Makeup Tutorial: How To Get The Extravagant Silver And Gold Beauty Look From Chanel Pre-Fall 2014

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photo: Getty

There’s a lot to say about the Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 show held in Dallas, TX last week. The clothes were beautiful, exquisitely crafted ranch wear–an homage to the Southwest, cowboys, and the American Old West (also racism but bear with me). Jesse James and western bodice-rippers secretly make my skirt fly up, so I was all about the prairie dresses, silver and turquoise hardware, leather coats, and fringe for days. The wildly inappropriate Native American headdresses and random feathers pulled me out of the fantasy, but the beauty look brought me back. Mostly. I mean, we’ve just been through this.

photo: Getty

photo: Getty

The show’s gilded beauty look is on the theatrical side, but the bare-faced models coated in streaks of silver and gold look so fresh and pretty that they trick you into thinking you can wear this out and about.

Start off with clean, moisturized skin. I patted on a thin coat of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. A matte finish will give the most contrast underneath the metallic liner, so dab on a medium to full-coverage liquid foundation. Blend with a stippling or foundation brush for a flawless finish. Follow up with concealer under the eyes.


This look does not feature a strong brow, so brush them up with a spoolie but skip brow powder or pencil. Dust your face with translucent powder.

Now, the fun part!

Grab a gold pencil eyeliner, and start drawing a crosshatch pattern beginning at the top of your ear and tracing down towards your mouth. Follow the angle of your cheekbone for the most flattering shape.

draw lines

Next, take an eyeliner brush, pick up some gold eye shadow, and trace back over half of your lines.

chanel pre-fall 2014 beauty

Repeat the same steps with silver. Trace a crosshatch pattern on your cheekbones and temples with silver liner, then go over the lines with a silver eye shadow.

You could just paint on the crosshatch with metallic liquid liner, but the pencil + powder combo gives you a more dimensional look.

With your gold liner, draw vertical lines reaching from your lashline to browbone. Trace over with gold eye shadow to diffuse the lines.

chanel pre-fall 2014 beauty

Using matte black liquid liner, trace a thick line ending at the outer corner of your eye. Taper the end upward into a point, but don’t extend the line out into a wing. Pack your top lashes only with a volumizing black mascara.

chanel pre-fall 2014 beauty

Give your lips a hint of color with Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. My bare-but-better shade is Cherish.

chanel pre-fall 2014 beauty

On the runway, the crosshatch extended from the hairline straight down into the brows. I found that leaving some space and keeping the color on the temples was more wearable, but tried it both ways. If you only drew a couple of lines, I don’t think this look would be too far-fetched at a New Year’s party.

I decided to skip the feathers (obviously) and live out my saloon dreams with some barmaid curls. A simple metallic headband would work, too.

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