Gwyneth Paltrow’s Superiority Complex Led Her To Wear These Mom Jeans

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - December 28, 2013

From her lifestyle website that recommends $70 papier mâché rhino heads to that time she refused to use a toilet paper roll because someone else had touched it, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t typically top our list of celebrities who seem “relatable” or “down-to-earth” or ”human.” It’s always a bit of a shock when GOOP does something to remind us that she isn’t a celestial goddess from Planet Overprivileged– so it’s pretty weird to see her wearing mom jeans.

Paltrow was spotted walking around Los Angeles yesterday (walking! Not being carried on a litter like Cleopatra!), sporting a white linen sleeveless top, white sunglasses, flipflops, and that pair of pants that your Aunt Rita has been belting over her bellybutton since 1987. I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be baggy-but-feminine boyfriend jeans, but they look a lot more like “yeah, she’s a mother of two now.”

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - December 28, 2013

I’ll admit, I’m not Gwyneth’s biggest fan– nowadays her attitude always leaves a bad taste in my mouth– so it’s very possible that I’m just projecting those feelings onto her outfit. Am I blinded by my desire to dislike her clothes as much as I dislike her cookbooks, or am I blinded by the hideousness of these dumpy jeans? Would I hate them as much if they belonged to someone cool and relatable like Demi Lovato or Zoe Saldana? Would I even care what GOOP wore while shopping on a Saturday if she wasn’t always trying to make moms feel guilty for occasionally feeding their kids gluten/dairy/meat/sugar/anything other than blue-green algae shots?

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - December 28, 2013

What do you think of these jeans and of this outfit in general? I need someone else’s perspective. Totally acceptable or frumpy/gross/ugh?

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    • CMJ

      I’m pretty sure I had a pair of these in 1998 and they were from Old Navy. Those stupid things look so cheap…and god knows how much she spent on them.

      • Lindsey Conklin

        HAHA i was just about to write the same thing!!! pretty sure I had those jeans from Old Navy back in the day..they are hideous (and I’m not a Gwen fan. but either way, hating the jeans)

      • Martine

        Yeah…keep laughing. I just bought a pair of Top Shop “Mom Jeans” in grey for 70 dollars. Best jeans I ever bought. They are alike a better, high rise version of boyfriend jeans. Very comfortable, great with a crop top and a pair of heels, or with a cropped t shirt and a pair of converse. I am sure she paid a lot more. Seriously, its not possible you don’t know that low rise is being phased out, and high rise is returning, is it???? And in 1998 I was wearing jeans so low waisted I couldn’t wear underwear because the top part would show. the late 90′s were when everyone decided to start wearing LOW RISE.

    • Margarita Nieves

      These are 80′s jeans, look awful, but really comfy, and especially when you get your period, and don’t fit into anything…….

    • sweetsamuel

      Errrr what’s so relatable about Demi Lovato and Zoe Saldana. One is an ex-child star/drug addict, the other is impossibly thin. I’d say they’re all equally un-relatable… now if you’re talking about un-likeable, that’s a different story.

    • Bee Lady

      The jeans look just fine and very comfortable. They may not look good on you, but they look great on her.

    • Rachel Sea

      Those look like laundry day pants.

    • Fuzzy ‘n Broken Mirror

      She’s probably preggers

      • lynn

        was thinking the exact same thing. not that drawstring pants= pregnant to everyone, but they do to me….my pregnancy go to pants!

    • kim

      I don’t care what Gweneth Paltrow wears.

    • MyoshiBomb

      They are not jeans but drawstring chambray pants. I know what jeans look like…. Why don’t you???

      • MyoshiBomb

        And I don’t care what she wears really but the point of this article is silly because of your fashion ineptness.

    • katie

      Even the thinnest woman has an ugly overhang when she sits down in low slung jeans, not to mention the “TMI” rear exposure. And we all know most of us do not fall into the “thinnest” category. Just a fast walk through any WalMart will make the thought of Mom Jeans much more appealing.

      • My Oubliette

        Nah, lower cut jeans will still work on averaged sized women as long as you wear a normal-length top and don’t tuck it in. The mom-jeans-waistband just has the magical power to make women of all sizes the most unattractive version of themselves ever.

      • Martine

        IF you want to look like your torso is four miles long, and your legs are an inch long keep on wearing low rise. See where it gets you.

    • Martine

      They look amazing on her. I absolutely love high waisted jeans. i threw away all my tired low rise everything about three or four years ago. Aren’t you people a little bit behind the knowledge curve?????