‘Bikini Bridge’ Is The New Thigh Gap–And It’s Equally Disturbing

bikini bridge

You know the “thigh gap” trend (and I’m using the word “trend” loosely here)? It’s when the thighs of a person–typically a woman–do not touch at the top, and it has been glorified all over Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, particularly via pro-ED accounts. Now, there is a thing called “bikini bridge” and it is equally ridiculous as the other aforementioned body trend.

Apparently, the idea of bikini bridge may have begun on 4chan’s /b/ message board (a place we literally discussed yesterday with regard to Jenna Jameson‘s boobs). Urban Dictionary describes it as the “incredibly sexy phenomenon wherein bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen.” Many Twitter and Facebook users have been discussing the bikini bridge concept, as well as posting images regarding it, promoting it, or disparaging it.

Obviously, many women’s bodies naturally have thighs that don’t touch and hip bones that stick out, and they don’t deserve to be criticized for that. The inevitable backlash of misguided body positivity whenever anybody discusses how thinness is so heavily valued often includes calling thin women “disgusting,” “ugly” and “unappealing to men.” This is also awful and can be extremely hurtful, so, y’know…don’t do that while discussing body image issues, please. It is important, though, to discuss how trends revolving around the way human bodies look can be damaging in so many ways, as you should never feel like your body is out of style, out of season, or just not quite right.

All of that said, “bikini bridge” may actually be a big joke. According to The Daily Dot, “Operation Bikini Bridge” was started by folks on 4chan who wanted to see if they could easily and quickly start a trend like thigh gap. They began by calling it the “next big thing” and posting Tumblr-esque pro-bikini bridge pictures (like the one above), then commencing to a second stage:

Phase 2 involves circulating propaganda calling the bikini bridge an “unhealthy obsession.”

“After a fair amount of circulation has been accomplished, we circulate the images throughout parts of the Internet known to be biased on the subject of weight (i.e. thin privilege, fat shaming, etc),” one anonymous /b/ user wrote. “This should cause large enough of a stir to snowball into a fairly big subject.”

The operation appears to be a success so far.

Indeed, thousands of people have tweeted about it–including Harry Styles, says the Daily Mail, though he has apparently deleted his tweet since. A BuzzFeed user (not staff writer) created a rather inaccurate and idiotic article stating that bikini bridge proves you’re healthy and that boys will compliment you and that if you’re a “real woman,” you’ll have one. Dove‘s spokesperson, Lucy Attley, even released this statement:

“Our ambition at Dove is for beauty to be a source of confidence, not anxiety. We want to inspire women everywhere to feel good about the bodies they have, and not experience the constant pressure that drives beauty anxieties, portraying an ideal of beauty that is not real or reflective of women in the UK.”

Regardless of whether or not this “trend” is a hoax, however, it’s important to note how incredibly f’ing plausible it sounds. And that it has resulted in the perpetuation of stereotypes–such as in that BuzzFeed article I linked to above–like thinness is inherently indicative of healthiness, bikinis are for thin women, and you’re more lovable if you’re thinner. The production of #thinspiration is, at best, encouraged by body trends; at worst, directly caused by them.

On a more positive note, here’s to hoping Taylor Adele Smith makes a hilarious video about it, just as she did with thigh gap.

[H/T Daily Dot]

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    • dbrett75

      The Harry Styles tweet has actually surfaced.

      • Allison

        It’s fake, fortunately. They made ones with all kinds of different celebs.

    • Val

      You know, I’ve been hearing a lot about this bikini bridge phenomenon for a long time already, even before this 4Chan thing blew it up to public consciousness. If anything, “thigh gap” is the new “bikini bridge”. People have been talking about, and I’ve been acquainted with, the concept of a bikini bridge since, around 2009 or so. I’ve been sporting one for God knows how long.

      I don’t know what these people are thinking. Maybe they’re just bored and they decided to latch onto something and make it famous. That’s not my point. My gripe here is all the disinformation circling around the issue.

