Stunning New Music Video Shows Drastic Photoshopping In Real Time

photoshop video

We all know that every image in every magazine, commercial, or billboard has been digitally manipulated to meet a manufactured standard of beauty, so much so that it’s almost invisible. We take in the images as if they’re real, and our brain processes them like they’re a realistic representation of humans. This is of course, not at all limited to still photography, and a new music video for Hungarian singer-songwriter Boggie‘s “Nouveau Parfum” shows us just manipulated video can be.

Starting with the musician’s un-made up face, she eventually receives a new skin tone, larger, perfectly symmetrical eyes (in a new color), new hair, a different nose, full make up, and more defined cheekbones.

digital retouching 2

The video, directed by Bálint Nagy and Nándor Lőrincz, shows how every detail on a person’s face can be altered, even in motion. While this is obviously a simulation (and doesn’t bare any real resemblance to Photoshop) and doing this in actuality is more complicated than it would appear, it’s still a chilling reminder that basically all of the media we consume has been completely removed from reality.

Naively, I think of TV or film–any motion-based media, as being exempt from digital retouching. Sure, the actors are made up beyond recognition, but how much manipulating could they really do to a series of moving parts? Obviously, they can do quite a bit, and this is an unnerving reminder.

digital retouching

Photos: Vimeo [H/T designboom]

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    • 502 Bad Gateway

      This is mostly makeup and lighting. The only visual effect is the transition between the frames.

    • Alishmcmalish Dayum

      It’s cool but I feel like this was actually harder to put together than just doing it on photoshop XD

    • Tinyfaeri

      It’s more complicated than it looks, but it’s still creepy as hell. Frowny face.

    • eddy7

      This video was the idea of fashion designer Marc Jacobs. He cruelly tortures a Hungarian girl. He stole her ideas and harassed her. He copied her style for many brands and kept her in psychological torture. Jacobs has been stalking her since she was 16. Read the truth with evidence and spread the word!

    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I think that photoshopping in magazines is ridiculously overdone, but I don’t really mind the end result here. I think she still looks very much like her original self, but brighter — almost like she’s in great lighting. They didn’t adjust her actual features but used what she had and enhanced it. I think that this is what photo retouching should be — if we have to do it at all, that is. I also think that you can tell that this video isn’t reality because of the shiny way it looks, which is important.

      I would have been angry if they changed her body (like they apparently did to Britney Spears in her Work Bitch video).

    • Mauri

      Photoshop before and afters on youtube are a lot more disturbing than this. This video just looked like lighting and makeup to me.