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Man With Two Penises Schools The World On Body Acceptance

bananasIn what I’m prepared to call a victory for body diversity, a gentleman Reddit user has posted a photo of his genitals, which due to a rare medical condition include two fully formed penises. His AMA is an awesome example of body confidence when you’re born with something that marks you as different, and shows a great deal about male body image on the whole (that AMA link is worksafe–this graphic photo is obviously not).

The man remained anonymous and went by “DoubleDickDude,” and I’ll now refer to him as DDD. He claims to have born with a condition called “diphallia,” which means being born with two fully-functioning and independent penises.

DDD’s Reddit AMA also provided a fascinating look into raising children with physical differences, and it’s clear that DDD was raised with the knowledge that he was different, but that it didn’t matter. When asked how doctors reacted to his genitals, DDD wrote:

Yeah, one grabbed like five others in the building. That was the last time my mom let anyone examine me for any reason besides personal check-ups. She said “my son is not a freak show” and slapped one of them.

That’s a pretty understandable use of violence, right?

This is a pretty intriguing look at male body image, and how much emphasis is put on penises in general. The obsession with penis size seems to be deeply engrained, and is mostly based on porn and other misinformation. It’s hard to say if women have an equivalent body part that carries the bulk of their self esteem, since generally women’s entire bodies are the subject of scrutiny. DDD’s experience is almost cartoonish–instead of one dick to draw self esteem from, he got two. It perfectly straddles the line of voyeuristic curiosity and hitting the self esteem jack pot. He seems completely at peace with himself (Q: “What is the best thing about having two penises?” A: “having two cocks”), is in a relationship, and says he would never surgically alter his penises. Way to go, DoubleDickDude.

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  • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

    That AMA is the best thing I’ve read all week.

  • Joanna Rafael


  • Tinyfaeri

    Ooooooh, I wonder if he can write his first and last names in the snow… at the same time! I bet he could with some practice.

  • http://www.tinyurl.com/a2fagg6 Ninargh

    My favourite was the Ghostbusters question. Never cross the streams!

  • Humphrey Bugoy

    lmao he had one of em circumcised and one not

    • Jayamama

      No, they’re both intact. One is just a bit more erect in the picture.

  • Abchick

    This man could make a fortune doing porn

  • RedAlertLive.com

    Same thing happens to many WOMEN around the world. They also talk about their life on many talk shows.