually having to confront issues of race or differences. Does that make any sense?

      • Cee

        Hah very much so

      • Holly

        I kind of feel like someone just decided one day a few years back that Beyonce was a huge star. There was no gradual process or any big event. It was just…Destiny’s Child was kind of a thing, it started to fizzle and then BAM everyone has loved solo Beyonce forever and she has done so many amazing things and is the queen of the world! I’m not saying she’s not great, mainly because I don’t really know. I can’t name more than one Beyonce song because I’m lame and don’t know things. I’ve seen a couple of mentions about her being a good role model, so if that’s true, then I’m glad that it’s her and not someone else in this spot. But, I don’t know, it just seems like…we were TOLD she was that huge.

      • Cee

        Thank you!

        I think Beyonce is an incredibly dedicated artist. But this love to me seems to me very suspicious and weird. I don’t trust it especially because this over the top exaggeration comes a lot from white feminists (see Jezebel), where I often wonder if it is because they want a pat in the back for liking a black singer that much (ooh look, I’m a white girl and I like Beyoonce! Queen Bey all the way!), because she is the more palatable black singer to like? (why is there no love for any other black singer or artist as much as her? There is not even much mention of others!), or is it a joke to them? Who knows?
        I am not a Beyonce fan but I recognize she has talent, but this to me just…no