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You’ll Find Yourself Uncomfortably Attracted To Disney Men With New Facial Hair

Disney-Prince-Line-Up-disney-princess-25152620-970-294We love a good twist on Disney, and today Buzzfeed dug up Annie Erksine‘s hilarious renderings of Disney’s main men without their beards (or in some cases, with new beards). This basically combines my two favorite things: facial hair and finding cartoon characters to be sexually attractive.

Let’s start with the now-shorn kings, gods, and princes:

zeus hercules

Hercules’ Zeus looks 20 years younger. Hell of a jaw line.

sultan aladdin

Sultan from Aladdin remains completely adorable.

triton the little mermaid

The Little Mermaid patriarch King Triton has lost some of his panache.

scar the lion king

Scar still looks like he can and will kill you.

mulan the emperor

The Emperor from Mulan looks as inscrutable as ever. Somehow the lack of beard softens him.

And here’s where it gets good:

beauty and the beast gaston Gaston gets a new lease on life with this beard.

sleeping beauty prince

Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Phillip is much improved by this beard, which could be a bit shorter, but at least he looks like a grown up who’s allowed to kiss people as opposed to a four year old in a weird prince costume from Spencer Gifts.aladdin

Wait. Hello? Look, Aladdin was always really hot. A lovable thief with a heart of gold and a strong moral compass? Come on. But you add that perfect beard to him? I’m cooked. Also, yeah, he’s a cartoon. What of it? It’s Christmas. Shut up and be nice to me.

Photos: Disney/Imgur

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  • Rh

    Okay, so I straight giggled at hairless Scar. Too much, man, too much. Thanks for sharing!


    • Jessie

      Seriously. I wasn’t at all affected by any of these except that Scar one, it made me laugh.

  • Joanna Rafael

    Aladdin come rub my lamp!

  • courtahhh

    Aladdin looks like my uncle.

  • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

    I always had a thing for Prince Eric. I’m so sad he’s not on this list!

    • Julia Sonenshein

      I am so in love with prince eric! I have the best prince eric story–when I was five I went and saw a production of the Little Mermaid at some summer camp and totally fell in love with the super tall 5-year-old playing him, and then years later my boyfriend and I were going over how our passed had crossed a lot but never met, and it was revealed that HE was the tall five-year-old. I’m dating Prince Eric!

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      That is the cutest story, but now I’m unreasonably jealous! :)

  • Elizabeth

    My boyfriend looks just like Aladdin and can’t grow a beard. This is great.

  • Maddi

    I want to touch Aladdin a lot.

  • Sammy

    I’m sorry- I’m in the beards-are-ALWAYS-ugly camp. No exceptions. Aladdin looks awful bearded…

  • Yami_Cassie

    ew they all look like thieves and robbers if you add facial hair. There’s a good reason why the princes tend to not have facial hair.