      NO, it’s not dangerous. NO, you’re not supposed to starve yourself to get it. The bridge is the natural effect of proper diet and exercise. If you’re slim, you get one when you lie down. If you have one while you’re standing up, then you have a problem. But you’re supposed to naturally get it when you lie down on your back. Bikini bridge can be beautiful. It’s a shame these trolls ruin everything.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Huh! Thank you for the insight on how long it’s been around.

        I know it’s not dangerous and you don’t necessarily need to starve yourself–though many people do in order to achieve certain looks, and “thigh gap” and the like are plastered all over pro-ana sites–but it does worry me when people imply that specific appearance alterations are positive because of male attention or because it automatically makes you healthier or more beautiful than other people. Any feature can be beautiful, including hip bones! It worries me, though, when specific ways people’s bodies look are seen as superior to others.

      • Val

        Personally I’d have to disagree. If you really love your body, you’d care about it. You’d want what’s best for you and what’s best for your body. Maybe it’s because I’m just a fitness nut, but I just can’t get behind the concept of “accepting what you are”, because people often misinterpret it as “don’t try to better yourself”. If you really care, you’d do everything to make sure you’re the best you can be, right?

        Sure, being beautiful gets male attention, but I don’t really care for that much. I’m not saying everybody should be forced to go on a diet or anything, and I understand some people have their reasons, but there’s no harm in bettering yourself, right? That’s just my $0.02.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I think it’s great to be healthy and care about your body. I just don’t think that being thin means you are inherently healthy, nor do I think being not thin means you are not healthy.

      • CMJ

        Who is this lawyer dude coming around mansplaining journalism to you?

      • CMJ

        “If you really loved your body, you’d care about it.”

        I hate this shit. I love my body, I care about it, I love going to spin class, I like eating well (and I also like eating junk food sometimes! Gasp!) I am not super thin and will probably never have a bikini bridge….but I still love my body.

      • Kelly

        I’m also a fitness nut in awesome shape and my hip bones don’t stick out like that. Get over yourself.

        You’re a pretty lousy fitness nut if you can’t get it through your thick skull that people have different body types.

      • neyena

        Exactly. I though us “fitness nuts” advocated for fit and STRONG bodies no matter the body type, and not ones that have protruding hip bones.

      • nunyr

        I am 5’4″, and I weigh 110, and I don’t have a bikini bridge. I work out around 20 hrs a week. So would you say I am not working out enough, not eating enough, or do I simply not care about my body enough?

      • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

        There’s an opportunity cost involved in all decisions. For example, time spent exercising could be time used to learn another language. An hour spent three to five days a week in the gym is actually the perfect amount of time to learn a language. Do that for a year and you will probably speak your new language very well.

        That is just one example, but learning new languages is one way to better oneself. Is speaking multiple languages better than working out? Were I deciding for myself, I would say yes. If I had to either gain a bunch of weight or forget a language, I would gain the weight in a heartbeat.

        Some people would disagree about the relative value of those things, and that’s just fine. We all have to make these decisions for ourselves every day. Personally, I think it’s best to worry about my own efforts and not attempt to assess the efforts of others. We can’t tell by looking, anyway. Things like how many languages a person speaks or how many books they’ve read aren’t things you can just tell by a person’s appearance.

      • Sarah

        Totally agree with you :)

      • Ellen W.

        But what do you mean by “better”? If you mean “get the vitamins you need and develop bone strength and the stamina to make it down a few flights of stairs in an emergency” then that’s one thing. It’s a whole different set of things when you mean “look thinner.” And, while it’s also true that getting more of the vitamins and fiber you need (veggies, fruits, whole grains), developing bone density (weight training) and gaining stamina (cardio) often have the side-effect of cutting fat it doesn’t always and in that case? IT DOESN’T MATTER. Losing weight doesn’t always have the side effect of making a person healthier and people can seriously hurt themselves doing so. As long as the message is always “thinner = better” those women who can get healthier but who will always be “bigger” than average may just give up and not even try for the very real and very important GAINS they can make.

        Adding: Oh god, I’m so worked up about this that I’m writing in all caps. I have to go to cuteoverload.com and regain my composure.

      • CMJ

        It’s not natural when those girls are clearly sucking their stomachs in…

      • Alexandra

        When you lie down your stomach “caves” a little, if they were sucking their stomachs in their ribs would be protruding more.

