Israel Announces Amazing Intention To Pay For All Pregnancy Terminations



One small step for Israel, one giant leap for womankind!

Israel has developed a proposal to begin in 2014 intending to cover the cost of all non-medical abortions for women ages 20-33. The age range is limited due to budgetary constraints, with future intentions to expand. While it seems the United States is regressing by aiming to ban taxpayer-funded abortions, Israel–a country whose penal code considers the termination of pregnancy a punishable crime–is advancing its support of women.

While abortion often qualifies as a taboo issue considering the moral implications, I can’t help but say you, go Israel! The progression of women’s rights has been a tumultuous effort to say the least. Whether or not you would ever choose to have an abortion yourself, we should all hope to attain the right to openly choose for ourselves without fear of repercussions.

“It was brought to our attention that there is a large group of women between 20 and 40 who for various reasons — financial or reasons of secrecy — do not terminate pregnancies,” states Prof. Jonathan Halevy, the head of the panel responsible for making recommendations for Israel’s health care. This new policy would positively affect 6,300 women, and also hopes to offer full contraceptive coverage–a heart attack-inducing plight for the uber conservatives in America.

What a wonderful way to ring in 2014, Israel! I commend your efforts in keeping up with your country’s women.

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    • Inna

      Yes but did you know we (Israeli women) have to go through an approval committee that allows us to have an abortion legally only if we have one of these reasons: 1. There’s a risk to the woman’s life; 2. There’s a risk to the fetus’ life; 3. Woman’s age; 4. It’s out of marriage/ result of incest/rape. In that committee there is a social worker, a doctor and… a rabbi. 53% of pregnancy terminations are due to reason 4, but that’s because most women lie and say it’s from someone who isn’t their husband. There used to be a reason 5 “social complication” but today, because of coalition agreements with religious parties, women that just don’t want to have a baby and don’t lie about it in the commitee go to illegal clinics where there is a serious danger to their lives (abortions in Israel must be done in an OR because it’s a surgical procedure with the same risks as any other procedure), and due to less qualified doctors, to their ability to ever have a child. Things might be slightly better for us here in terms of woman’s choice over her body but it has gone worse and it’s unfortunate to see how it goes even worse for American women, especially since the world looks up to America. I hope you stop it before it escalates.

      • Guest

        Yes, but did you know that nearly 99% of all applications are approved? This committee exists to make sure that the woman is aware of her decisions and that no one is forcing her into it. It may be a necessary evil, but there’s little doubt that it is necessary.