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Fairy Bra Mother Teaches Women How To Make Custom Brassieres

custom braAll I’ve ever wanted is a bra that fits me and only me.

Beverly Johnson, the owner of Bra-makers supply if considered the “fairy bra mother.” Her store offers all the bits and bobs you need to fashion your own brassieres, because let’s face it, sometimes the boob-shelves you can buy on a shelf at a store don’t hold up. Johnson also offers classes on constructing your own custom bra. Ooo. I could get into that.

Johnson has “personally taught over 10,000 women to sew their own bra,” she’s published books and patented bra patterns–girlfriend knows her stuff. Bra-makers offers 20 or so courses like a “$225 classic bra-making class” and “five-day $500 “boob camp” course.” Students can learn the bra basics and get properly fitted, but also learn to make more intense items like swimsuits, bustiers and corsets.

I’ve been known to drop major money I don’t have on fancy bras, even if–actually, especially if I am going to be the only one seeing me in my underpinnings. Despite my lingerie love, a custom-made brassiere is something I’ve never been able to swing. I mean, they can cost like $500. Learning to do it yourself can be a money-saving new skill when it comes to underpants. But why would you want to do all that work if you can just run to Victoria’s Secret or any much nicer and more quality lingerie shop (my favorite) and purchase a ready made bra? Well, as Johnson says, “Breasts are all very different.” Even if you don’t have mismatched boobies or any breast anomalies and can easily buy a bra off the rack, it would be awesome to have one that fits you and only you just right.

Is there anyone in New York who can teach me how to make my own bra? Or am I going to have to cobble together my own crude brassiere using wacky Pinterest instructions?

Read more about Beverly Johnson and how bad-ass she is here and make sure to check out Bra Makers Supply.

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  • Lindsey Conklin

    “breasts are all very different” haha

    • Joanna Rafael

      she speaks the truth.