What Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Show Says About You

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    • S

      I know these are just supposed to be for fun, but I am completely horrified by how accurate this is for me. (The MM. Every line rings like a gong of truth.)

      • Lindsey Conklin

        hahahaha I completely agree

    • LynnKell

      PLL is getting more and more annoying as each chapter comes out… yet I keep watching it for unknown reasons. Maybe Hanna’s wardrobe. It must be it.

      • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

        It makes me feel like I’m too old to watch it, because I can’t stop shouting, “Call the police! You need an adult! OMG, call the freaking police!” every time anything happens.

      • LynnKell

        I get headaches from all the eye rolling… I think they should get the real police, a super good hacker and lawyer up to stop this asshole! Yes, some secrets will surface, but that would stop A from harassing them another 4 annoying seasons….

    • Crayzcheshire

      What does it say about me if I watch this very terrible show “Reign” on the CW?? hah.

      • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

        You loved Anne of Green Gables and quite like Alexander McQueen. You are really good at predicting what is going to happen on TV shows, and you feel a tiny, victorious thrill whenever you are right. You would probably like a sheer, berry lip stain.

    • http://toyboxkiller.tumblr.com/ Cate

      I watch Downton Abbey, but without a shred of guilt. I also illegally stream it, so I see everything six months early and get to rub my hands with glee as everyone freaks out over the latest twist.

      The show I do feel guilty for watching is Supernatural, and my one and only consolation is that I don’t participate in “shipping.” What does this say about me?

    • DomingaRomito

      I think that every TV SHOW IS MY FAVORITE .