      • GarnetHenderson

        Bikini bridge is not a “natural effect of proper diet and exercise.” It’s just like the thigh gap – some people have it, some people never will. It’s more an issue of bone structure than fitness or thinness. If you have one and you like it, great. But not having a “bikini bridge” or “thigh gap” or whatever other bullshit thing is more important next week doesn’t mean anyone is somehow deficient, and it definitely does not mean they’re not healthy.

      • ted3553

        I have the bikini bridge right now when I lay down and I am currently working on my goal of losing 25 pounds (which is absolutely reasonable for me). Nobody would look at me and think that I was at a perfect weight yet I have this stupid trend. It’s totally a matter of genetics and bone structure. I wish teenaged girls and young women would be self aware and confident enough to realize this and fight back against these “trends”

      • Zigzag

        Me too. I actually have a nasty looking, zebra striped blob of fat and loose skin (mother’s apron, if you will) right above my ‘bikini bridge.’ I’m like 2 lbs from being overweight, according to me BMI. I just have crazy big hip bones!

      • American Patriot

        Eh. BMI is a weird statistic. My friend was technically overweight, even though she was a track star and through javelin all through undergrad. It’s muscle, and muscle can throw it off more than fat.

      • Sarah

        Just a way for women to keep other women down. It’s objectification plain and simple.

        *I agree with you 100%

      • Kelly

        Thigh gap has been around since at least the 90s when I used to hear about it in high school.

        Since you obviously aren’t very bright, I’ll break that down for you: The 1990s came before 2009.

      • Alfreda Wells Morrissey

        We were obsessed with thigh gap in high school as well and I even had one teacher lamenting that she would never have it when I was in elementary school in the 80s. She referred to it as peek-a-boo thighs.

      • Alexandra

        Mine actually flattened out when I started working out more.
        Makes sense, your stomach no longer “sinks” when you lie down because you’ve got the abs to support it.
        (And no I did not gain weight, I’ve lost some)

    • Kara

      Suppose these are the same people that think duck lips and orange spray tans are all the rage. Oompa loompa with the baboon ass lips…bwhahahaha NO

    • CMJ

      Those girls are sucking in their stomachs too…..

      This is just another fun thing the MRA’s will expect all women to have before they even look at us….it is an easy way to weed out the douchefucks that expect this of their womenz.

      • CMJ

        Oh wait, most of the comments on that post prove my MRA theory.

      • dwinkle

        This nonsense never has anything to do with men. Only women like distorted female bodies. You don’t see scrawny supermodels in men’s magazines, do you. Only women think things like exposed spines, sunken eyes, and bony ribs are attractive.

      • regeya

        You know, you’re right. Just look at that boatload of fedora-wearing dudebros demanding that women have a huge gap between their pelvic bones and the mound of venus.


        Wait, no. No, they don’t. What you said is like saying feminists think all PiV is rape.

    • Jonathan Roberts

      TheGloss deleted my original comments thrice, so I will post yet again.You twisted the words of the Buzzfeed article. Never once did it say that the bikini bridge “proves” you are healthy and that “boys will always compliment you” and that if “you are a real woman, you’ll have one”. You exaggerated, strengthened, and lied about the language used. As an honorable “journalist”, you should correct all the phrases you exaggerated and made up. Use direct quotes from the article and do not exchange terms for stronger ones to create more controversy. Be an honorable journalist for once, publish quotes from the article and not the sensationalist balderdash you conjured. I am tired of this generation’s yellow journalism and I am sure your readers are too.

      • CMJ

        #4. Your bikini bridge signifies your health

        Also, that was a community post. It’s not vetted or endorsed by Buzzfeed.

        But thanks for mansplaining that “journalism” to everyone!

      • Jonathan Roberts

        In what world does “signify” mean “prove”? That is strengthened language. Also, explain the “boys will ALWAYS compliment you” and “if you are a real woman, you’ll have one”

      • CMJ

        It’s kind of implied (Not to mention the picture that actually says “real women have bridges). But I don’t care…you seem to be the only one who really cares about the logistics and exact language of an offensive and inaccurate community post on Buzzfeed.

