Jennifer Lawrence Did Not Want To Kiss This Actor Because He Was Too Fat

jennifer lawrence christian baleConsidering how much time Jennifer Lawrence has spent critiquing society’s absurd requirements for thinness, we were pretty surprised to hear that she said she was disappointed to make out with Christian Bale in American Hustle because he’d gotten too fat.

Bale put on a bunch of weight for his role, and he also wound up with a horrifying comb-over. According to director David O. Russell, Lawrence told him that she was disappointed that the famously hot actor she would be making out with was less conventionally attractive than usual.

“‘I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he’s a really fat guy,’” Russell told Us Weekly Jennifer Lawrence said to him.

She reportedly also said, “He’s Fatman, not Batman.” Ouch. And people made the same “Fatgirl” joke when Alicia Silverstone was cast as Batgirl in Batman & Robin.

The quote comes secondhand through Russell and not from Jennifer Lawrence herself, but we can’t imagine he’d just make that up about his Oscar-winning star. While we’re sure she was joking around–and honestly the idea of having to make out with a coworker in front of one’s boss and a whole camera crew always seems like it would be more awkward than hot–that’s still not an OK thing to say. With everything Jennifer Lawrence has said against thinness pressure and getting called fat and told to lose weight, we’re sure she knows that.

People are attracted to different things, and that’s totally fine. But even if one’s tastes run towards the conventionally attractive, there is really no reason to go around proclaiming that one does not want to make out with heavier people or particularly thin people or short people or people with certain kinds of hair, and no way to do so without sounding like a jerk.

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    • anna

      Well, she’s joking about how he doesn’t look as good as he normally does when she made out with him. I don’t think she’s saying fat is bad, just the famously attractive Christian Bale was heavy and had a bad comb over like you said. He was meant to look bad.

      I can’t stand Christian Bale even when he’s supposedly at his prime, so I wouldn’t want to make out with him at anytime. Maybe it’s American Psycho, but my skin crawls just looking at him

      • Elizabeth Licata

        Yeah, I agree. It’s just that it would not have bothered me if she had said, “I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he has this awful combover!” For me it’s mainly that the initial quote, as Russell retells it at least, seems to fall in line with the idea that fat=ugly, and I’m not a big fan of that idea. But I don’t think her intent was bad or Bale was offended, assuming the quote was real.

        I totally agree about American Psycho! I recognize that Bale is extremely handsome, but he still creeps me out so much.

    • psb

      Christian Bale has called himself like that in the interviews for American Hustle, so I’m sure it was an inside joke between the actors.

    • Guest

      She’s allowed not to be attracted to fat people. She shouldn’t say that fat people are always unattractive, or that no one should be attracted to them. But she’s allowed not to be personally attracted to them, it’s even in the realms of the overly PC culture.

      • Guest

        “The word fat is highly offensive and should be banned” yet she uses it casually? Uh ok. That’s not hypocritical at all. If you think something should be banned i.e. “fat” or anything about weight (yet make god countless quotes about how being bigger is better and skinny is “not normal”) you should NEVER use it in any form.

    • Jules

      I think it’s best to keep in mind that A.) This is indeed a second hand quote coming from Russell as reported by US MAGAZINE…that fine bastion of truth in reporting B.) No video, audio, etc.,… C.) Back when American Hustle began filming in March, it was the CREW that gave Bale the “fatman” nickname and he thought it was hilarious. The only mention from Lawrence was that she was thrilled that she got to kiss BATMAN.

      Now, call me crazy but it would appear that words were taken out of context or, possibly this conversation didn’t happen at all, etc.,It’s a little too obvious (Jennifer Lawrence being very adament in positive body image)…so, do you think someone saw an opportunity to twist words around so they could get hits on their site???. It’s also Oscar season so which means open season on frontrunners for rival studios. I’m sure there are those that would love to try to throw anything they can at Jennifer Lawrence even if it means taking it out of context or, making it up entirely.

      • lll

        Fucking idiot you just can’t accept that Jennifer’s fake as hell she’s a shady bitch that only defends fat girls to get them to keep worshipping her and to make people think she’s such a good person when in reality she’s a fake who shames girls on being thin because she’s jealous she can’t look like them. The fact that it was a second hand quote just proves how shady and fake Jennifer is. So you really think her “I love fat girls” ass would say this directly to the media? No. That’s why she most likely talks shit about fat people in private conversations and this is proof.

      • JLH1986

        What’s with the going nuclear over a celebrity.

      • Disco

        How about this – nobody really knows what was or wasnt said, and nobody should give a shit. And you, my friend, need some counselling.

      • Silly

        Bahahahahaa! You’re so naive.

      • Mariah

        I could see if it was first-hand, that it would “prove how shady and fake Jennifer is.” You must not know what “second-hand” means, haha. She “most likely” talks shit about fat people. Most likely? Really? Seems like you’re not 100% positive there, pal. You don’t know the girl, so why take it so personal? :P

      • Margo Taliväting

        Wow! What a theory!

    • fashion protection

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    • AmanYoudontknow

      But this lady was chubby before and kinda average looking woman without make up. So someone should ask Christian Bale about does he want to make out with Jennifer lawrence? She is still young , just wait for her 30 , and see. lol maybe she is joking , this lady always acting and talking funny in real life.

    • Nesh

      Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t Jennifer said that it should be illegal calling people fat ON TV. Quote: “I get it, and, and I do it too, we all do it, but I
      think when it comes to the media, the media needs to take responsibility
      for the effect that it has on our younger generation”. This was from a private conversation between her and Russel, taken out of context because what she said is that she is disappointed that when she finally got to kiss Bale, he had to get fat for the role.

    • fuckyoubroham

      Google Jennifer Lawrence without make up and see how ugly she is. Tiny eyes no lips and fat chipmunk cheeks. Oh yea and ugly ass a pimpled covered whores ass. She’s not plain looking she’s fugly. I mean Uggggglllllyyyy. I do like Christian Bale though. I like method actors. Their worth the money. The machinist he’s like 120lbs batman he is 220 and buff and American hustle he is like 250 lb and chubby. That is a true method actor that takes his job very serious. Kudos to him. Jw sucks and did I mention ugly and with a make over team she’s just plain looking. Definitely not born with it .