A Flawless Guide To Dressing Like The Ladies Of Parks And Recreation

Do you love feminism and hilarity and cardigans as much as we do? Good. In celebration of today’s 100th episode of Parks and Recreation, we’re going to take you on a journey through the fashions of Pawnee. Here’s your simple guide to recreating the style of your favorite Parks Department employee!

april ludgate

April Ludgate. Besides being my favorite fictional character of all time, she’s also one of my style icons. Her typical outfit is feminine-meets-idec and made up of contrasting patterns and solid bold colors– particularly mustard. Get the April look by throwing a long cardigan, open button-down shirt, or bulky sweater over bright courds or a belted skirt.

Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope. Leslie describes her own style as “sophisticated with a hint of slutty,” and she’s pretty much the perfect wardrobe role model for anyone who loves kicking ass at their job. Emulate Leslie by wearing a silk shirt (preferably with some kind of slight-off-the-wall pattern) under a fitted blazer. Top it all off with a waffle necklace, like this one from Etsy.

donna meagle

Donna Meagle. The only thing Donna loves as much as her Mercedes is wearing bright jewel tones and dramatic accessories. Dress like the reigning queen of one-liners by adding a chunky necklace or textured scarf to your blouse and cardi.

ann perkins

Ann Perkins. Part of being a beautiful tropical fish is loving polka dots, floral prints, and plaids. If you want to look like a beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby, wear mostly autumn colors– and always has a soft sweater to go along with your well-tailored blouse.

ben wyatt

Bonus: Ben Wyatt. So he’s not a lady, and this isn’t about his style… but if you want to look like Ben, just put on a Batman costume and sob. (I couldn’t resist. LOVE ME, ADAM SCOTT.)

So whether you’re an eternal optimist or a lovable faux-cynic, rest assured that the ladies of Parks and Rec understand you. Go forth, Pawnee Goddesses, and buy more cashmere sweaters.

Photos via Parks and Recreation, NBC

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      I love all of their wardrobes!

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      This is my favorite thing ever posted on The Gloss.

      Minor character bonus that I just thought of just now: Joan Callamezzo. Shop exclusively online for anything made of rayon or covered in animal print, and always do it drunk.