      • Jonathan Roberts

        ahhh, “kind of implied”. So not a fact. I care because poor, unresearched, journalism has become accepted within the past 5 years. What happened to citing sources, direct quotes, and actual journalism? Articles like these that use implications and strong words for the sole creation of controversy are shameful and make a mockery of humanity. It’s pure yellow journalism created for the masses that don’t think critically.

      • CMJ
      • Jonathan Roberts

        People who think a gif is a proper response make a mockery of humanity as well

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Your GIFs make a mockery of Internet commenters. :(:(:( WAHHHH.

      • CMJ

        It’s like the biggest compliment I’ve ever received!!!

      • Samantha_Escobar
      • American Patriot

        Hey, thanks for femsplaining that opinion at me. Since I am a man, and am empirically and demonstrably better at dealing with logic than women, I’ll just go ahead and ignore your feelings-based argument.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        We don’t delete comments. It was presumably Disqus?

        Also, I’m not a journalist, silly.

      • CMJ

        BUT ETHICS!

    • CherylCOsbourne

      As far as I can tell… unless you’re overweight, you would naturally have a “bikini bridge”… unless your stomach pokes out more than your hips! LOL!

      • CMJ

        Oh! Are we sharing pictures to show we’re not fatties?

      • Alexandra

        You can also have a flat stomach.
        Or you can have abs (many weight loss chicks have ab muscles reaching out farther than their hipbones)
        You can also be prone to bloating.
        OR, some people are very skinny but have narrow hips.

        There are many reasons to why someone would not have a “bikini bridge”

    • Muggle

      I always felt ashamed of my “bikini bridge” because I’d been told it wasn’t “healthy” and that I really needed to eat more.

      Of course I don’t even have that much of one unless I suck in. The lady in the pic is very clearly sucking in.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      BIKINI BRIDGE?! seriously?

      • American Patriot

        What part of looking attractive don’t you get? Apparently, fat is cool now? Not for thousands of years it wasn’t. Only with this new social-justice bullshit trends wandering their way around the internet has this type of debauchery been okay.

      • CMJ

        Actually, as little as 400-500 hundred years ago being fat was considered a sign of wealth and status.

      • American Patriot

        Yes, and do you know the kind of fat they advocated for? It would commonly be called ‘chubby’ today, or that ‘they had a little extra meat on their bones’ “fat”. Not the fat rolls on top of fat rolls that is still “beautiful” in the mind of the modern SJW. Further, do you know who was supposed to be “fat”? Opulent kings and nobles, aka, men. Further, there’s new research out to suggest that that may have been a caricature, much like we portray politicians with exaggerated features in our comic strips. Women were, and are, held to angelic types of beauty. I can’t believe how you don’t understand this. But, I’m sure you’ll just dismiss my arguments as “mansplaining” and thus not actually have to address them.

      • American Patriot

        Ooh look! The reddit downvote brigade is here!

      • Heina Dadabhoy

        Actually, a lot of Redditors hate women and love body-shaming so you’d probably be upvoted if that were the case.

      • American Patriot

        You’ve GOT to be trolling. Reddit is the most liberal, SJW-centric echo chamber on the web. 4chan has chosen it as it’s nemesis, for gods sake.

      • CMJ

        If you think Reddit is the most liberal, SJW-centric place you have landed on you are on the wrong website, my friend.

      • Heina Dadabhoy

        The place that loves and supports people like violentacrez is “the most liberal, SJW-centric echo chamber on the web”?

        Those words. I do not think that they mean what you think they mean.

      • Eileen

        Liberal, sure – in some ways. If you mean it’s full of atheists who vote Democrat, you’re absolutely right. But it’s also the home of the Men’s Rights Activists, who basically make hating women and feminism a profession.

      • OhOk

        Three words: Peter Paul Rubens. Google his paintings. It’s not just men. You’re thinking more 18th-19th century, not 400-500 years ago like she said.

    • Elizabeth

      Since finding a kickass vintage-y one-piece, I don’t really wear bikinis anymore (also: yay for needing less sunscreen!) but I remember that sometimes I’d get a “bridge” when I was lying down in a bikini and I always felt super awkward! Like, can’t everyone just look down your bikini bottoms?

