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Michelle And Barack Obama Get Fashion And Social Media Tips From Their Amazing Daughters

President Barack Obama Takes Part in "Christmas In Washington"

Every year, the President and First Lady sit down for an interview with People magazine with the intention of giving some small insight into the year politically and much more insight into their relatable family life. It’s that time of year again–Michelle and Barack Obama continued to be the most likable couple in American with tales of raising two teenagers in the biggest fishbowl known to man.

Per People:

If you eavesdropped on a typical day at the White House, it might sound a lot like any home with young teens. The Obamas reveal that daughters Sasha, 12, and Malia, 15, weigh in on Mom’s fashion choices and have tutored Dad in using Instagram and Vine.

Okay look. This is the best, ever. I know they’re just people and while Obama has done a lot of good in office he’s also disappointed me in some arenas, but everyone shut up for a second. Michelle is one of the most watched women in the world when it comes to her fashion choices, and I love the idea of Malia and Sasha being like “I don’t know if the world’s gonna like those bangs, Mom.” We know that Barack can’t have a phone because he’s the President or something, but the image of him trying to figure out what filter would make a picture of his coffee mug look the most artistic is priceless. While I know that these interviews exist to endear us to them and remind us of our own families, it’s working. I am endeared.

But what really got me here is one statement from Mr. Obama about his wife and daughters. He said, ”I’ve got three opinionated, strong, tall women. If they get together, they can have fun about my ears or being too loud, or how I dress.” Okay, so they’re all funny and silly and make fun of each other, but the real value here is the pride with which Obama talks about the strong women in his life.

If Obama is doing one thing right as president (and I’d argue he’s doing more than one thing right), he’s setting a model about valuing women with opinions. Our first family is a highly visible example of both parents fostering empowered women from a young age, and it’s something we all need to see as often as possible.

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  • Lindsey Conklin

    aw, that’s actually so cute. just picture them at the white house having dinner making fun of their dad’s ears!