Christina Ricci Pioneers New Kind Of Selfies In Tiny Spaces

christina ricci selfies

We will always love Christina Ricci best as Wednesday Addams, even though she’s done  a lot of great stuff since then. But now she’s trying to make a name for herself by inventing a new kind of selfie: Selfies in Tiny Spaces.

“Being small does have its benefits however. Look out for my new photo series, ‘I Can Fit In That!’,” she tweeted with a picture of herself in a clothes dryer.

christina ricci dryer

According to E! Online, Christina Ricci’s fans have dubbed the new selfie meme, “Riccing,” which makes us think of ricin, but the last season of Breaking Bad is still fresh in our minds. While some of Christina Ricci’s fans have decided to take part by cramming themselves into tiny places, it’s much more difficult for people who are not as tiny as Christina Ricci, so this fad does not have the same universality as, say, Tebowing, planking, or making a copy of Jennifer Lawrence‘s Golden Globes dress.

christina ricci refrigerator

“Yes, pants would have been more appropriate fitting-into-fridge attire. But, hey, I saw my opportunity and took it,” she tweeted, alongside a picture of herself contorted to fit inside her refrigerator. ”That’s not my fridge, FYI. Work fridge. Work shenanigans.”

It still seems like a lot of fun, though. No wonder cats have been doing this so long.

maru box

Maru is not quite as good at this as Christina Ricci, though.

Photos via Wenn, Twitter/Christina Ricci, LoveMeow

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    • E. D.

      Maru rules.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      HAHAHA i love MARU!! I kind of hate this new trend of making someone’s last name a verb though. tebowing was funny, lawrencing, haha, we get it, but riccing? meh. to me, christina ricci will always be the girl from Casper and Roberta from now and then!

      • Guest

        I believe you’re forgetting her pivotal role as Wednesday Addams, my good lady.

      • Lindsey Conklin

        confession: I’ve never seen the addams family…

    • I said no

      Just a wee bit thinspo for my taste. (Wee? Get it?)

      • Celia

        I don’t think she looks excessively thin at all here. She’s absolutely gorgeous, but you can definitely see some meat on her arms and legs in the fridge picture. I think she’s adorable.