Kim Kardashian’s Baby Got Quite The Designer Haul For Christmas

kim kardashian north west

It’s Christmas Eve! And while North West, being six months old, will definitely not remember this when she is older, that does not mean she is not getting some serious swag for the holidays.

The richer a person is, the more free stuff that person gets. North West’s parents are both famous kabillionaires, which means high-end fashion lines are beating a path to her door with free thousand-dollar baby shoes. And lately, when a celebrity gets something free from a designer, she says thank you by posting a picture of it on Instagram. (It’s the celebrity equivalent of smiling and raising a drink in the general direction of the stranger at the bar who bought it for you.) So that means we get to watch North open her presents. Spoiler: They cost more than your apartment.

Giuseppe Zanotti baby shoes. Not going to lie, the idea of tiny fringed booties on a tiny baby is pretty freaking adorable. When North gets a little bigger, she will almost certainly learn to remove these in her stroller and throw them over the side while Kim Kardashian is not looking. One of the millions of paparazzi could probably hand it back to her, but we think it’s more likely that North’s discarded baby shoes will wind up on eBay.

And some Stella McCartney baby clothes, ideal for wearing while rubbing spaghetti into one’s face.

The Charlotte Olympia kitten flats are super adorable and $125.

And of course some orange boxes, because of course Hermès makes baby shoes. If you desire a pair of your own, Hermès baby shoes sized for 3-month-old babies are available for between $165 and $320 on the Hermès US website.

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    • Julia Sonenshein


    • scallywag

      Isn’t it time you dug deep and sent Kim and baby North a delectable treat for them to remember you by too….?

    • carly tenney

      the only cute thing are those kitten shoes. The outfits by Stella McCartney are so ugly and look like a little kid made them…so very cheap looking! I would not even put them on my baby girl. YUCK!

    • Jacob Wadsworth

      Rich babies are lucky. They get to wear the good stuff for free. The designs of those shoes are really fabulous. –

    • Natasha B

      That Stella sweater!!!!