Britney Spears’ Body Looks Super Hot And Super Fake In This New Pic



What do Britney Spears and a random guy at a frat party have in common? Besides their love of sex and propensity for cluelessly using racial stereotypes, it looks like they have similar makeup routines. Britney’s hard at work preparing for her new Las Vegas residency show, and her beauty squad is hard at work… painting fake abs on her. At least, that’s what it looks like.

We’ve seen pictures of Brit get photoshopped to hell so many times that it’s hard to remember what her actual body looks like, but I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t have the in-your-face six pack that her new Instagram pic suggests. And, uh, I’m not the only one who thinks so.



Of the thousands upon thousands of comments below the picture, a good third of them are comprised of fans and haters alike discussing her obvious body makeup. Instagram user crythom00 pretty much hits the nail on the head:

Britney is toned and if she is airbrushed it’s for the stage and the lights. Just like when dancers where extra makeup so they aren’t “washed out”. I guarantee the audience didn’t notice when she was on stage. What a bunch of hateful peeps.

While I’m not sure it’s hateful to point out that she’s wearing body makeup, I totally agree that it doesn’t matter at all. People get worked into a frenzy whenever they discover that their favorite celebrity (ahem, Kim Kardashian) uses tons of contouring, shading, and makeup magic to look as sculpted as they do. While Britney is naturally gorgeous and super fit, you can’t expect her to wake up looking as rock-hard as a Twilight vampire. Her makeup team knows what they’re doing, and if painted-on abs will make her look awesome onstage, then paint away.

We all know that Britney’s an athlete, and we all know that she’s beautiful. While it’s amusing to poke fun of her obvious body paint, I personally couldn’t care less if her hot bod is more the result of crunches or concealer. Do your thing, Brit.

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    • Elizabeth

      As an actor, I wear CRAZY tons of makeup when I’m in a particularly large theatre just to look relatively normal. I always cringe when I see press photos that they took while I was still in stage makeup — it’s not meant to look good in high-definition photos!

      This, I think, is the same. The Instagram commenter was exactly right.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      it does look super fake though

    • Mickey the dead mouse

      I airbrush my dick all the time to make it look bigger.

    • Liberialforlife

      spray paint the fat….