Red Carpet Rundown: Kylie Jenner Shows A Lot Of Leg At Justin Bieber’s Movie Premiere

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Justin Bieber‘s new 3-D tweenstravaganza, Believe, premiered last night in LA, and its purple carpet features some surprising looks from some Disney stars that are going to make you feel super old in a few minutes.

Gabby Douglas Justin Biebers Believe World Premiere

Gabby Douglas looks super pretty. Everything fits her well, she looks cute, and I like the big necklace. We’re starting off with a win!

Jessica Jarrell Justin Biebers Believe World Premiere

Jessica Jarrell has great hair and is really pretty. I like the cutout but hate the fabric of this dress. The shoes are a little bit “Delta flight attendant,” but at least they’re not the triple-soled monsters most pop stars wear.

Debby Ryan Justin Biebers Believe World Premiere

Debby Ryan is pretty and has nice hair. The dress is not hugely remarkable and could use a belt because that waist seam is bothering me. But she still looks cute, and the shoes are great.

Justin Biebers Believe World Premiere

Super cute shoes.

Pattie Mallette World Premiere of  'Justin Bieber's Believe' - Arrivals

This is Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette. I do not believe that moms should dress more conservatively than other women, or that women should not have fun or be sexy once they are also mothers. That said, I am hugely opposed to metallic bandage dresses with faux corsets and triple-sole patent leather platforms on all people, everywhere in the world. I feel an overwhelming urge to picket this dress with derisive signs.

Harry Shum World Premiere of  'Justin Bieber's Believe' - Arrivals

If Harry Shum would marry me, I would not even complain about the blue camo-print vest/jacket he is wearing. Why does blue camouflage exist? Does blending in with water ever offer a tactical advantage?

More Disney stars, Jenners, and Bieber himself this way …

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