Chiara De Blasio Wore A Witch Hat To Her Father’s Mayoral Inauguration

chiara de blasio hat

Politicians’ children are becoming the new fashion celebrities, with thousands of adults racing to buy whatever Urban Outfitters sweater Sasha Obama wears. Chiara de Blasio has only been the daughter of the Mayor of New York for a day, but she’s already making a big impression. At Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s swearing-in ceremony at midnight on January 1, Chiara wore a tall, pointy witch hat, and it was amazing.

Chiara, a 19-year-old Environmental Studies major, paired the black traffic cone with a leopard-print coat by Nanette Lepore. According to The Cut, Nanette Lepore sent Chiara five coat options to choose from. Chiara’s mother, Chirlane McCray, also wore Nanette Lepore for the ceremony, and while they both looked great, their choice of garments could well be more than just aesthetic. Nanette Lepore is a vocal proponent of New York’s Save The Garment Center campaign, which is dedicated to preserving jobs and clothing production in New York’s garment district.

chiara de blasio

Chirlane McCray said she and her daughter were ”proud to wear this beautiful clothing that was made right here in New York City. This city needs more creative entrepreneurs like Nanette Lepore who are committed to keeping our city’s garment industry thriving.”

Chiara is no stranger to dramatic headgear. This summer she made several fearless appearances in her signature flower headbands. We fully expect her to rock a tiara at some point, and look forward to that with bated breath.

Lepore told WWD she is excited that Chiara and her mother wore her clothes for the swearing-in ceremony, and for de Blasio as mayor.

“I think he will celebrate the New York that we all miss,” she said. “The New York that we moved here for, the New York of diversity and craftsmanship. Hopefully, he will be about supporting more industries and not a few.”

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      meh, not loving the hat but i do like the nanette lepore coat

    • nettaP

      it’s actually a black on black happy new year hat, which you can see in some of the other shots. the happy new year part was in black glitter, i think.

      • Frances Locke

        I was thinking that, but I wasn’t sure. It does totally look like a witch hat, especially when I saw it on the news stand. And she looks amazing either way. :)

    • meghancnyc

      Hot mess. She’s in college and I know I looked like a fool when I was in college while trying to look outre.

      • De

        She looks ridiculous – and we all know it – let’s stop calling it celebrating ” individuality ”
        Her father is the mayor of the most known city in the world and she has on a witch hat- it’s not fashion – it’s stupidity – Gimmie a break

    • Buitte

      It’s a party hat either way. Very disrespectful for such a solemn occasion.

      • Celia

        His whole family was dressed inappropriately for the occasion. Thankfully he’s not my major.

    • Ted Coppin

      This website fucking sucks.

    • Lenora Pentecost-Bratton

      I was a bit confused until I realized it was a party hat. I absolutely love that coat though, and her hair is fantastic!