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Miley Cyrus’ Shocking Shower Selfie Will Make You Wildly Jealous

miley cyrus shower selfie feet

Miley Cyrus is gaining a lot of ground on Kim Kardashian, and may soon outstrip North West’s mom as the queen of selfies. Last night she upped her game with a Miley Cyrus shower selfie that wasn’t nearly as naughty as the name would imply. Considering how many red-carpet pasties she has worn, the fuzzy towel she wears is downright demure and mysterious.

miley cyrus shower selfie

She has her tongue out, of course. She told Barbara Walters she does that because she feels awkward in photos and doesn’t know what to do with her face or smile. We find that pretty hard to believe, since she was the biggest Disney star in the world and must have been media-trained since she was 5. But if she wants to stick her tongue out, that’s cool. But the infamous shower selfie does have us asking one question: Is this really what Miley Cyrus looks like without makeup?

No one wears makeup in the shower, right? And if we go out on a limb and assume this is an actual post-shower selfie and not a contrived “post-shower selfie,” then it would logically follow that this is Miley Cyrus without makeup. But if this is Miley Cyrus without makeup, I am envious forever. Between the perfect eyebrows, eyelashes, and perfect, perfect skin, this is a look it normally takes me like 45 minutes to get, if that. Does she sleep in a vat of stem cells while robot-operated Clarisonic brushes exfoliate her to a newborn glow? She has Miranda Kerr levels of skin luminosity going on there.

This whole time she’s been rocking perfect skin on the red carpet and we thought she just had really good foundation. That’s not fair! Foundation we can buy; perfect skin is cheating.


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  • anna

    im jealous of THAT SHOWER!

    • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

      OMG, me too!

    • anna

      it looks shockingly like my sister’s shower which I instagram excessively whenever I house sit. I wonder if she has a Jacuzzi bathtub as well.

    • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

      She probably does! I bet those towels are really soft, too.

    • Frank

      yeah, both of you are jealous..

    • hihoware you

      I would love to see those Anna!

  • Fabel

    It’s blurry, though. Blurry works like the airbrush tool.

    • La

      And she looks like she has eyeliner and brow corrector on, that stuff can last through a week of showers if you let it. I’m guessing she did just shower and she hasn’t pulled out the remover yet. I totally believe her skin though.

  • Alexandra

    Not to knock her, but she’s 19 or something right? So….she should still look pretty decent without makeup….(until all the pot smoking destroys her skin).

    • g

      pot smoking destroys skin?

    • MaddBookish

      Smoking period.

    • Frank

      heheh false

    • NH

      not pot smoke…. CUM!!

    • RudyRight

      Haha … actually, I think that’s supposed to be good for skin.

  • OhOk

    Oh, come ON. Is this still the same site that bitches at “the media” (wonderful little trick there, sounding like The Gloss/fempop blogs aren’t part of it) for selling us unrealistic images that real people can’t actually attain? That picture is blurry, it has mood lighting, it looks filtered to hell, and where is the evidence that she actually took a shower and scrubbed her face? Are you guys kidding me? This is even more disgusting than the Photoshop of Horrors you post about because you guys present yourselves as the women speaking the truth to power. When feminists criticize websites like this (Jezebel, etc), this is what they’re talking about: you guys can’t take a meaningful stand for women while you bow to and promote societal and patriarchal standards and norms. Seriously, please rethink these articles. Not the beauty articles, the worshipping of the carefully crafted, edited, and photoshopped celebrity image.

    • OhOk

      Seriously. I’m not trolling you. Explain the difference between the justifiable rage you would face on here if that headline said,”Miley Cyrus’ Bikini Bridge Will Make You Wildly Jealous.” You’re just trading one unrealistic and unattainable (and frequently Photoshopped) body part for another and literally telling us that we don’t measure up (because if we did or could, why would we be jealous?).

  • Bobcat Booth

    jealous of a girl with a 10 year body and 10 year old mentality

    • Jon King

      She don’t look like any 10 year olds I know son.

    • Frank

      10 yr old.. ok… man yall like em young..

    • NH

      you know 10 year olds?

  • dgh69

    She went from Tween Queen to W H O R E faster and anyone i can remember!

  • nobull4u

    Part Sexy, Part Scary!

  • KiraUSA

    I see eyeliner on her top lids

  • Dani

    Im almost 26 and I still look good without makeup, INFACT, Im sure I look better than that
    … there is nothing to be jealous of, really.

    • hihoware you

      Can I be the judge of that?

    • Frank

      prove it..

  • Olive!!

    I think she looks pretty without makeup and I think she should only put on makeup when she really needs too. I like the way God made her!

  • K Fosse

    Again……Get over yourself Miley! And quit wearing fur.

  • Gabriel

    She does have a really big tongue.

    • Gio Taylor

      LOLOL. that thing is HUGE!

    • Frank

      hmm huh i bet she can work it..

    • RudyRight

      Oh yeah.

  • David Crandall

    Nice tongue, she can do me with it.

    • Avis

      Please,please,please, everybody stop hateing on Miley, ya’ll just need to stop for real though.

    • Crazy_Jake

      Skip school much?

    • Frank

      now we are talking..

  • firethrower

    C’mon 20 year olds all look like this, stop with your promoting of a very unhappy young woman!!

  • Gio Taylor

    that is not a good photo. That towel isn’t holding anything in.

  • WoWed

    at her age, i’d be concerned if she had skin issues already

  • sam michaels

    ..What a homely pig..

  • Armando

    Jelous of a tongue boner ? yeah right…