      Anyhow: I feel really conflicted about this sort of thing. On the one hand, it’s perfectly fine to be attracted to specific physical attributes (and how often do we hear people appreciating when men have nice abs or that v-shaped muscle thing?). On the other, it does often feel like the subtext is “…and you’re NOT attractive if you DON’T have this!” which is obviously some bullshit.

      • Cori

        I always felt nervous about it too, I felt like I might be at risk of being over exposed.

      • Cori

        Just to clarify, when I say “over exposed” I mean more than I personally feel comfortable showing.

      • American Patriot

        I don’t see that context anywhere, and if it is there, then it’s completely blowback from this entirely blown out of proportion fat acceptance movement, which in turn is a reaction to the very unrealistic Hollywood beauty standards. Striving to look the best you can shouldn’t be demonized, which is exactly what most tumblr-teir and reddit-level debators do–throw ad-hom attacks around for simply saying that women should seek to better themselves, as if sloth and gluttony suddenly are virtuous traits. No, not every woman can be thin, traditionally so or by whatever definition you choose. But the number of women that legitimately suffer from some kind of ‘genetic condition’ are any overblown, as is the number of women that suffer from some kind of dark magic ‘self-convince issue’ that forces them to commit suicide or have an eating disorder. The thing that solves that more than saying “Fat is beautiful!” is a strong mother figure in the woman’s life that also inspires her to strive to be the best that she can be. So many women these days are like rebels without a cause, or a true backbone. They feel that they’ve been wronged by some invisible patriarchy that keeps them “in their place” when they fail to realize it was their own lacklustre upbringing that has failed them.

      • American Patriot

        Wondering exactly what I said in this post specifically that was worthy of a swirl of downvotes. I guess I just offend the redditors sensibilities that “fat is beautiful!” even when you’re 500lbs and can’t crawl out of bed.

      • guest

        You are the person everyone hates in these discussions. This garbage that you just put on public display is the literal definition of body shaming. Not every person who has a problem with this is fat, lazy, and feel like they’ve been kept “in their place”. Some women just naturally don’t have thigh gaps or bikini bridges. I know I don’t, and I work out regularly, have played basketball since kindergarten, and eat a rather healthy diet. Each and every body type IS beautiful!!!! You know what isn’t beautiful??? Public display of ignorance, otherwise know as the majority of your comment.

    • Ludia

      funny how not one of the literally millions of people who follow harry have seen this tweet he apparently ‘sent’ (even if deleted it shows up on your timeline for a bit, that photo is a photoshop manip). as a guy i would be surprised if he even knew what this fad was. how ridiculous both this trend and ‘story’ are.

    • Heina Dadabhoy
      • CMJ

        Interesting…considering Sam got called out for her “journalistic integrity” for not quoting it directly :)

      • Jonathan Roberts

        You are perpetuating the illogical woman stereotype with each comment you make. Please quote the part in the Buzzfeed post where it says the bikini bridge “proves” you are healthy and that “boys will always compliment you” and that if “you are a real woman, you’ll have one”. That’s right. It doesn’t say that. “Sam” exaggerated and sensationalized the language used to stir up controversy, and that is something unethical creatures do. Articles like these make a mockery of humanity and are insulting to the intelligence.

      • CMJ

        Oh honey. The article was fake. It was a Buzzfeed Community article that has since been taken down (I said above – those are not reviewed or vetted by Buzzfeed) and declared a hoax BY BUZZFEED ITSELF. The original post used sensationalized language and was for the purpose of stirring up controversy (it did, in fact, say “Real Women have Bridges” in a picture)..Sam simply wrote about it.

        Also, why are you putting quotes around her name? Are you Joey from Friends?

      • Jonathan Roberts

        Reading comprehension. The Buzzfeed post’s validity isn’t the issue here. It’s the lack of proper reporting. Again, where in the post is does it say it “proves” you are healthy and that “boys will always compliment you” and that if “you are a real woman, you’ll have one”? Quote it. It is a simple and specific question you don’t seem to like the answer to.

