Beyoncé Drops Another New Project On Us Because She’s A Brilliant Mogul

Show At "Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live" ConcertBeyoncé has a new project coming at us–a perfume called “Rise.” I suppose after embarking on an exhausting world tour and making an album, she may as well make a perfume. But really, why the hell not? She was probably already up.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Beyoncé Rise is an “intoxicating, addictive luminous floral,” and is “a little bit more intimate and personal.” Addictive and luminous! It sounds like the headline of some hysteria-filled story about a new trend involving suburban teens ingesting the liquid inside of glow sticks. Rise is Beyoncé’s third fragrance, after Pulse and Heat (were they also addicting and luminous?). The Huffington Post reports that we can expect a video and a new TV commercial. Get ready for Beyoncé world domination. Oh wait, that’s already happened.

Say what you will about Beyoncé (and you have, we have, everyone has), but the woman is a brilliant marketing mind. Everyone has Beyoncé on the brain–in fact–I think it’s safe to say we’re bordering on Beyoncé hysteria. Why wouldn’t you want to smell like her? If Beyoncé tried to sell us horse manure and called it a cleansing face mask, people would buy it.

I would assume Beyoncé will keep pushing products on us until people stop buying, and it’s smart for her to capitalize on Bey-fever. Amazingly, it doesn’t seem like we’re getting close to Beyoncé fatigue, and her new album has given us plenty to write about, critique, and analyze. Beyoncé may be an excellent artist and gift performer, but she’s also a badass business mogul. Bow down, indeed.

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    • Hirst Pacific Ltd.

      Hirst Pacific Ltd is thrilled to announce our design of Beyoncé Rise, her new fragrance for Coty USA. Bottle design by our company president Kenneth Hirst, and selected by Queen Bey herself!

    • Lindsey Conklin

      cant wait to try it!!

    • Anne Marie Hawkins

      Everyone comments on what a musician Blue is going to be, but think for a second about all the lessons on image, marketing, and business she’s going to get from her parents. That baby is going to be the smartest, sharpest businesswoman ever.

    • cati

      A brilliant mogul, that’s sued all the time for stealing other peoples ideas. Go away already.