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Remembering Last Year’s New Year’s Resolutions Two Weeks Before 2014 Begins

It all started last week when I finally decided to update my iPhone and install iOS7–late bloomer, I know. I plug it in and wait for all the wonder and magic of updated Apple technology to transform my phone into a bright, colorful wonderland; at least, that’s what I gathered from seeing other peoples updated phones. Then, a notification popped up letting me know that there is not enough room on my phone and that I subsequently would have to delete some gigs or jphs or ghds (or whatever they’re called) to be admitted into wonderland.

I started deleting old music, as it lived happily on my computer anyway, but this proved fruitless; for almost every song, I could think of ten or more reasons why I would need that piece of music at any given moment of the day–moments that I may not be near my computer! Photos were out of the question as I was horrible at remembering to take them and thus the few I did have were necessary for #TBTs, friends birthdays and nostalgic midnight hours. Sometime in the process of debating what apps to delete–honestly I am not deleting Candy Crush or After Light (those zits aren’t getting rid of themselves) not even the mystery of IOS 7 is capable of making me do that–I opened my Notepad app and eventually came across my New Years Resolution list for 2013. It read:

Move to New York City
Eat more green things
Go to the gym –and do more than read the free magazines while “stretching”
Thanks to aforementioned resolutions lose five pounds
Write words and have them published
Read more books especially of the Joan Didion variety
Be more empathetic
Argue less with wildly wonderful boyfriend
Stick to a budget
Talk to younger brothers once a week (an emoticon text does not count)
Send more cards not e-cards e.g. for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas

There they were. All the promise of 2013 distilled into a simple list. These were the magical things that would change my life should I complete them within a 365 day time frame. This was the equation for happiness. I would be a fully-actualized and functioning member of society with a beyond brilliant vocabulary, a rocking bod, a blooming literary career, a savings account and (of course) a perfect relationship. All I needed to do was check them off! And the best part it was still 2013, albeit only for two more weeks.

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  • Lindsey Conklin

    this is so well written. I do the exact same thing with songs on my phone and my list of 2013 resolutions is almost exactly the same (I love Joan Didion)

  • ZanBrody

    I have to say: Moving to New York City and getting paid to write…I think you had a pretty spectacularly successful year.

  • Vanessa Cruz

    I really love this. Be so proud of everything you accomplished in 2K13 – some pretty amazing stuff! also, laughing out loud at the ios7 & skype parts. all. too. real.