Who Wore It Better: Kate Middleton Or This Samantha Doll


Kate Middleton spent Christmas at the Queen’s residence at Sandringham, shooting birds and changing clothes multiple times a day. She spent Christmas morning attending church in a chic blackwatch plaid coatdress by McQ by Alexander McQueen that made her look exactly like Samantha Parkington, the most fashionable of American Girl dolls.

samantha cape gaitersSo who wore it better? Let’s break their looks down.


Samantha is wearing a trendy blackwatch plaid cape, while the Duchess of Cambridge wears a more conventional and figure-flattering nipped-waist coatdress. Samantha takes more risks, but it doesn’t always pay off, and we’ve been sick to death of fashion week hipsters shivering in their breezy capes for the past four years. Kate Middleton’s McQ reminds us why the classics became classics in the first place.

Point: K-Midz.



Kate Middleton is wearing her usual old Aquatalia Rhumba boots and a green hat by Gina Foster that makes her head look like a lump, and she’s been completely outclassed by Samantha, who brought her A-game to this round. The white fur hat and muff are luxurious and shockingly pristine, and they bring a much-needed change of texture to the ensemble. And she’s wearing spats! When was the last time you saw a person wearing spats? And yet somehow she makes it work, because Samantha is a genius of accessories.

Point: Samantha



They clearly have the same hairstylist.

Point: This one is a tie.


Narrative Content:

In Changes for Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge spends Christmas at the Queen’s residence at Sandringham and goes to church while a bunch of people watch. In Changes for Samantha, Samantha goes ice skating and gets a new fur muff, while Nellie’s entire family dies.

Point: Samantha

Winner: Samantha

(via Grazia/Images via Getty, American Girl Wiki)


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    • Julia Sonenshein

      I love this. That is all.

      • DuchessLazy

        How utterly scary. Find some meaning in your life, if possible.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        Do you wanna hang out? Maybe go on a date?

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I mean Kate Middleton = Samantha (Aka my american girl doll) this is amazing. I want her coat, her hair, her life?

      • DuchessLazy

        Most of the crazy groupies do. Good luck, you sound ill.

    • Robin B

      Kate’s the winner since she chose NOT to show the endorsement of wearing fur!

      • DuchessLazy

        I’m against fur but I’m also against pointless bimbos like Waity.

    • DuchessLazy

      Prince William is the Royal Patron of “Age UK”…the organization that has published the figures of the elderly dying of cold in the winter in the UK. They can’t afford to heat their homes.Nearly 200 will die today, and tomorrow, and the next day until over 30,000 will have died, by the end of winter, in a rich, supposedly sophisticated country. William could easily help, if he requested something would be done. But no.
      William and his family had a safe,warm Christmas while many elderly died,and more elderly are still dying, because neither William nor his mega-rich are doing anything to stop it.

      • Amanda

        So it’s just like Samantha.