The Good, The Bad & The Brows: HBO Girls‘ Most Controversial Style Choices

girls lena dunham

Regardless of your opinion of HBO’s Girls, the style choices on the show are remarkable in the truest sense of the word. Sometimes, it’s fantastic and realistic, but frequently it’s either totally out of reach, or debatable as to who had the audacity to manufacture the pieces and call them clothes. Given that we’re just days away from Sunday’s season three premiere, let’s take a look back at the first two seasons of Girls style choices.

Best Transparent Ensemble

jessa girls

Jemima Kirke‘s Jessa models a babysitting outfit that takes the cake, but honorable mention goes to that mesh tank top on Lena Dunham‘s Hannah. (via)

Least Annoying Matching Couple

adam hannah

This should make me cringe, but onesies are amazing end of story.

Worst Romper

hannah horvath

I’m going to go with a tie between this purple number and parroted psuedo-crop top. Normally I like rompers because I’m a sick freak with no morals, but these are a step too far. (via)

Best Look: Male Category


Jessa’s stepbrother, Frank, brings it in a folded down turtleneck, wide leg long jorts, a middle part, and the saddest puppy dog expression I’ve ever seen.

Most Bizarre Makeup Choice

girls eyebrows

Hannah really went for it when she let her coworkers re-shape her eyebrows.

Most Inappropriate Headpiece

shoshanna fascinator

Everyone’s dressed nicely, by why on earth is Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) wearing a fascinator to her friend’s shitty apartment?

Most Embarrassing Work Uniform 

marnie work uniform

The beaded collar makes it art. Points to Jorma Taccone/Booth Jonathan’s sage green blazer.

Worst Hair, Ever


Marnie. Marnie who did this to you? Allison Williams has lovely hair, but everything went to shit here. Instead of curling her hair or doing something normal, they went for a center part with giant crimps. I just don’t even know anymore.

A Wedding Dress

Jessa wedding dress 2

Jessa’s off the shoulder, wizard-sleeved wedding dress was sort of perfect for her, but unfortunately the marriage wasn’t meant to be.

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    • Ashley Reese

      Hannah’s rompers make me so mad I can’t even handle it. Don’t even get me started on the janky borderline Chola brows. But I would totally be into a dude who dressed like Frank.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      oh that mesh tank scarred me.

    • Ruby Hollyberry

      if you are a little plump and pale, Goth is a possible solution