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Kourtney Kardashian Got A Cat To Match Her Outfits

kourtney-kardashian-catFor all their fame and money, I don’t think I’ve ever been jealous of a Kardashian until now, but today I find myself deeply envious because Kourtney Kardashian got a cat for Christmas. (Being a Kardashian, she probably calls it Kourtney Kardashian’s Khristmas Kat.) And it’s really, really cute.

“Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. Our newest member of the family,” she posted, along with a photo that will definitely make you want a kitty.

kourtney-kardashian-bengal-cat-1Of course, Kourtney’s new kitten is a fancy cat. All kittens are pretty much equally adorable, but no self-respecting Kardashian is going to bring a plain kitten into her house.

The tiny little whisker-face appears to be a Bengal, which is a special breed created by crossing a domestic house cat with an Asian Leopard cat. They are still nice domestic cats that will not eat your face, but they keep their cool, leopard-like spots. If you’re going to carry around a leopard-print accessory, they don’t get much cuter than this. (My friend has one that likes to swim around in the bathtub.)

Given the fact that Kourtney Kardashian has more than six million Instagram followers, this is probably going to make people want some Bengal cats. That’s understandable because they are super cute, but cuteness is not limited to fancy cats, and Bengal cats can also be acquired from rescues so they won’t cost you a whole bunch of dollars.

kourtney-kardashian-bengal-cat-2OMG, so cute. Look at those giant ears! I don’t even care if it’s a Kardashian kat and costs $2,000. I want to put its whole head in my mouth and shower it in tiny catnip toys.

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  • anna

    I rescued a kitty who was a stray in my neighborhood, and then turned out to be a fancy breed called Egyptian mau! She was hanging around since she was a kitten and isn’t registered anywhere I can tell. So I got my fancy kitty for free, and she had kittens around a week later!

    • anna

      picture of one

    • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

      So cute! I can’t deal.

    • Gen

      rarara maus are so cute! I had a silver mau growing up

    • Gen


    • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

      I love him! He is perfect!

    • anna

      oh gosh, my mama kitty Edie is a bronze mau and had one bronze kitten and one silver! I love them all but the silver is beyond gorgeous.

    • anna

      oh now im going to be all over the internet with my kittens

  • Hayley Hoover

    OH MY GOD.

  • Lindsey Conklin

    the most spoiled kitty in all the land!

  • Krystal Saldivar

    Great now everyone is going to buy Bengals. Bengals have wild blood in their genes and can be very high maintenance. They have a lot of energy and need a lot of mental stimulation with training and exercise. Please research the Bengal breed before you make that 16+ year commitment.