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How To Get (Or At Least Fake) The Oh-So-Coveted Thigh Gap

Watch the "How to get thigh gap" video by YouTube Taylor Adele Smith!

The phenomenon of obsessing over the gap between one’s legs has reached an all-time peak, guys. In a highly informative video, Vlogger Taylor Adele Smith tells us just how we can all get it! Or, at the very least, fake it. And we shall do so utilizing soccer balls, dinosaur impressions, and the power of the legal system, of course. Check it out:

If you’ll recall, “thigh gap” is when the upper thighs of a person–almost always a female–do not touch. It has been revered as a sort of triumph in many a crowd, particularly on places like Tumblr and Instagram where pro-eating disorder content is rampantly spread. It is also one of those aspects of women’s bodies that gets critiqued as “giving away” their alleged eating disorders, despite many females simply being naturally thin.

Basically, whether you have thigh gap or not, you are going to get criticized in some way for its absence or presence. We cannot win, even though the idea of “winning” entirely with one’s body and its appearance to others is ludicrous. You don’t get to have a body, you get to have a competitive uniform. So, on the bright side, even if your high school gym teacher said you’re incapable of playing sports because you’re “so f’ing uncoordinated your skeleton is confused,” you can throw it in his face and remind him that, hey, at least in your adult lady life, you’re always competing! Or, rather, being judged on every inch of you.

Now, I didn’t even realize I had already heard of Smith up until I wrote this piece after the video started making the rounds via Upworthy, but I watched some of her other content and…guys. Guys, she is rad. Super rad. She’s the one who did the “Feminist Makeup Tutorial” that we loved a few months back! Her channel’s header image is also a cat so, as you may have (or may have not cared whatsoever), I am biased. Regardless, I recommend you follow her YouTube channel! We can always use some positive, informative, hilarious women on our feeds, right? Right.

[H/T Upworthy]

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  • Katie

    This video is amazing. And thigh gaps are ridiculous. I have giant thighs from playing soccer through college and sometimes I get a thigh gap. It has little to do with how skinny or not you are, and tons to do with how your hips and legs are angled.

    • Samantha_Escobar

      Exactly! Even when I was a little underweight and ran 5 miles a day, I didn’t have it. My legs looked essentially the same, just a bit thinner. I think coveting anything relating to appearance because of its perceived value winds up just stressing people out, making them feel guilty, and every other awful side effect of body scrutiny.

  • I Like Pizza

    I first heard of the thigh gap in high school. More than a decade ago, a fellow student in the locker room before gym class commented on how she thought it was so cool that my thighs didn’t touch and wished she had that quality. I had a fast metabolism at the time, but thanks, Angela, for making me realize I had something “right” going on with my body! #ugh

    Anyway, god, this video is cool, but it’s annoying that it had to be made in the first place.

  • Daniella Sloane Alberts

    pretty funny…

  • Lindsey Conklin

    ahh, the lululemon founder would approve.

  • Katrina

    My delusional step mom used to tell me to diet because when you stand with your feet together there should be a gap between your ankles, one right below your knees but above where your calves touch and another between your thighs. I have soccer/rugby/crossfit legs, there will never be a thigh gap. This was when I learned that this entire topic was created by crazy people to make themselves feel special for having a body feature. It’d be like saying “My hair is better than yours because it’s curly, better perm that shit!”

  • Nick Mullinix

    Samantha, interesting that you would write a “piece” about the sexual attractiveness of a trait usually present only in teenage girls, so soon after blasting Paul Walker for dating a teenager.

  • http://2beapaperdoll.blogspot.com/ Cori

    I didn’t have a thigh gap when I was 87lbs at 16, turns out the way my pelvis is shaped means they’re a physical impossibility. Never even heard of such a thing till last year.