20 Sickeningly Snobby Pictures From The #RichKids Of Beverly Hills’ Instagrams

rich kids of beverly hills

#RichKids of Beverly Hills–the reality show inspired by the Rich Kids Of Instagram tumblr is upon us, and so it’s in everybody’s best interest to get to know the cast of characters, appropriately, through their Instagram accounts.

While we’re sure they’re not all bad, their Instagrams paint a picture of exorbitant consumption that borders on the stomach churning. They’re supported by their rich parents, brag about being #funemployed, and basically have no earthy cares like reality. The cast includes blogger Morgan Stewart, “funemployed” Dorothy Wang, interior designer Roxy Sowlaty, singer Jonny Drubel, real estate executive Brendan Fitzpatrick, and Magic Johnson’s son, E.J. Johnson.

Let’s take a look at their insane lives as captured by Instagram.

1. This is a private plane, right?

2. Bitches be shopping.

3. “Snatched the zanottis for summer yachting bitches! #giuseppezanotti #summer #sandals #fashion #shoes #chic #teamTHIS”

4. “This weeks phone case deliveries”

5. Home office?

6. This dog is a total douche.

7. This bandwagon Clippers douche fandom.

8. This private plane bullshit.

9. Double fisting.

10. “Bitches be paid #Vegas”

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    • Cee

      …Sometimes I think were highly due for a class war..

    • CMJ

      I like to call this: “Children of Rich Parents of Beverly Hills.”

      • Julia Sonenshein

        YES. It does bug me that the title implies that they’re independently wealthy.

    • LouLou

      I’m not even mad. Thats some cool stuff that they’ve got. Good for them that they like and enjoy it. Not even gonna lie, if I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I’d probably be posting pictures of all that cool shit, too. But for right now, I’ve got a radiator that keeps me toasty and a Trader Joe’s up the street, and hell if I’m not happy as a clam