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Avril Lavigne Got A Grown-Up Makeover, And It’s Deeply Unsettling

Is this world ready for a classy, sophisticated, utterly grown-up Avril Lavigne?

Everyone’s favorite pretty little hardass got quite the feminine makeover in this January’s issue of Allure, and I can’t decide if she looks beautiful or terrifying. I mean, her sleek blonde hair, understated makeup, and delicate black top are all beyond gorgeous… but seeing these photos kind of feels like seeing the guy who plays Mickey Mouse walking around Disneyland without his head on. Where are the fishnet armwarmers? Where are the tattered jeans? Where is the black eyeliner applied so heavily that it looks like the kid from The Ring drew it on with a crayon?

The Ring (2002)

The Ring (2002)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a polished, girly Avril (remember her October spread in Bello with her gingham Prada coat and bulky rings?), but it’s the first time she’s looked so adult and so… eyelinerless. She tells the magazine, “We really wanted to switch it up, so I didn’t have very much makeup on.”

What? Don’t you know that you’re required to stay 19 for the rest of your life? To please me? Someone you’ve never met?

Thankfully, it seems like this photoshoot was a stretch for Avril, and that her everyday makeup routine still lives up to my fangirl expectations. “I wear black eyeliner– MAC Smolder– pretty much every day,” she says. “I do it when I’m just at home.” Good. I can breathe again.



And it looks like her street clothes haven’t changed that much, either. When asked about her current style, she proudly declared that she rocks “black leather jackets a lot” and that she thinks of herself as “a more sophisticated rocker versus the tomboy I started out as.” Fine. I’ll allow you to age up your look a little bit, as long as you never stop calling it “rocker.”

You can see her whole transformation on Allure‘s website. So what do you think? Is this girly-glam version of Avril exciting and fun, or deeply confusing to the middle schooler inside of you?

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  • JennyWren

    Good grief, this woman just does not age! She’s older than me and looks exactly the same as when her first album came out. I’m guessing it’s down to good genes, but I’d still love to know what her skin-care routine is like.

  • Mars

    She looks like a cleaned-up Pennsatucky from OITNB, yes?? And I mean that as a compliment. :)

  • elle

    I think she looks so much like Isla Fisher in that pic. Wow she looks am amazing, she totally needs to embrace that look.