      • CMJ

        Yes. I get it. You’re mad because she didn’t quote a fake article perfectly.

        Crystal clear.

      • Jonathan Roberts

        It’s a question sans emotions and you are simply making assumptions, like the original reporter.

      • CMJ

        She is not a reporter. She is a blogger. That is what bloggers do – make assumptions and have opinions based on other content they read. This is an opinion piece and I agree with the author’s opinion.

        I am sorry I am so emotional about this. It must just be my illogical woman brain and my lack of morals.

      • Jonathan Roberts

        Both of you are entitled to your opinions, but you need evidence, proof, logic, and research to back them up.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Because I am allegedly Sam, Ms. “CMJ.” IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME.

      • CMJ

        Apparently you are also writing a research paper.

      • Jonathan Roberts

        There is no shame in wanting others to write excellent, well researched, logical posts. Glorifying mediocrity is one of the biggest problems of this decade

      • CMJ

        Also – here’s the “Real Women have Bridges” picture that was in the article -


      • Samantha_Escobar

        Oh man, I must be really important to be making mockeries of all of humanity! Good gracious, mom, call my high school and let the alumni department know they’ve got a world ruining grad!

        Also, you used quotation marks to sensationalize your comment, bud. My name is Sam; there isn’t any reason to put it in quotes besides exaggerated outrage or whatever else your poor brain is still dealing with.

      • Jonathan Roberts

        Your username says Samantha and since CMJ was referring to you as something else, I put it in quotes out of respect to you. Anyway, it’s fine. There always has to be a number of people who make mockeries of humanity so that honor is sweeter for the righteous and moral

      • CMJ
    • Charmless

      My tummy does this. I actually have to be careful when I take selfies because my pubes like to make an appearance. This is fine if I’m intending to send it to someone who is pube-worthy, but a bit embarrassing when I’m just being a vacation showoff.

      • Bubba Dave

        That’s a good thing… :-) MANY of the bikinibridge pictures feature pubes just to the extent that one can seen that there is or is not hair.

    • CMJ
    • Eileen

      1) 4Chan needs to go away.

      2) If “bikini bridge” is really what we’re going to call it, I hate mine. I don’t want people to see down my bikini bottom when I’m lying on the beach since the whole reason I wear a bikini bottom is to hide what’s underneath it.

      • American Patriot

        Oh no! Someone has opinions on the internet I don’t like! We must ban them! You know what that’s called? Censorship, dear, and it works two ways. Britain is going down that road. Do you want America to be next?

      • Eileen

        Dude, I didn’t say “the government needs to shut it down,” which would be censorship. I said it “needs to go away,” meaning I wish it didn’t exist. There are a lot of things that I wish didn’t exist without actively seeking to have them legally shut down. As long as they’re not breaking the law (libel, threats, copyright infringement), people have the right to say what they want on the internet. That doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to wish they didn’t want to say some of the things they do.

    • Adrian

      That look nasty unhealthy and I’m a straight male. The gap(never called it a thigh gap) thing been around forever since the 80-90′s. What’s next they are going to be bring back bow-leggedness on a woman(me like).

      • OhOk

        Whew! Thank you, oh dedicated connoisseur of women’s bodies, for coming on over and announcing that my naturally occurring body is disgusting! I guess I should just down large pizzas until I erase any “gaps” that may offend your delicate sensibilities. Or I could just slice open my pelvis and sand down my hip bones. More blood, but it’ll be faster.


    • Ben Gazi

      I always thought of it as the place to poor ice cold beer on a chick. The Original Beer Funnel

    • allhaileris

      People are fu*&ed in the head. How is an emaciated skinsack of bones attractive? Gross. Seriously. Some guys like feet I guess, but this seems even weirder. Top it off with Swedish girls on crutches – non nude:


    • Jeffrey Fields

      Articale needs more photographic evidence!

    • dwinkle

      I like when girls are so skinny you can see their butt hole standing up because their cheeks don’t touch. Butt that’s just me.

