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Overtly Sexual Britney Spears Shockingly Confesses That She Loves Sex



You’re never going to believe the shocking secret that Britney Spears revealed in her new documentary. Unimaginably, the woman who started her career in a schoolgirl skirt, moved on to licking Madonna‘s tongue, and used to perform a song about masturbation in a glass bathtub… loves sex. Mind blown.

“I love sex,” she declares in I Am Britney Jean, which premiered on E! on December 22. “I think sex is great.” I’ll give you a second to let that sink in.

Joking aside, Brit’s documentary (which follows her and her team while they create her Las Vegas residency show) is predictably charming… and pretty depressing at the same time. Miss American Dream Since She Was 17 opens up about how hard it’s been to deal with stress, exhaustion, and mental illness with the whole world watching:

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t ever leave the house without there being like 20 cars following me. And it was a really difficult time, because I love to go out, I love to do things… and I felt very alienated from the public. But as time passed, they lightened up and they kind of went away after I wouldn’t come out of the house for like two years.

Bleh. So upsetting. I have a lot of issues with the way we treat celebrities when they’re just trying to live their normal lives, and Britney definitely seem to get the worst of it. She adds,

This is all I’ve known all my life– cameras, being followed, being part of the industry. I’m not really made for this industry.

I’m not tearing up. I’m just watching this Britney Spears documentary and cutting onions at the same time. Tons of onions. Pounds of onions.

Luckily, it looks like things are slowly getting better for our favorite lady. The end to her four full years of touring will allow her to spend more time with her kids (and her dog, who has a twitter account; you’re welcome), and she appears to be happy with her boyfriend, David Lucado. “He’s passionate,” she says. “He gets what I do. It works out.”

Good. Go have lots of sex and drink some water and take a nap.

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  • Kaitlin Reilly

    I feel like the Vegas show will be great for her. Now I just need tickets.

  • Davis

    Britney loves sex? This must mean she is human like the rest of us.