    • Jeremy Lemieux

      Here I was hoping that “bikini bridge” meant that bit of the bikini top that spans the distance between a woman’s breasts and sometimes doesn’t really touch the woman’s chest. Still depends on a woman’s genetics, I suppose, or at the very least, their surgical willingness. Hip bones sticking out like that are scary and unattractive. I feel as though I could break them easily were I to touch or grab them in the wrong way.

      • OhOk

        Listen, brrrrrrah, you are nowhere near that strong, I don’t care how bad you are at figuring how much pressure to apply to the female body.

        For the record, the need to take to the interwebs and declare some women’s bodies scary and unattractive is a pretty unattractive quality in a man. Although it is useful for proving that we just can’t win, whether you look like Miranda Kerr or Melissa McCarthy.*

        *Preemptive OBVI the Mirandas win exponentially more often, but that is where the GROSS U R NOT REAL WOMYN comes from. It’s divisive and shitty.

      • Jeremy Lemieux

        First: I didn’t say I could break them. I said it FELT like I could. There is a difference, can you spot it?

        Second: There are some bodies out there that are scary and unattractive whether they be men’s or women’s bodies. It’s the way of the world. Everybody is not attractive to everybody. I never said it makes them less of a woman. I never tried to get other people to conform to my way of thinking. I was simply stating MY own personal opinion. I’m sure there are women out there who think my body is scary and unattractive. It doesn’t make me feel unattractive overall, and it does not make things “divisive and shitty.” It is all a matter of who finds what attractive and I do not find the “bikini bridge” attractive. Period. The end.

        Edit: I am more of a Christina Hendricks fan when it comes to body types.

      • OhOk

        Usually when I “feel” I can do something, I also “think” I can do it.

        But that aside, your post has nothing to do with what you find attractive; its sole focus is on what you find unattractive. Instead of affirming in a positive way that bikini bridgeless women are sexy too, you’re just tearing down some women’s perfectly natural body structure. Can you spot the difference?

    • Amy

      Why is the woman in the picture sunbaking in the middle of a road? That seems quite dangerous.
      The ‘bridge’ can happen on all shapes and sizes of women – it’s to do with the bone structure of your hips and not necessarily whether you’re slim or curvey. Mine do it and I’m slim but not skinny. Personally I’m not a fan of how my ribcage sticks out when I lie like this – I’ve never found it attractive but then I have no fucks to give what other people think about it so it doesn’t really bother me.

      • agb1953 .

        She’s not sunbathing in the road. She’s an accident victim.

    • respect my body

      Sorry this is just stupi

    • I-Defy

      You get bone slivers from them skinny ones

    • Marduh

      Whoo my hips do this! I get to have a way to be attractive on the internet! My thighs will always touch bc idk who cares, they just do. I also have a significant amount of “tire” but when I’m lying down this totally happens. But then I sit up and roll city!
      People have sorted out every possible way of posing to look skinny, this is just another way. One where you conveniently can’t see a persons face…

    • asdfqwerty

      once again, over-eager feminist for junk-aggregate ‘news’ site writes poorly-researched article on a 4chan hoax. must be _____day.

    • Marilyn

      Already a bikini bridge gap workout on youtube – brought to you by the same people who promise the thigh gap no less. lol

      Actually, it looks pretty hard core though – might try it


    • Das Anarchist

      Huge spoonfuls of win for /b/

    • Jimothy Rustles

      If you don’t have a bikini bridge by now you should seriously consider either losing weight or killing yourself.

    • Porst

      People who don’t have this body type need to find some other kind of affirmation instead of yelling at others about privilege. Are people who can do this supposed to be shamed?Is that what you want, for more women to feel insecure about their body types?

      Instead of complaining about how other people look, create a trend based your own body type, then listen to all the skinny girls cry about how they can’t pull off those sweet curves you have. Or just, you know, don’t get so wrapped up in selfies, or go make a duckface if your ego is so fragile that you HAVE to be included in selfie trends.

    • http://www.biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com BiggerFatterPolitics

      Thigh Gaps Are a Sign of Good Health SEE WHY CLICK HERE

      Thigh gaps are not unhealthy at all. Rubbing thighs are very unhealthy as they cause hip dysplasia, skin and yeast infections and gynecological cancers. Any woman can and should have a thigh gap! GAP IT!